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drank Chai Turmeric by Oribe Tea Co.
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A reusable cotton teabag was included with this organic powdered tea and spice blend. I used the teabag only once because I found it hindered extraction and made a weaker cup.

What I’ve been doing since then is using a tablespoon of powder in a cup of water on the stove, boiled for a bit, add a big glug of milk and simmer for a few minutes. Straining through one of those micro-strainers, I still get a puddle of goop at mug’s bottom. If I’m not paying attention, it can be an interesting surprise. Sometimes I drink the spice goop.

Black tea is the first ingredient listed but it seems like turmeric is in highest proportion. Given that I use a tablespoon of powder, I’d expect a heck of a caffeine buzz. Moderate. I really don’t think there’s much black tea in this but it does brew quite a bit browner than turmeric’s earthy orange color. The spices are very fresh and powerful, what I like in a masala chai. It’s a true rooty warmer of a tea. The taste, while powerfully ginger and turmeric, seems very well balanced. Cinnamon and clove are forward in the aroma and cardamom and black pepper in the finish.

My work father brought this back from Hawaii and I haven’t seen it at the store here in California. Perusing their website, Oribe’s other teas look interesting and they even sell an organic Hawaiian sencha at $10 for 2oz. Considering Hawaiian-grown tea isn’t easily found and is generally pricey, that could be a good deal. They also offer mamaki which I’ve never seen for sale on the mainland.

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