Temp 208 Degrees, Gongfu, 10 second + 5 second infusions

The leaves on this smelled like a cross between Duck Shit Oolong and Royal Peach Orchid with some almonds. I enjoyed this tea very much, definitely tasted an almond note in there. The Orchid note on this is outstanding, very strong. Even the empty cup was drenched in orchid notes. Got about 6 good infusions out of this one. I would highly recommend for a light refreshing oolong. Very good.

Season : Spring 2018
Cultivar: Wudong Shan
Origin: Guangdong, China
Picking: Unknown
Elevation: 600 Meters

Eyes – Dry Leaf: Dark Brown and black leaves. Relatively small for an oolong
Nose- Dry Leaf: Peach, Almond, Plum, Sour Candy, Orchid
Nose- Wet Leaf: Duck Shit Oolong, Almonds, Strong Orchid, Very floral, like a Duck Shit mixed with Royal Peach Orchid and some almonds on top. Yummy!
Eyes-Liquor: Milky Yellow with brown tint
Mouth-Texture: Syrupy
Mouth-Taste: Almonds, Peach, Orchid, Extremely floral in a good way
Nose-Empty Cup: Orchid, Sugar
Mouth-Finish: Smooth, lightly astringent
Eyes – Wet Leaf: Olive green, Reddish medium sized leaves
Body Sensation: Feel Good energy, mildly excited

Flavors: Almond, Orchid, Peach

5 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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I like tea a lot. I tend to stick to pure teas that are unflavored and I’m usually having a gongfu session. I find that writing up reviews with tasting notes makes my tea drinking experience much more enjoyable and forces me to slow down and appreciate the experience more.

95 + Absolutely fantastic, usually a special treat tea.

90 – 95 Outstanding, probably a tea that I will keep on hand all the time.

85 – 90 Very good tea that I would be very happy to drink daily. Would Re-order.

80 – 85 Pretty good tea that I enjoyed drinking. Probably wouldn’t re-order.

75 – 80 Not great, I can drink it but It’s not something I would reorder.

70 – 75 Bad, Barely drinkable.

0 – 70 Is this even tea?



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