39 Tasting Notes

drank Royal Abkhazi by Silk Road
39 tasting notes

A black tea with a very subtle vanilla to it (like vanilla bean), and something else. A bit of citrus? But much subtler than the vanilla. It’s a smooth black tea, and not overly flavoured. I’d describe it as elegant.

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drank Marie-Antoinette by Nina's Paris
39 tasting notes

This was really good with a splash of milk. The scent of the dry tea leaves is overtly “apple” – but the flavour is much more mellow. You can taste the black tea, but with a crisp apple taste and very subtle rose as well. The rose was my favourite part. The two compliment each other very well. (p.s: The tin is so elegant!)

Flavors: Apple, Rose

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drank Vanilla Plantation by Silk Road
39 tasting notes

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drank Sticky Rice Oolong by DAVIDsTEA
39 tasting notes

Give me all the milk oolong — and all the sticky rice oolong!

I only asked for a cup-to-go of this – as I was curious. It was one of the few new DTs that isn’t over-saturated with sugars and artificial everythings. The idea of a rice flavoured tea that was different than toasty genmaicha got me interested!

I thought it was yummy. Reminded me intensely of rice pudding – YUM – the smell was absolutely boiled sweet rice, or yes – rice pudding. It was a unique, simple tea and I wish DT stocked their shelves with more like THIS and I would visit far more frequently.

~I am wanting to try Wha-Cha’s sticky rice tea as I have heard the cost is far less prohibitive.

Flavors: Rice Pudding

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Bergamot heaven! This is real bergmot extract added to the earl grey tea, and for bagged tea, this is one of the BEST. I always try and have a box in my cupboard. So tasty with a splash of milk!

Flavors: Bergamot


Or without a spash of milk! (It’s kimd of like asking for tea with lemon and milk)


It’s good with anything! The flavours are so good, with or without milk. It’s even good chilled in the summer. A few weeks ago I used the tea in baking sweets!

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drank Breakfast in Paris by Stash Tea
39 tasting notes

Earl grey with a bit of lavender! A nice change from Stash’s amazing double bergamot earl grey which is always in my cupboard. The vanilla and lavender is delicate, subtle and not overpowering. It’s a really elegant tea.

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drank Butter Sencha by DAVIDsTEA
39 tasting notes

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drank Strawberry Shake by DAVIDsTEA
39 tasting notes

Finally – a flavoured green tea by DT where you can taste the actual green tea!

Okay, firstly, the scent is EXACTLY a strawberry yogurt/smoothie. YUM. Just delicious. The scent filled my whole cabinet! The taste, happily enough, is just as it smells (not always the case with DT, like their caramel corn tea which smelled great but tasted bleh to me). It’s a smooth, strawberry flavour – not tangy, but strawberry milk-y… (think strawberry Campino hard candies) and it isn’t overpowering like many of DT’s flavoured teas. You still taste the base of green tea.

Also noteworthy is the lack of added sweetener which IMO is only a bonus as it makes it refreshing rather than sickly ( I am of the mind that if you want sweetener, you can add it yourself to your liking. I detest sugar/sugar substitutes added to the teas themselves).

Lovely addition – the only one of the three “milkshake” teas that I enjoyed enough to buy 100g of (and maybe more later!) <:

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The loose leaf is so colourful and autumnal. Unlike most chais it isn’t just black tea and spices — it is predominantly pumpkin!

I bought 100g but I can easily see myself coming back for more over the next few months!

EDIT: As of 2017, the taste is different somehow. Sweeter. I like it far less than last year’s. Hopefully they didn’t change the recipe. :(

Flavors: Pumpkin

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drank Philosopher's Brew by Silk Road
39 tasting notes

Wonderful, wonderful lemongrass. This is the best straight tasting lemongrass tea I’ve ever tried. I just love it. It is perfect for late night study sessions. It perks you up without the caffeine and is so refreshing. One of my favourites!

Flavors: Lemongrass

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