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Today has been crazy… anyways, a new friend went to Shenzhen and got some 90s Xiaguan for me to try.

Pretty sure I’m stoned. This feels great and you know when you close your eyes and gently press on them to go to another universe? Well, I am in like 4 to 5 at a single moment in time right now.

Liquid isn’t even dark, it’s just super thick. It’ got the density of a black hole.


Waiting for samples! Make it happen! Please :)

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Been awhile since I took a photo of these guys, but I will say for what they produce… fantastic tea for the price and very convenient in the way it brews and breaks apart quickly within a gaiwan.

As far as a shou that’s new but doesn’t have that funk to it, this one is good. More punch than the Black Gold, but if you like that bold taste in your mouth of ripe puerh this one works quite well.


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I haven’t been reviewing as much because of my involvement regarding puerh and my tea shop… anyways, Yang Qing Hao samples is a larger project I took on (in regards to longevity) in which I hope to offer everything within the next few years.

This beast came in the mail and when I went to break it up, I forgot it was 600g! Nice looking dark leaf with an aroma that doesn’t match the others in terms of strength. This smelled lighter from the start. As I broke it up, the consistency of the leaf throughout the cake was very enjoyable to look at and break with my hands.

Upon my third session, I’m really enjoying how this tea is softer than the other YQH teas. While there is still some astringency going on, the lightness of the taste is great. Not going to remark on flavors, but in regards to strength it isn’t at strong as the others and the body isn’t as thick but the astringency makes up for that as for the mouth feel.

This provides the kind of feeling as if you don’t want to move. A little light headed with no negative signs, but dang… I feel like just sitting here looking at my tea cup. Time is still going at the same rate but I promise you that I’m experiencing it at a slower rate right now. I like this : )


Sounds great! Is the stoner effect as strong as on the 2004 Tejipin?


You should still review puerh, i dont care you have a shop. Still nice to know what things taste like :)

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Obtained a full cake of this from a friend and very glad that I did.

This is the first raw puerh I’ve ever drank that had more than just that menthol feel… it had a minty taste. It is/was so unique. The tongue seemed cool and tingled after each sip with a nice sensation for at least 20-30 seconds. Fantastic feel and a decent texture to the liquid. Good dry age to this one at this point and I look forward to drinking the heck out of it this winter : )

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So last weekend I was house sitting for my parents as they were out of town and I just threw some random samples into my backpack… I pick out this one that says 97 Chawangshop red mark and I’m thinking ‘eh this will be decent I suppose’ thinking that Chawangshop doesn’t have serious bangers… well, I was wrong and it’s good to be wrong!

Tea brewed out really dark. Taste much like a Bulang with that spunk to it. Nice texture, a little speckle on the tongue/throat; you know, like the viscosity of the liquid was taking its time trickle throw/on both. Taste was very aged and dry aged at that… dry aged is MUCH easier to taste tea progression and low notes unlike humid storage; just try a 10 year XG that was humid stored vs a 10 year dry XG stored cake. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some humid stored stuff, but what a treat it is to have a dry stored cake that you can kind of taste the years pass through your taste buds.

No idea who gave me a sample, no idea if more is to be had… awesome session. Very satisfied.


Have GOT to adjust to these new glasses—I thought the tea name was Big Red Paw Mark :)

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I have been drinking some ripe styled dark tea from Africa this week at work : )
Been quite enjoyable to try something so unique. The best part is that it taste quite good.

I’ve been so busy and now that I look at my tasting notes and everything I’ve been doing… I almost have to give up tea so I can balance out some other things which means I am unable to drink as much : (
Hoping to get back to having time to enjoy other tea than stuff I am looking to help others enjoy. However, this is one of those because it’s not just unique it’s clean and at the end of the session there’s a clear path of dirt to leaf taste that’s like ripe puerh to luibao to old green?


Shine Magical

How did you acquire it?

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Today I drank some Sugar White from H.Y.Chen that a friend sent me. All I need to say is that this is a 100/100 for me.

My goodness. What a treat.

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First ripe purchased in almost a year! https://www.instagram.com/p/BZ4pBGLgrBG/?taken-by=liquidproust

When you see quality leaf being fermented without the use of shovels and feet, it’s got to be worth trying right?

Well today I went into this tea after it settled for a few days and I really enjoyed it’s subtle notes. The rinse was clear and by time I hit the first brew, there was a nice ruby red tint to the liquid. Brewing this was really fun because it wasn’t harsh on the mouth. From my experiences, this will become a very lovely tea for someone with my sort of taste buds in just a few more years. As someone who enjoys aged sheng, this will approach that taste a lot better than other shou have that I have tried.

Really looking forward to trying this once a month to track it’s ability to drink on cold nights and with certain foods!


I’ve never been big on shou but I got a sample of this and was quite impressed. I immediately got hungry for Peking duck.

Shine Magical

I have this one too… just broke it up and put it in a crock

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First review in a while… Haven’t slept much this week. Just got back from Vegas on Tuesday. What a week already…

Anyways, yesterday I treated myself to the first taste of an 18 year old iron xiaguan cake. What a beautiful thing… So much of me wants to age my own xiaguan but I don’t have the patience. This expensive taste of mine will cost me… But it’s always possible that others will split the cost with me :)
The liquid isn’t thick but when you drink it… It taste but doesn’t feel thick. Like a hearty broth. Some weird fruit within that aged xiaguan taste that cannot be translated into words; at least by myself.

A great investment with many sessions to share.

Evol Ving Ness

Good to hear that both of you are safe and well. Scary stuff. Scary world.

Here, it is Thanksgiving this weekend. Grateful for the numerous blessings. Hope that those will dominate over the scary stuff for all of us.

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Tonight I am drinking 2015 Last Thoughts because I need something I know will have a lasting taste and make my mouth happy.

My life is so busy, but it’s busy with people which is what I love. What I do at work is business education, when I come home I am in school for business, and then I am either with people or working on tea stuff for people. I have been seeing all the impact as I step back from it tonight to mediate and look into the ‘mirror’ and debate my inner self in regards to what I am doing and compare it to my goal and expectations.

This tea is awesome, but I have to admit that it is not as light and refreshing as it once was but that’s because I stored this in humid conditions… the liquid is thicker now than it once was and the sweetness is somewhat muted due to the humid storage, but what is nice is the lasting that that comes with this tea. I still believe the 2016 is superior but this is still great. Not sure where this tea is going… I think I liked it more before when it was fresh, maybe it needs to go away and be forgotten about for a few more years :p

Evol Ving Ness

Delighted for you. It sounds like you are in a good place.

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