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drank Sacred Blend by Boreal Wildcraft
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I was worried about this one and have been putting it off but today’s #septembersipdown prompt was to go herbal so I decided to just go for it. It’s not as bad as I was expecting – you all know actual herbal-tasting herbals are not my thing and this is a whole lot of sage. It’s fresh so I’m enjoying it but it’s not something I’d ever seek out. Still I was surprised by it so thank you Roswell Strange for sharing!

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Today I just feel like screaming into a pillow…

I have no reason as to why, but all afternoon/evening I’ve felt like someone drove into me at full force – I just have a killer migraine, my body is sore and achy, I’m insanely tired, and to cap it all off I have two teeth that are really starting to be a problem. God do I hate my teeth; despite doing all the tooth care things I’m supposed to be doing I’ve just had sooo many reoccurring problems with tooth pain. I know it’s genetic; my entire family has this history of dental issues, especially on my dad’s side. We just have brittle teeth; and I’m sure all the tea drinking doesn’t help…

I know that dentist office’s are still open in Canada during the pandemic, but only for emergency treatment. What qualifies as emergency treatment though? Can I call and be like ‘Yo, I have a dull toothache that just wont quit but it’s the kind of pain that is dull and tireless so it eats you alive from the inside out slowly" or does it have to be more of a “IF YOU DON’T PULL THIS TOOTH OUT RIGHT FUCKING NOW I WILL DO IT MYSELF” kind of pain?? So much is unclear…

Anyway, I’m drinking this one tonight because I’m pulling out all the stops with comforting and soothing teas that make me feel at east/relaxed. That’s probably about the best thing that I can do for myself right now.



I’d call them and let them know what’s up and have your dentist decide.


I’m sorry you’re dealing with that though


Definitely call. You know your own teeth, so if it’s an emergency to you that you want to go to the dentist, I think they will let you. Sometimes tooth pain might mean mouth infection, and after what happened with my dad’s stroke (and then hearing so many other similar stories) I definitely take teeth problems more seriously now.


I am so sorry! I will deffo say a prayer for you. Yes! Call the dentist! Hubby has the same problem. His mother’s teeth were fragile and so are his. Three days ago his molar broke into three pieces. We were worried they would pull it and he would need an implant but we were hoping for a crown. The dentist was about to FILL it.

I myself and a friend both had rough days just feeling the stress of the quarantine. That is probably affecting you, too, and making everything feel worse! Hope you feel better SOON!


Ros, I get it. Similar supposedly genetic shit teeth problems. 11 crowns later, I don’t screw around with any pain because it’s always been infection. Definitely call and ask what qualifies as emergency. Tell them everything you typed here. If you think you have an infected tooth, they need to know. That mental/physical state is tough. I hope you can get some treatment tomorrow. hugs

Martin Bednář

I don’t have toothaches, but my teeth just die. And then they decay. But no ache. I would call too and let your dentist decide. It is emergency in my opinion.

It’s pretty same here, but because not enough facemasks for people working in first line!


I would call for sure. I hope you can get some relief.

Roswell Strange

Thanks all – I will give them a call this afternoon and see what can be done.


I echo what everyone else is saying and recommend that you call your dentist. We don’t know how long this lockdown will last, and constant tooth pain seems like it would qualify as an emergency. The worst they can do is say no. Sorry you’re having such a stressful week.


This sounds so miserable! I hope today is better and that you’re able to get treatment.

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drank Chaga Chai by Boreal Wildcraft
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This is a killer chai made with wild harvested Canadian bits. It is higher on the spice level, yet crisp and refreshing due to the lemongrass and orange. This chai also has chaga mushroom, which adds an interesting nutty depth. This chai is great without milk or sugar, and does not getting bitter even with oversteeping. Oversteeping will turn very spicy though.

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