I just purchased this matcha and tried some this morning. I was waiting to get my new matcha whisk set because I noticed my old whisk had lots of little bits of wood splintering off. I assumed it needed to be replaced (even thought it wasn’t very old) and got a set from Harney and Sons. It came with whisk, chashaku, and bowl. All are very pretty, but I noticed the whisk also has little bits of wood sticking off. So… is this normal? Am I eating splintered bamboo pieces? I may never know…. no one else I know drinks matcha, So if anyone knows the answer… please let me know??
I used two scoops using the chashaku scoop (as the David’s tea website suggests). It seemed like a lot. The powder was kind of clumpy and I feel like it scooped more than normal because of it. It had a nice strong coconut-y smell. It mixed pretty easy, not too chunky. I didn’t get a good froth (but I was trying to be delicate with my new chosen!) It tasted a bit bitter (my water was probably too hot). And I did get a coconut flavor. I liked it very much, as I’m trying to ween myself from the sweetened flavored matchas. I also usually make a matcha latte, but am trying to enjoy plain. This was pretty good to achieve this. It was a dark slightly muddy colored green in my bowl. I’ve had a nice buzz of energy going. Not the kind that makes you feel shaky and crazy… but I have gotten a lot accomplished. I made fruit salad and muffins!

Later in the day, I discovered an entire box of coconut water that is close to expiring. So, I drank some and gave some away. A friend suggested using it to cook oatmeal, and rice. Which made me think of yummy coconut rice and then coconut shrimp. Which I had for dinner. So- my coconut matcha started a whole day of coconut apparently!

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