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Happily finished this one off last night while catching up on some TV! I try to always have kombucha or other tea related RTD stocked in my fridge for instant cold tea for those moments where I may not have a cold brew going/ready. I don’t really drink water outside of tea, hehe…

This was good – like I said last time, it basically only tastes like fancy carbonated grape juice. Nothing wrong with that though! I’d buy it again, next time I do a fridge restock.

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Not sure what makes this “Grape Oak” and not just “Grape” – maybe it’s meant to be a fancier sounding way of implying it has an almost wine like flavour? Maybe it’s one of those moments of weird language variation? Regardless, it’s a damn good GRAPE flavoured kombucha. Simple, to the point and fresh with a nice balance of acidity/tartness and juicy grape flavour. Feels right for an end of summer exclusive…

I wonder why more people haven’t done grape kombucha; it leans so well into the natural vinegary quality of kombucha!


I used to make kombucha…and pretty much only made grape. Same for water kefir.

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Just had to order this one again in my Lufa box – it was that good/memorable! This time around I shared a bit of it with some coworkers, and all were quite impressed with how delicious the apple and ginger notes were; like a lightly spiced apple cider vinegar profile or even a hard cider…

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Hellllll yeeaaahhhh!

Now, this is what I call a kombucha! It’s kind of like a hard, boozey (maybe yeasty) cider meets a ginger beer – or an “adult apple juice” kind of vibe. It’s got some heat, some warm ginger spice that gives it a freshness but the apple is sweet and juicy as well. I could see myself drinking this year round because the orchard fruit notes and fizz are really refreshing but I also totally get the “Autumnal bordering on Winter” vibes that I think the company was going for with this limited edition/seasonal flavour.

Also interesting to me is the fact there’s casacara in this – I really hated it when I tried it on it’s own, but I don’t think I’d have ever clued into it in this drink if I hadn’t read the ingredients list. I wonder if it’s just a small amount, or if it’s just that much of a transformative use of it!?

Regardless, I liked this one a lot!

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Picked this up in a Lufa box a week or so ago; it’s this company’s limited edition “Summer Kombucha” flavour and I couldn’t actually think of a time that I’ve ever had a watermelon kombucha so I was instantly sold on curiosity alone…

I drank this one at the park with a small sort of “picnic” (ie. Zeppole and pears) as a small meal before going swimming – a celebratory meal, if you will, because I was just recently cleared to go swimming again after needing to take a few weeks off from it following rupturing my eardrum! It was very exciting being able to go back, for sure!

The kombucha itself was really good; definitely a lot more distinctly watermelon tasting than rhubarb – with a lot of the sweet and refreshing qualities of biting into a slice of really juicy, ripe melon. It has a bit of the tangyness and acidity of rhubarb though, as well as just the kombucha itself. The two flavours work quite well together, actually!

I don’t know that this is my favourite flavour of kombucha that I’ve tried from this company but I think it’s nice and well done and it 100% makes sense as a summer flavour!

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I’m not totally sure how I feel about “spicy” kombucha…

I’ve had a handful of kombucha with ginger or turmeric, but usually it’s not my thing at all. Something compelled me to try this one, though – not really sure why. Usually, when a company offers a ginger/turmeric/spiced kombucha I just skip over it and don’t try it. This was weird; it’s got some ginger notes that pop out and some turmeric heat/warmth. It also tastes very woody/clearly of rooibos. However, I just don’t enjoy that flavour combo with the acidity/vinegar-y taste of kombucha or the combination.

I like other fizzy drinks with “spices” (ginger ale/beer, cola, etc.) – but I guess just not these ones…

I am glad I tried it, though.


Turmeric, rooibos, and kombucha? Ick. Definitely not my cup of tea!

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This kombucha company put out a really interesting exclusive summer flavour so I picked that up in my weekly Lufa box – which is like a food delivery box, with mostly produce type stuff but some other local products and stuff too. I’ll review that some other time, for sure – I haven’t tried it yet. They included this one in my weekly box for free though, which was very generous of them. I drank it today with lunch, and since I’ve tried it before I didn’t pay a TON of attention to it – just enjoyed the sort of tangy “sparkling mango” type vibe…

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Got this in my Lufa Box last week (a weekly grocery delivery box) and it was actually pretty good! Definitely a mango flavour, and quite intensely fizzy with the strong vinegar/tangy kick I’ve been craving from a kombucha for a while now.

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