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I’m on the second steeping of this beast. The beast is indeed exotic but at the same time pretty tame. I do feel comfortable with it. The first steeping hinted at caramel, another one yields more fruity notes (citrus). I will definitely resteep it at least once more as I am curious what kind of flavors will emerge then.

I am very happy with my samples from Golden Moon. I will definitely place another order with them, possibly next week so I can take advantage of the free shipping offer they are having until the 16th (I think?). A little pricey but SO worth it.

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This is very different from what I’ve had before. Delicious black tea base merges with very subtle caramel and apple flavors. It is very unlike other flavored blacks that I know, VERY unlike those. The flavoring mostly just emphasizes the base, tweaks it slightly so that you notice more things about it… I guess it would mean this flavoring to tea is like poetry to reality – in very indirect ways it shows you what you normally wouldn’t be able to see.

Thank you, MissB, for letting me try this one. I don’t know when I would get around to these famous French teas myself as they can be pricey and the sample sizes are not really offered anywhere. Now I have an idea of how wonderful they can be!

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I just don’t know what to think of this tea! I love how mint is mixed in and it’s just sweet how the loose tea looks (and smells!) but there’s something about it that makes me reluctant about steeping it (other than it being a ‘christmas’ tea). Could it be that, apart from the mint, the taste is rather bland? I’m pretty sure I steeped 1,5 tsp this time (instead of just 1 tsp) and it seems to have made it taste slightly better and fuller. That’s the ticket, I guess!

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drank Darjeeling #1 by thepuriTea
218 tasting notes

Nice morning tea… Well, it’s way past noon, but it is morning for me! I am already mentally planning my weekend off with tea, and this darjeeling sure helps me to focus. I am also trying to resist various free shipping offers on various tea selling websites. And yes, this tea helps me to withstand the temptation. Somehow.

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Love planning and lining up the teas I intend to have during days off at home :-)


One of the days will be devoted to trying out new teas (I have so many I haven’t even tried yet… and there’s more on the way :/) and the other one will be more like a sipdown day :)


Sounds wonderful :-)

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drank Sinharaja by Golden Moon Tea
218 tasting notes

I must say, this could be the best black tea I’ve tried so far, definitely better than the Ceylon from the Single Origin Teas that I had just a couple of days ago. Very rich, malty, chocolatey – tastes great with a bit of sugar or without it. It smells absolutely gorgeous too! I might be tempted to get some more of it because I only had a sample.

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drank Milk Oolong by thepuriTea
218 tasting notes

So this is what milk oolongs are all about! Super-smooth-tasting numerous steepings a color of winter sunrise. I certainly loved every sip of this and only wish I had a gaiwan to be able to prolong the experience and turn it into a little ritual. But getting a gaiwan is my New Year’s resolution… I sure do have easier and easier resolutions the older I get ;D

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drank Mayan Cocoa Spice by Yogi Tea
218 tasting notes

Watered down cocoa with mild spices – doesn’t taste as bad as it sounds. Kind of a sleep-inducing potion, nice on this freezing evening.

I am trying to finish most of my bagged tea… to be free of it!

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I don’t know if it is ceylons or if it is just this one but there’s something… soapy about it! Nice bitterness, a hint of fruitiness and then something mildly detergent-y. And no, my mug was cleaned up nicely last night, so that’s not it.

Sipping some more… It is really enjoyable though! I wish I could put my finger on this one, mild off note. I should definitely try some more ceylons to see if they are all like that. Well, at least one more!

And I changed my username to Kat_Maria as I noticed there’s already one Kat on Steepster :) I don’t want to cause confusion :)

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drank Snow Sprout by Golden Moon Tea
218 tasting notes

Confusing! I am pretty sure that the sample packet said ‘green tea’ on it and this page says it is classified as white tea. From reading the previous notes, it seems like Golden Moon are not sure themselves how to classify it. Oh well! It is sure very subtle for a green tea. Slightly similar to Adagio’s Green Needle – except that one actually DOES taste like a green. There is nothing particularly special about Snow Sprout. Pretty decent minty-flowery aftertaste that I love so much about whites. I think I have yet another sample of it and I am sure I will enjoy it, but I don’t think I will be buying a greater amount of it any time soon.

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Ummm… Not sure what to think of this one. Tastes like a mildly flavored cinnamon black tea. I must say I don’t taste the creaminess that I expected. The cinnamon flavor is more on the subtle side, which is good, although it has a slightly artificial tinge to it. I do not dislike it, yet there’s something about this tea that doesn’t sit well with me (or my taste buds)… The subsequent cups might change my mind though, and the rating.


The whole name change for that tea throws me off. Monkey Bread makes me expect a lot of banana, while Cinnamon Bun makes me think gooey cinnamon pastry… totally different expectations!


I think I know the source of confusion… maybe! Monkey bread is the name for a gooey cinnamon pastry sold usually at fairs here in PA (Not sure if that’s true for the rest of the states or not). And the Della Terra guys are actually from the same area I live in (central PA), so it’s probable we’ve had a monkey bread from the same annual fair! ;D I think they might have changed the name because ‘monkey bread’ did not sound familiar to a lot of people?


I have never heard of it before! Didn’t know it was a thing, but now I’m curious!


I thought that might be the case! I am really clueless as to the origins of the name though… What is ‘monkey’ about it? No idea.

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I started drinking tea when I was a teenager, my dad used to make tea a million times a day as it was (and still is!) good for his health. So he would make it for the entire family. Usually it was Lipton with a teaspoon of sugar per cup and a slice of lemon. I was fond of it made this way then a lot.

Then I would have occasional loose leaf teas, I slowly got into green tea… I would mostly stick to bagged tea though. It was just convenient.

Only recently, in the middle of 2013, did I start getting seriously into all kinds of loose leaf tea.

My cupboard only reflects what I have in ‘regular’ (non-sample) sizes. It could be that I have some tea you’re looking for, just in a smaller amount, even though it is not in my cupboard, so you can always just ask when swapping with me :)

- Chinese & Taiwanese black teas
- second flush darjeelings
- malty assams
- green oolongs
- Chinese green teas
- super-fruity rooibos/honeybush “teas”

- Japanese green teas
- white teas
- dark oolongs
- interesting dessert teas
- earl greys
- pu-erhs

- chai teas
- herbal teas
- fruit teas

- mint in blends (it’s ok as straight mint)

Apart from tea, I love reading, board-gaming with my husband, learning foreign languages (currently Spanish and Portuguese) and listening to lots and lots of music!

And if we just stick to food-related stuff I am also a great aficionado of good craft beer and dark chocolate :)

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