drank Emerald Surprise by Market Spice
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Wow this is so tropical. Cold brewed.
Juicy orange, pineapple and mango meld together and create a bright tropical juice like tea. The orange and pineapple give just a bit of tang to keep it from being too sweet. The base tea in this takes the back seat, letting the fruits do there thang.

I’m more of a berry type of fruit person when it comes to flavors (but I love all actual fruits), but this reminds me of a beach resort in Cozumel that I went to last month. It had an open bar, and I used it as an opportunity to sample a bunch of mixed drinks, a bunch of which featured pineapple mango and/or orange flavors.

The aroma when you go to take a sip is very much orange peel, and when you take a sip, the first thing I taste it orange, quickly followed by diluted pineapple juice which carries on through the end of the sip where there’s a hit of mango melding in with the pineapple, and finally the orange comes back in a lingering aftertaste. Not bad!

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