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I thought I was finished getting through my Floragold sachets, but I found this one last straggled in the very back of my sachet drawer earlier this week – sneaky little bugger was somehow separated from the others!

I think I was actually more impressed with this one than Kittenna was – I agree that it seemed like the mouthfeel was a little thin, but the flavour was really nice. Had some malt and sweetness, but most interestingly also had a strong freshly baked French Bread note and a hint of raisin to it. I added some milk, and it stood up very well to the addition, without losing its defined malty sweetness!

I actually think this was one of the better Floragold samples overall.


Did you have any other straight teas from Floragold? Seemed like your selections were mostly tisanes.

Roswell Strange

There was one straight green, I believe, and around four other straight blacks.

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Just a normal, no frills jasmine green tea – it’s fine, smooth enough. Jasmine is pretty strong; has a little bit of a grape-y taste to it. Only because jasmine tastes like grapes to me; not because there’s any grape in the tea…

Also! This is my last tea from Floragold – it was months of casual drinking in progress, but I made it through a TON of these tea! That’s pretty cool, in my books.

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Rather mediocre cup of tea; it’s supposed to be raspberry and currant flavoured but it just tasted like some sort of really sweet, syrupy mixed berry profile with a hint of a medicinal edge/undertone. Not my favourite, for sure.

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I mean, not much to say really since this tasted like tulsi, orange, and ginger. Very accurate blend; actually quite enjoyable too! I’m learning, as of late, that I really enjoy the combination of ginger and fruit – and ginger orange just felt especially refreshing to me!

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drank Stressblocker by Floragold
4558 tasting notes

Sipdown! 260/365!

Stressblocker… sounds like a good tea for me right now. The teabag smelled lemony and kind of a herbally sort of sweet, but not overly so; the herbally aroma predominates in the brewed cup, however. Likewise with the flavour – there are certainly lemony overtones, but it kind of tastes mostly like a herbally blend, which I can’t pick out specific ingredients from. But – something in here is bitter, like citrus pith. It lingers on the palate after swallowing, and I’m not the biggest fan of it.

I grabbed the packet to look at the ingredients, and this is a strange mix of ingredients! Mistletoe(?!), bean peels, birch leaves, lemongrass, nettle leaves, St. John’s wort, gingko leaves, flavouring. I’m not sure what is contributing the bitterness, but I’m unfamiliar with the majority of these ingredients, so who knows! Maybe I’ll be lucky and it will have some sort of stress-reducing effect, though.

Thanks for the share, Roswell Strange!

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I… don’t remember anything about this tea at all. Oops.

Maybe Kittenna will be able to do a better judge summarizing the flavour!?


You remind me that I should get back to occasionally drinking these! There are a couple interesting ones in there. I think there was one that I totally drank without thinking about, too (I believe I wrote that in the review).

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I think this is a FTGFTOP grade Darjeeling – it said on the overwrap for the sachet, but I can’t really remember definitively. Personally I found this was very underwhelming; not unpleasant to drink and I could probably drink a pot of it as one of those “mindless” type of teas during a Netflix binge or something similar since there were no off notes, but in general I found the taste dreadfully flat/dull.

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Wasn’t sure if I’d like this one but surprisingly it’s been one of my favourite flavours from Floragold yet! The mouthfeel is very thick and creamy, and the coconut note in the blend really dominates the cup. It’s a fresh, creamy tasting coconut that marries really well with the natural sweet honey and graham notes of the rooibos. The profile was also a hint woody, also from the rooibos, and the ginger was mellow but contributed a nice warming spice note in the finish of the sip and back of the throat. Overall I thought this was very well balanced, and actually something I’d have an interest in getting in a larger quantity!

