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Today I broke the Cupboard Lockdown with just one tin to go. Yes, I am perfectly aware that it was cheating, but when I tell you that the fourth tin to finish was Kusmi’s Caramel, can you honestly blame me for stretching the rules a bit? Besides, the tea I had in my travel cup this morning is nearly gone and I’ll probably finish off that tin within the week. Or I could take the last of the Black Powder with me to work and top off the tin, which while not completely gone, would still mean it was gone from my kitchen and that counts. Don’t argue, it counts. It just does.

So I decided that I was allowed to get the four Kusmis I was interested in, and then I got punished for cheating. THEY DIDN’T HAVE THE CARAMEL!!!!!!! SHOCK!!! HORROR!!! I was so certain I’d seen it on the shelf. Not okay. The only one out of the four I was looking for they did have was the St Petersburg which of course I got. I was also looking to see if they had a plain black strawberry one, but they only had one in a sample tin IN a sample set. I pondered that one for a while and eventually decided to try this one instead. As for the others, all hope is not lost. I have a couple more places I can look and if that doesn’t work out, I’ll have to order.

And wow, it certainly is monday. It’s one of those mondays where it’s monday morning all day. I just turned the kettle on, set the timer, went away, came back when the timer went off and discovered I’d forgotten to actually pour the water into the teapot.

They didn’t have this one in a sample tin, but I decided to trust the brand and get the 125g tin. I do hope I won’t regret this, but I checked what other Steepsterites had said about it and there seems to be a general leaning towards yummy going on there. Good.

The leaves smell rather nice. A bit like sweets actually, but not immediately synthetic or overly perfumed. Those who have tried my Unspeakably Awesome Raspberry Oolong, The Tea That Must Not Be Named and so on and so forth (much loved children has many names, is a danish saying) will probably get what I mean when I say that it smells kind of like that one, only less pink.

The fruity aroma is a little more subdued after brewing and the actual tea aromas are trying to get a word in too, and it’s just a really great balance. It smells almost exactly like what I had in mind when I decided to sea if they had a plain strawberry. (I once decided that Whittard of Chelsea made my perfect strawberry tea, but that’s a good while ago and now I’m scared to try and get it again because I suspect that at this point I wouldn’t find as perfect anymore).

OH YES, THIS IS GOOD STUFF! It not only smells like what I had in mind, it even tastes more or less like what I had in mind. Berry-y and summer-y. It doesn’t matter that I couldn’t get a plain strawberry. I don’t need one. This is totally sufficient in that regard. It’s not some sort of deeply poetic or profound epiphany, it’s just a black tea with red berries. And that’s all I want it to be. A plain good black tea with cherry, strawberry, raspberry and currant. I’m picking up the strawberry the best and that’s even better because you’ll remember what I was actually looking for when I took this one. Good call, me.

And I’m back on Lockdown again now, with the exception of Kusmi’s Caramel if I find it and Kusmi’s Russian Morning likewise, the former being the most important one.

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