60 Tasting Notes

drank Milky Oolong by Tea Desire
60 tasting notes

Eighth day of Christmas time traveling tea! I have been drinking this tea sparingly since I got it, because I love it! It’s very naturally sweet, and full-bodied. When I say naturally sweet, I mean it; it tastes as if there were sugar in the cup (there’s not, I checked.) It’s also just very light. In short, it’s delicious. Thank you so much to Roswell Strange for this lovely tea!

I’m humming Light My Candle (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlVBOxVCjCU) because I just got back from RENT at my school. It was amazing. I am so inspired by everyone there. Also, It’s the second day in a row i’ve seen it, and it still brought me close to tears. So this is a nice way to end the night.

Roswell Strange

I’m so glad you like it! :) Light My candle (really, anything with Mimi) was always my least favorite song from RENT.


I don’t like the song itself, or how it’s done in the movie, but the way our cast did it was amazing, and the actress playing Mimi was fantastic. My actual favorite song is probably Tango Maureen. Or La Vie Boheme. The music itself isn’t that good alone, I just love everyone in our cast, and the story.

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Backlog! From about a week ago, I think.

I had this at school, again super late with the 12 Days swap, and again, I did have a cup closer to the actual swap.

The issue with having tea in a mug at school is that, well, you’re at school. So that if you suddenly have to read the part of Regan in King Lear, you can’t also drink tea. If you are taking a Greek quiz… well, you can drink tea. But It might be frowned upon. And it’s pretty hard to set a mug down on a slanted desk. Tea gets left for a bit and gets bitter. horribly bitter. and gross. I only managed to have half a mug of this before it turned to the dark side; however I did get another steep out of it during orchestra, which was nice. However, I think I left my mug in orchestra, which is not so nice. Whoops.

This was kind of mixed for me. I don’t generally like orange flavored black teas, so I wasn’t really expecting to like this a whole lot. And I didn’t really like it. The black itself was nice and earthy, but the spices confused me a bit. However, it most definitely wasn’t horrible, and I did have two mugs of it.

I mostly wish I had my mug back.

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I got this a very, very long time ago (okay not that long, but pretty fay back) annnd… I don’t remember who sent it to me. But thank whoever you are!

I am always apprehensive regarding chocolate teas, because they in my experience they have always been bitter, relying on the scent to provide a hint of chocolate. However, this was rather different. I thought that I did get the chocolate in the taste, and the base was well chosen; it definitely adds to the chocolate flavor. However, I didn’t get any cherry. Maybe this was just my sample, but there was nothing. Of course, for me that’s a plus, as I don’t really like cherries. In fact, I can’t remember the last time i ever had a cherry…

So, all in all, this was good for me. Not supercalifragalistic, but quite good. I’m glad that I have a pretty large sample of this; again, thanks whoever you are that swapped this with me!


Oh wow – I’d love to try something like this!

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Thank you so much Moraiwe for this tea! Also, the other teas that came in this here package, which are many in number… I was a tad bit overwhelmed when I opened the package. I’m super duper excited to try all of them. Anywho, I read her tasting note and it seems that we have almost exactly the same impressions of this tea.

Like she says, it’s very nuanced, with floral notes and then a good bit of muskiness. I found it to be quite earthy, which is good because I like super earthy tasting Darjeelings. For me, it was more astringent than it seemed to be for Moraiwe, probably because I’m lazy and it’s about 10 degrees outside so I didn’t cold steep it like she did. I want to do that with the rest of the packet though.

Also as Moraiwe says, it has a great second steep, obviously slightly muted but really not that different, albeit a bit earthier. It’s also gorgeous dry, always a plus.

In other news: my school’s doing RENT this weekend, and I’m SO EXCITED to go see it. I know that it will be fabulous, and I’m actually going on thursday and then ushering on Friday so that I can see it twice!

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drank Lover's Leap by Capital Teas
60 tasting notes

I steeped this in my mug at school today; my classmates were telling me “IZZY THAT LOOKS SO SKETCHY OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING.” Calm down you lunatics, it’s just tea. Thanks to Kelci for this tea from the 12 Days Swap. I actually just finished the sample, as I’d had a cup closer to when I got it.

Anywho, this was pretty good. It was slightly astringent for me, but that may have been my awkward in-school steeping method. Otherwise, I liked it. It was very light in color, and rather light in taste as well, but not in a bad way; it was fairly bright, and full. I let my friend Aliza have a sip, and she said that it was very naturally sweet, which I think is true. While I don’t know whether I would buy this for myself or not, I did enjoy the cup!

