52 Tasting Notes


Tried this at the Coffee & Tea Festival in NYC….

Eh. Nothing special. No real cream flavor to it. If it was just a plain Earl Grey, I probably would have to rate it higher. But being they are calling it a Cream Earl Grey, it doesn’t live up to its name.

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Tried this at the Coffee & Tea Festival in NYC

I love cinnamon. I love when it burns the back of your throat. I love when it feels like it’s sugar & it sweetened your tea. And I love when it’s blended perfectly in your cup.

This tea my friends, is it. Perfect.

Three blends of cinnamon with black tea, sweet cloves & orange peel…..you can smell it already, can’t you? It’s amazing.

I don’t know why I didn’t buy any at the show, but I will have to go to the store on Broome Street to get a tin. I loved the flavor.

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drank Guayusa Spice by Runa
52 tasting notes

Another sample tasted during the Coffee & Tea Festival & that led to the purchase of this amazing tea.

First off, I love cinnamon. And I love when it burns your mouth & sets a fire in your throat. Oh yes….I must have that burning sensation from my cinnamon otherwise, it’s boring. The cinnamon in this tea doesn’t quite burn, but it lets you know it’s there.

I knew from the first sip I was going to end up buying it at the expo. Great stuff. Definitely another new favorite to always have on hand.

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drank Ginger Citrus Guayusa by Runa
52 tasting notes

I tried this at the Coffee & Tea Festival in NYC & from the first sip I knew I’d become a guayusa addict.

First off, the ginger is perfect. It goes really well with the citrus in this blend. I tried a full cup this morning thanks to my purchase yesterday. Love it! Definitely keeping this one on hand for normal stash.

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I love Earl Greay. I have come to this conclusion after drinking several varieties of Earl Greys….just thought you should know that.

And I love rooibos.

So therefore I love this Rooibos Earl Grey.

Very strong flavor. Very wonderful flavor.
I love the citrus scent when you open the bag & then you get that little floral note behind it. Very mellow. Very delicious.

Read the blog about it here –

Overall, I enjoyed it naked…no sugar or any sweeteners or honey. Just Rooibos Earl Grey in the raw. It made a wonderful pot that I enjoyed to the last drop.

Thank you Adagio! You’ve done it again!

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I never rate or review a tea while I’m still drinking it, but in this case I must make the exception.

First off, thank you Angel at Teavivre for this amazing sample! I cannot begin to express how delighted I was when you contacted me. I was already checking out your website before you generously offered to send me samples. And now I’m definitely buying more from you!

This is the first pu-erh tea I have ever tried. I was a little shy about them from seeing how they are these little discs of aged tea. I thought for sure I was going to mess up the brewing of this tea. For once, I admit I was completely wrong!

This morning before leaving for work, I grabbed the bag I received from Teavivre. I also grabbed my box of paper filters & headed to work. Once at the office, I got myself settled & decided it was time to try this tea. I would have prefered to make it at home, but I woke up late today…come on…the Super Bowl last night was a great game & my guests didn’t leave till after midnight. There was just no time this morning to properly brew this tea!

The smell…Earthy with a hint of fish. Everyone already warned me about that. No big deal. It’s the taste that I’m interested in.

The taste….the first sip is to test the water temp. The second really gives me the feeling of if I’ll like the tea or not. I not only like it, I love it!

It’s wonderful!

I can’t explain other than to say it’s a great flavor with a warm feeling to it. I can’t quite place the exact taste, but it’s good. I dare say it’s a plain black tea without making it sound boring. But it’s a simple flavor that isn’t overly thought, yet it is wonderful!

And while I’m still in the middle of the first cup, I’m already looking forward to a refill.

Well done Teavivre. This is a new favorite! I’m glad I took advantage of the holiday discount & ordered more!

FYI…my order was received on time & in perfect condition!
For those that haven’t ordered from Teavivre, I highly recommend you give them a try. Great tea + great customer service = a happy tea drinker!

Now if you’ll all excuse me…I’m off to finish this amazing cup of tea.


Read my personal blog note about this tea….

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drank Cherry Marzipan by Tea Forte
52 tasting notes

Bought this one on a whim & it turned out to be okay. The cherry flavor is mild & not overbearing. The marzipan or almond flavor is good; also not too strong. Together they play well.

I like the green tea base. It’s pretty good.

Overall, not a bad tea…..but nothing to rave about. And I won’t lose sleep if this isn’t in my home at all times.

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I want to like this one. The smell is inviting & very promising, but the flavor leaves me wondering.

I can smell the coconut, but I don’t get much of the flavor. It’s almost like an aftertaste & not really the flavor of the tea. I know it’s a white tea, but even still, it’s missing something.

I liked it better cold. But not enough to want to stock this.

I have a few extra teabags to share if anyone wants to try it.
US only to make it a quick send….thanks!

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Thanks Raul for the sample! I love sharing some interesting teas with you.

I’m not going to compare this to the other Vanilla Creme Earl Grey I recently raved about. I want each tea to have it’s own note & it’s own review. Having said that….

I love this tea! The smell is overwhelmingly vanilla. For me, that is not a problem. I love vanilla. I love it strong. And I love Earl Grey. Nothing better than a good strong cuppa Earl Grey to get your day started. And this one is just perfect today!

I had enough for one tea filter bag to take to work & have for breakfast. I’m already done with one cup & headed for a refill. I expect to get at least two more cups…otherwise I am going to be sad.

I love the taste. Very smooth & creamy. Very strong on the vanilla, but again, I love it. I hope it doesn’t seem overbearing to others. The strong wonderful aroma is still lingering in the air & that makes me love this tea even more.

I’m definitely going to have to order this tea to have on hand.
Hey, there is no such thing as too much Earl Grey!

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