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Another stringless teabag! I don’t know if it’s because I just read Sil’s note or what, but upon first sniff, the brewed tea aroma smelled like dirty diapers. Ewww! Upon second sniff…floral dirty diapers. Yuck. I am not looking forward to trying this one.

Luckily, the flavor doesn’t quite match the aroma, but it also doesn’t taste like any jasmine green tea I’ve ever had. The rest of this is definitely going down the drain. Blech. I wish I could wash my nose out. I think the aroma burnt my nose hairs. *Grimace.

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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These Boston Tea Company stringless teabags sure have potent aromas! This smells strongly of blueberry. The flavor is not bad for a bagged tea. Blueberry hits my tongue first, with the green base being more apparent at the end of the sip and in the aftertaste. As with the other Boston Tea Company offerings, I find that it’s tastier once it cools a bit. This is pretty enjoyable and a good alternative when my loose leaf stock is unavailable. I like this one!

Flavors: Blueberry

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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drank Mango by The Boston Tea Company
639 tasting notes

This one has a mango candy aroma. It smells very sweet. The flavor is sweet and fruity and recognizably mango. The base is maybe the tiniest bit bitter, but it’s pretty inoffensive for the most part. I think I prefer it as the cup cools. I can see this being good iced as well. It’s not the perfect mango tea in my book, but it’s not bad for a stringless bagged tea.

Flavors: Mango

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec

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I haven’t mentioned it before, but all these Boston Tea Company teabags come with no strings attached, and I mean that literally. There’s no string to pull the bag out of the cup with once it’s done steeping. Luckily, I have tea tongs that I can use to fish it out with and squeeze the residual liquid out of the bag. But I can see this being a negative point for other people, so I think it’s worth mentioning.

This tea is just okay. The vanilla flavoring is pretty strong and sweet and tastes artificial. It lends an astringent quality to the cup. It’s not terrible. I’ve definitely had worse artificial flavorings. But it’s probably not a tea I would seek out again. I get the feeling it could give me a headache.

Boiling 2 min, 45 sec

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This tea is sometimes mixed up with another of Boston Tea Company’s teabags. They offer a pomegranate tea with a black base and a pomegranate tea with a green base. This tea page and note is for the pomegranate tea with a green base. For the other offering, visit this page: http://steepster.com/teas/the-boston-tea-company/11739-pomegranate

I know this is a green tea and I shouldn’t have used boiling water. But in my defense, it’s a really old bagged tea and the water was already boiling. I didn’t feel like waiting for it to cool since I’ve only got a minute to enjoy it before I have to run off to prenatal yoga. So yeah…I used boiling water. :P

This is surprisingly good! The green base is light and slightly grassy. The pomegranate flavoring is even lighter but definitely present. It lends a sweet fruity undertone to the cup. The aftertaste is a little drying but nothing unmanageable. I like this one! It’s a pleasant cuppa.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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I think some people who have reviewed this tea mixed it up with another of Boston Tea Company’s teabags. They offer a pomegranate tea with a black base and a pomegranate tea with a green base. This tea page and note is for the pomegranate tea with a black base. For the other offering, visit this page: http://steepster.com/teas/the-boston-tea-company/15114-pomegranate-green

This is actually okay for a stringless bagged tea. The black base is light but not bitter. The pomegranate flavoring is nice and fruity. I’m enjoying this cup sans additions, which is unusual for me and black bagged teas. I’m surprised that this is so drinkable because I guess I had low expectations. Not bad, not bad at all. :)

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec

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drank Iced Green Tea: Peach by Steaz
639 tasting notes

I’ve had a few of these Steaz drinks, and this is probably my favorite. The peach flavor is very nice. There’s just the right amount of sugar added to make it sweet and delicious without being super sweet or sugary. This is a refreshing drink.

I really don’t get much (if any?) green tea flavor. It mostly tastes like peach juice, although maybe not quite as strong as true pure peach juice would be. I like it, and it’s a nice drink to enjoy in the afternoons at work. But I also probably wouldn’t recommend it to tea drinkers since it doesn’t truly resemble tea (in my opinion).