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Shhhhhhh. The baby’s asleep. And because she is, I get the chance to make tea! Babysitting tea is lovely, because I just realized that my lovely employers have some jasmine green tea (and they don’t mind me using it!). But I brought along this white tea, from Prince of Peace, to have. I think I got it in a swap a while back (probably the 12 days, like TeaTiff and Roswell Strange, but not sure). So here I am, listening to Welcome to Night Vale, and drinking this white tea. Steeped, it smells pretty smoky. At a three minute steep, I’m not getting much flavor, but with a couple more minutes, it’s actually quite good for a bagged tea. I’m not a great white tea fan, but this was a pretty relaxing cup.

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drank Chocolate Rocket by DAVIDsTEA
60 tasting notes

This is my favorite before-school morning tea (not to be confused with the ride-to-school morning tea and the at-school-in-the-morning tea). And I’m glad it is, because this makes me want to get out of bed in the morning (so that I can have as many cups of it as possible). I think it has something to do with the raspberries and the chicory root, both of which I love. This is a tea I would like to have in my cupboard always.

ALSO TO NOTE that I got a fb offer from Davids for a “free 2 oz. with a purchase of 2 oz.” I was thinking of refilling an old Davids tea canister with this, and went in. The lovely man at the counter told me that I could get ANY OTHER 2oz (I had thought that you just get 4 oz. of the same tea for 2 oz., which is still a good deal, but) so I got a FREE TWO OUNCES OF GUANGZHOU MILK OOLONG. SO MY TWO FAVE TEAS IN ONE DAY. HOW AMAZING IS THAT.

Well, that was a fun freak out… and a much needed one, because I’m taking the SAT tomorrow (gulp). My dad offered to drive me, and I’m meeting my friend at Starbucks (I’m bringing a drawstring filter of tea so that I can just ask them for hot water, i.e. my favorite thing on their menu) before we go in. I’m nervous, obviously, but a little excited because hopefully I won’t have to take it again.
Well, I’m off to cram my brain with random vocabulary and various formulae. Altogether , it’s appropriate that I’m using this tasting note to say all this stuff because I’m planning to bring a large thermos of this tea to the test. I hope, for all your sakes, you are done with SATs (and i’m sure y’all are).

Roswell Strange

Oh, good luck!


Good luck!


Thanks guys! I’ve been failing at sleeping for the past three hours.. should get on that.

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Phew. I haven’t posted anything in such a long while, so I thought I’d get back in to making Tasting Notes. I do have all of the 12 Days of Christmas teas to review, and I do now have babysitting money with which to buy teas (WAHOO) and come my birthday (March the fifth, if you’re curious) I will definitely have some teas to trade or some Davids cards for buying tea. Really, my lack of tea notes over the last year or so has been because a) I don’t have ordering anything-I-want-online capabilities, b) I grow, and clothes are still a higher priority than tea, and b) I was away for the summer, guys, at camp, where i had to speak spanish, and I’m pretty sure that if I’d brought tea they would’ve confiscated it anyway.

So here I am. With this Tie Kwan Yin. I really like straight Oolongs, and am still divided on flavored oolong; I think I just like straight oolong too much for flavoring. Last week, I went into Davids with the above babysitting money to purchase the Guangzhou Milk Oolong, which is my fave thing ever. I haven’t had a significant amount of Oolong in my house for a while, so I was rather excited. However, upon entering the store, i found I DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY. So I bought this. Which isn’t an altogether bad thing.

I do like this tea a lot, and I’ve had it multiple times over the long weekend. I steep it for about five minutes. It’s grassy and floral and sweet. Simultaneously. Wow. I always fall for the smell of Oolong, and this one is no exception. It’s really a rather nice, not-too-pricy oolong. Although it’s definitely not as good as the milk oolong, I wholly enjoy having this in my cabinet.

5 min, 15 sec

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CelebriTea, I will forever be thankful for this tea. I generally don’t LOVE a lot of fruity black teas. Sure, I’ll like them and drink them, but so often the flavors mask the tea itself. Especially when it has cinnamon in it. Not so here. The flavors of this tea mix and swirl and come together perfectly. Really, it has made me very happy today.

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drank Butterbeer by 52teas
60 tasting notes

WOAH. IT TASTES LIKE BUTTERBEER. Seriously, it tastes like root beer. What magic is this? (the magic of essence of root beer, chicory and licorice, perhaps). Really, I loved this. Thanks to Miss B for this, along with the other lovely tea and the chocolate she sent.


So glad that you enjoyed it! :)

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Hi. I’m Isa. My photo is David Bowie. Actually, JK, it’s me, because I look like that. Yep.
I really like Davids Tea, because I live around the corner.

Ratings Scale:
(I tend to not rate too high or too low, so many of these are in the same range)

91-100: Practically unheard of
80-90: Basically all the teas I drink daily. These are GOOD TEAS
70-79: Okay, I liked this. I’m probably not going to buy it many more times, but I wouldn’t swap away the whole thing.
60-69: Does anyone want this tea? Because I don’t



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