Today is going to be a busy stressful day. I’ve got a mountain of coursework to do and no desire to do any of it. As such I wanted something sweet an decadent to encourage myself. I reached for this.

This smells of caramel and a touch of truffle, with the barest hint of something fruity. Steeped up the smell is that of basic black tea, as well as sweet caramel.

I added sweetener (of course) and then because I was feeling indulgent, I added a splash of milk as well. Before added the milk, the black base was just as strong, if not stronger, than the caramel. After milk, the caramel became more creamy and apparent.

Even though the caramel is the star of the show here, there is some truffle at the end of the sip, and sometimes the pear comes out to play as well.

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