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One of the bagged teas I packed with me for my trip. I, unfortunately, drank it during the peak of the cold that I managed to catch during the week – and at that point I could hardly taste a thing, so I don’t really know if this was good or bad or somewhere inbetween. I think it’s supposed to be raspberry and currant? But I couldn’t tell…

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Another tea that I packed for my Winnipeg trip – I packed a lot of bagged teas because I know that for travel they’re far, far more convenient. I actually drank this one while on the plane from Montreal to Winnipeg – this is not the first time I’ve made tea while 30,000 feet in the air, it’s always an experience though…

I had mixed thoughts on this one; I liked the pineapple note a lot and the strawberry, while generic, was also nice. Kind of a sweet candied fruit vibe that I could get on board with. The green tea base wasn’t good though; rather drying and astringent, and extremely grassy. There was also too much of it; definitely not proportional to the fruit in the blend.

Could have been worse – but also could have been better. Still, it was tea – and a lot better than the shitty Tetley tea bags that the airline was offering. So a net win, afterall.

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Vanilla and Cardamom chai on a rooibos base…

Surprisingly, I think this is my favourite Floragold blend that I’ve tried so far!? It does taste like vanilla, cardamom, and rooibos all distinctly but with pleasant notes – they compliment well. However, when I do that thing where I shut my brain off and let all of the flavours kind of bleed together it reminded me a little bit of rootbeer w/ vanilla? I wonder if there’s sarsaparilla in the blend? Regardless, I was very into that weird spiced/vanilla rootbeer kind of flavour. It’s delish!

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I feel conflicted about this blend – it’s supposed to be pineapple and grapefruit, which actually sounds like a delightful flavour pairing to me. I don’t really recall it tasting much like either of those two flavours but it did have a generic tropical and borderline candy like sweetness that was pretty nice and the entire time I was drinking it I had this nagging feeling of deja vu and nostalgia; I never did figure out what it was reminding me of, though…

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drank Tropical Sunrise by Floragold
4558 tasting notes

Sipdown! 216/365!

I actually drank this quite a while ago, but had misplaced the package and didn’t know what I’d drank – until today, when I found it while cleaning (mission to actually babyproof the living room). Unfortunately, all I remember is that I wasn’t particularly fond of it. It looks like it’s supposed to be Pineapple-Grapefruit flavoured, if I’m correctly remembering my French, but I don’t recall that at all. Oh well.

Thanks for the share regardless, Roswell Strange!

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Sipdown! 215/365!

Another share from Roswell Strange – thanks!

This tea is supposed to taste of strawberry and pineapple… but while I can taste that it’s fruity, the primary flavour is definitely a mariney/grassy green tea. One of the few times I’ll say that I’d rather taste less of the base tea. It’s not terrible though, but definitely a generic sort of flavouring (it’s quite familiar to me – I’m thinking of some “strawberry papaya” blacks and greens I’ve had in the past, with chunks of candied pineapple), and not a great base choice. Well, to be fair – it’s actually a fairly standard base choice for medium-quality flavoured greens, so I’m probably being overly harsh. Probably not bad for a bagged tea, but nothing I’d pick up.

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Sipdown! 214/365!

Thanks to Roswell Strange for this sample! Unfortunately, I oversteeped it, but luckily, a bit of extra water tamed the astringency right down – so a fairly forgiving tea! The bergamot is actually at a perfect level and quite tasty, though there’s almost a bit of a piney note in the aftertaste that’s perhaps not my favourite. The black base isn’t too notable – it does its job.

Not a bad EG, but it would be better with milk just to cream it up.

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This one is a “herbal tea but with added green tea” – and I say that because that’s how the company is marketing it, but normally I’d probably just consider this a green tea with a lot of herbal ingredients/not much green tea in it at all…

Unfortunately it was a pretty forgettable infusion and I don’t really remember what it tasted like too much apart from being rather ambivalent towards it and seeing lots of lemongrass in the dry leaf.

