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December 11th.

You’ll probably notice I appear to have skipped the 10th. That’s because the 10th was the wild cherries black tea that I’ve had before, so I thought it was less important to post about that one now. You can look up what I wrote on that one earlier if you like.

This one is one of those fruit ‘herbal teas’ that aren’t actually anything other than a mix of dried fruits and no leaf of any sort. I haven’t had very much luck with those in the past. I’m not really interested in that at all to be honest. I would never actually knowingly buy such a blend. Oh well. Perhaps now when I’ve got a touch of a cold, it’ll actually come in handy. This is not really a time for ‘normal’ teas. They all taste funny right now. I had some of the licorice black this morning and decided that it wasn’t so much about making tea taste like licorice as it was making licorice easier to get down by making it taste like tea.

It has a deceptively tea-like brown colour, but it smells like warm cordial. I don’t actually mind warm cordial, but it’s not a favourite drink really. I prefer my cordial cold. At least it doesn’t have that blood red colour that indicates the presence of the dreaded hibiscus.

I’m still hesitating about tasting it, though. For some reason I just don’t want to. Tough, self. Nothing for it but to get it over with

It’s berry alright. As I thought, a cup of hot cordial, really, only without all the sugar.

I don’t think that there is hibiscus in this, because I can usually detect that even in small amounts, but there is something which comes close to giving me that same experience that hibiscus does. A metallic tang as if there’s blood in it. I saw there were bits of dried pineapple in it, and while pineapple doesn’t taste like that to me at all, I wonder if the tartness of the pineapple is somehow interacting with the berries to create this effect. It’s not as bad as actual hibiscus, but… I don’t think I want to drink this once it starts cooling off.

No, I’m still not at all convinced about these fruit blends. Seems to me they’re generally better eaten rather than steeped.

ETA I was both right and sort of both right and wrong. I definitely didn’t want it as it cooled off, gosh that was horrid! So I was right about that.

As for hibiscus, as it cooled and I poured out the rest of it, it did actually develop that tell-tale hibiscus colour, so the hibiscus-y notes that at first I thought wasn’t hibiscus, probably actually was hibiscus, although it would seem in a quite small amount. So I was wrong that it wasn’t there, but I was right that I can still detect very small amounts and that even very small amounts still causes unpleasantness. I just need to trust my tastebuds there, I guess.

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