Flavors: Peach

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The dry leaf aroma is awesome! It smells like a mix between Tie Guan Yin and Houjicha, both of which I love so I’m excited about this one. The brewed tea has a lovely roasted aroma. Now that I think about it, I think this is my first roasted oolong! Yay for fun new things!

The flavor is less roasted than the aroma. This is really interesting tasting! It’s not as roasted as a Houjicha. It’s softer and greener with a lovely nutty, toasted hay profile. I really like this a lot! It does seem a bit astringent, especially as it cools. Second infusion is for 2 minutes 45 seconds. I ate a fortune cookie in between infusions, so that’s kind of confused my taste buds, hahaha. I think this cup tastes a little more like minerals and a little less like toasted hay. This cup is good but I liked the first infusion better.

I think I’m going to have to look into more of these roasted-type oolongs. This is called “moderately-roasted” so I assume there are more roasted versions available. I think this was a good tea to start with, and I can confidently recommend it to others. Big thanks to Angel and Teavivre for the free sample!

On a completely unrelated note, why do cats sleep on their faces? How do they breathe?! http://instagram.com/p/wW3LyOF-gi/

Flavors: Hay, Nutty, Roasted Barley

Boiling 1 min, 45 sec

Haha, cute pic!


Silly cat!

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Wow! The dry leaf aroma is potently orange! Like smelling straight concentrated orange oil. The brewed tea aroma is a little calmer but still pretty strong. The flavor is like warm, watered down orange juice. I’m not getting any other flavor honestly. I’d expect the mint to come across more. Mint isn’t usually one to hide. At least I can finish drinking this cup instead of pouring it out like the last two samples I tried this morning. I can’t really say it’s extremely enjoyable though. Overall, I’d describe it as mediocre.

Flavors: Orange

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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drank Brazillionaire by DAVIDsTEA
639 tasting notes

Time to get rid of all these old samples! Here’s another one that is God only knows how old. Speaking of which, has anyone seen that BBC music video of “God Only Knows” that’s floating around Facebook? I really like it! Here’s the link in case you missed it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqLTe8h0-jo

This one already smells better than the last DAVIDsTEA sample I tried (Ceylon Star). However, I’m still getting a lot of fake artificial coconut flavoring in this that I really don’t like. I can’t even taste anything else in here. No cream, no caramel, no nuts. There are raisins in here?! Nope, none of that either. You know what it does have? That lovely bit of scum floating on the surface. At least the aftertaste isn’t as potently disgusting as Ceylon Star. In summary, I’m afraid this one is another bust. Boo!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Thanks for the share! I haven’t seen the video until now. I’m glad they also have a link to identify everyone on the video because wow, so many young people I don’t know.

As for the tea, I find this one is only decent when it’s super fresh, otherwise the nuts and coconut go rancid and these weird undertones start to come out.


best commercial I’ve seen in awhile


I didn’t recognize half those people either, even after reading their names, LOL! But I really like it anyway. I think it’s very well made.

And yes, I learned the hard way with this tea that coconut does not keep well over time. Live and learn!

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Entering the sweet blissful world of tea aromas!

Having discovered this website at the end of July 2011, I’m so excited to share my tea adventures with all of you! I grew up with my grandmother serving Twining’s English Breakfast with cream and sugar.

But on a trip to Seattle in 2010, I stumbled into a Chinese teashop and tried my first oolong tea. I was forever changed! I embarked on a startling new love for green and white teas.

With a world of teas to discover, I was inspired to keep a tea journal to record my thoughts and new favorites. Let’s get brewing!

My ratings are completely subjective and 100% my opinion. All ratings are given in relation to each other (ie. teas are rated in the order of my enjoyment of them). Therefore, my ratings will constantly change as I try more teas.

I love swapping!!! If you see something in my cupboard you’d like to try, just send me a message. If you’d like to trade, anything on my shopping list will do or feel free to send something else entirely. I’m willing to try almost anything (although I’m not really a fan of honeybush, red rooibos, pu’erh, Lapsang Souchong, & banana-flavored teas).


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