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Another tea from Floragold that makes you go “How does this name have any correlation to the flavour at all!?” – it’s a mango/peach rooibos, and a pretty tasty one at that. I just fail to see any correlation with the name…

On the sweeter side, and definitely an artificial mango/peach combo – but still quite tasty. I almost found it creamy, and that gave it a Campino/yogurt candy sort of vibe. I think there was a mango/peach Campino flavour too, so it’s just especially fitting. I enjoyed the mug a lot though.

Really, I’m mostly just noticing the trend that Floagold’s strength is their rooibos line up. That’s definitely what I’ve been most impressed with this far!

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This… might actually be the best tea from Floragold I’ve tried yet!?

It’s supposed to be a strawberry kiwi flavour and, much to my surprise, it actually did taste like Strawberry Kiwi!! It was pretty sweet, and heavier on the strawberry notes – but it was there and that’s a heck of a lot more than what I was expecting. Really hit me with a wave of nostalgia; strawberry kiwi is such a 90s/early 2000s flavour. Really nice, though!

However, Fairy Fragrance!? What a weird, and kind of off putting name!? Like, I don’t mind a good fairy reference/whimsical reference with my tea however I don’t know if “The Smell of Fairies” is exactly the direction you should be leaning. I mean, I’m sure fairies would (hypothetically) smell better than say goblins or dwarves or what have you. Just, in general, I think it’s best to refrain from naming your tea after anyone’s odor.

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Sipdown! 161/365!

Thanks for the share, Roswell Strange! I was feeling like a black tea the other day, and also like I should get in a sipdown, so I found this in my teabox from Roswell. Thankfully, it was better than the herbals of theirs that I have tried; not a bad example of a bagged assam, IMO. Malty and a bit thinner than my preference would be, but decent flavour.

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Very, very standard/simple/classic Earl Grey flavour – especially for a bagged tea. It was just fine, but kind of boring so I twisted it a little bit with the addition of some pumpkin flavoured agave. I actually really enjoyed the bergamot + pumpkin combination, and now I just really want someone to make a tea that is purposefully Earl Grey and Pumpkin.

You could call it a “Pumpkin Fog”.


Hmm, I don’t know if I’ve had that combo before either! Sounds interesting.


That would be amazing!

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I’m perplexed by this cinnamon/orange rooibos blend…

The dry leaf of it smells quite delicious, albeit very familiar. It’s essentially like DT’s Spice Is Right blend (Cinnamon, clove, orange) but with a more intense orange note. However, steeped up there’s a very off smell to the infusion. I know this is a pretty harsh comparison, but also it’s accurate: the steeped tea smells a lot like literal shit and farts, and also cinnamon. Kind of like someone took a very big number two, and then covered the aroma with some Febreeze…

While the steeped tea actually tastes fine, basically a softer version of the dry leaf aroma with more woody rooibos undertones, the smell you get when you bring your nose to the cup to take a sip is so off putting that it took me ages to finish off this mug. Don’t know what’s up with the blend to make it come out like that; but definitely not a “good” experience with this one.


I laughed way too hard at this note. I hope you don’t have a lot of this tea left.


Fragrant would you say? LOLL!


I cant believe you not only tried the tea with that scent but you actually finished the cup lol


Hahahahaha. There are a couple herbal blends from Verdant that smelled awful to me but tasted ok (no bathroom smells, just unpleasant in other ways). Of course, since aroma is such a big part of flavour, it really hurts one’s impression of a tea…

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Sipped on this while actually eating a slice of cherry pie.

Unfortunately this is another one of those herbal/fruit blends that is basically just acidified apple and hibiscus (ie. TART!) with some flavouring tossed into it that doesn’t resemble what it’s named after. It’s cherry, in the biggest stretch of the word. A hint of red fruit that could be cherry, but mostly just super tart and generic berry flavour. I mean, it was nice alongside my slice of actual cherry pie but drinking it while actually having a slice of pie only seemed to really emphasize just how much the flavour didn’t align with the real thing…

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So this “Swiss Herbal Infusion” is comprised of three main flavour profiles: orange, mint, and ginger. I’m not sure if that’s actually a common Swiss flavour/tea combo, but I’ve definitely never seen it before (well, I mean, I’ve seen those three ingredients paired together but never under this name) so I’m not sure if this is a case of me just not knowing a thing or if it’s one of those weird German tea names that doesn’t quite fit…

Before I get into the tea, though, I have to share a short story that kind of ties in to it:

So, when I moved into my apartment here in Montreal I was told that there was a private gym in the building for tenants to use. At first I kind of scoffed, because I’ve not been to a gym since high school/am pretty unfit in general and don’t have a strong desire to focus super heavily on my physical well being. Like, it’s not that I want to be unhealthy/out of shape – but I don’t feel shitty about my body type/shape/size as it is so “fixing” it isn’t a priority for me. Over time I became more curious though, so I went looking for the gym because I figured there are aspects of going to the gym that do appeal to me…

I like being able to listen to music, and the gym can be a nice way to do that interrupted. I also like walking, but don’t love the outdoors – so I wouldn’t be opposed to having a casual walk/stroll on a treadmill or elliptical. Especially if it’s more private/there are less people around. However, I simply could not find it. Like, I walked up every floor in my building and didn’t see a gym anywhere. So I just gave up, and assumed I had misunderstood the person I’m leasing my apartment from.

Until last Sunday where, after going for a walk in the afternoon, I got in the elevator to head back to my floor. Now, there are four elevators in my building and I guess in the last four months I have, purely coincidentally, only been in three of them. Well, this time I got in the fourth elevator and, low and behold, there was a button on the elevator panel labeled “Gym” that doesn’t exist in any of the other elevators! So I clicked it.

Well, the elevator went all the way to the top floor of the building – which I hadn’t been to. I guess it’s not accessible by stairs – at least, through my apartment building. I explored the floor a little bit, and there is a stairwell that gets to the floor (in addition to this elevator) but if you take the stairwell down you wind up in the apartment building directly beside mine – which is kind of weird. Sure enough though, there’s a private gym that’s only accessible using the door badge/pass of anyone living in my apartment building or the one next to it; it’s fairly decked out with equipment, and pretty nice. There’s also a rooftop patio, and a “common room” with some seating/a pool table/a TV.

So I guess that whole story is my lead in to saying that, for the first time in six years, I went to the gym! I did a 30 minute walk on the elliptical, at a setting that was probably higher than what I should have started with. It was exhausting and hard but despite thinking several times about quitting halfway through I DID finish the walk. I’ve even been back several times since last Sunday and completed the same walk, with it getting easier each time. I like how private the gym is; there’s never been a time I’ve got where there was more than two other people there and since I live ina building a predominantly Chinese people who either don’t Speak English as a first language or well at all, it’s pretty quite – no one trying to chat. I certainly don’t want to jinx myself, but I think I could get really into going in that sort of atmosphere…

As for the tea!

Well, I think this is a flavour combo that I normally wouldn’t like all that much, especially since the ginger was pretty strong. However, after a half hour of hard work at the gym (especially with how long it’s been since I last went) I think that ANYTHING would have tasted good. I made the cup right after getting back to my apartment and I guzzled the whole thing!


Good for you, Ros. Some gyms are so gross. You’re lucky to have a nice quiet one!

Martin Bednář

Interesting that gym is sooo hidden. Probably somebody don´t want to have fit tenants – haha. Tea does not sounds much Swiss for me, but interesting blend for sure.

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I had low expectations for this tea – it’s another “fruit blend” with a name that doesn’t sound fruity at all and an ingredient list that tells a completely different story. Like, I’m sort but is the “mild” part of this Gingerbread House tea the fact it doesn’t taste like gingerbread at all? ‘Cause, if so, then I guess they’ve nailed it?

Basically this tastes like DT’s Sleigh Ride blend but with less cinnamon and a TINY touch of ginger. It’s very tart, very hibiscus and apple forward with a kind of floral-ish note. More of a fruity profile than anything else.


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