46 Tasting Notes

Everyone harps about tea balls not being great for loose leaf tea, but maybe I have a soft spot for them because it was the very first tea infuser I used to brew loose leaf tea in. If you find one that has very fine mesh and a tight clasp, then it will still do the trick for brewing tea. I use tea ball infusers primarily to make iced tea in my mason jars. I like to use two at a time for steeping which makes mesh tea balls perfect. Other than that it won’t usually be my go-to choice, but if its the only thing available then its not the end of the world for me. When using tea balls I try to stay away from steeping teas that have incredibly fine pieces to them, and teas that have very large leaves when they unfurl. The room for expansion is more limited with a mesh tea ball, so I’ll save the larger tea leaves with an infuser that has more room. You can read my review on the good old fashioned tea ball at http://worldofteainfusers.com/tea-ball-review/

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reviewed Libre Tea Travel Glass by Teaware
46 tasting notes

I’ve heard a lot of people have had leak issues with the Libre glass bottles, but I’ve been really fortunate that my bottle was not one of them. I actually really like my Libre and find it to be a very handy travel tumbler for tea. First – I LOVE that its glass. I like how you can see your leaves floating around while steeping, especially if you’re brewing something that’s floral and colorful. Second – because its glass I like that it doesn’t keep my tea piping hot for too long. I use stainless steel tumblers as well and they’re great, but the stainless steel keeps my tea incredibly hot for a very long time. I like the Libre glass tumbler because it still keeps my tea hot, but for not as long which is perfect for shorter trips or commutes.
I also like to use my Libre for fruit water when I’m not using it for tea. It is double walled with the inside being made with glass, so a nice glass of cold water with some fruit thrown in makes for a refreshing drink on a summer day.
The Libre gets two thumbs up from me. I’ve reviewed it in more detail which you can check out on my blog at http://worldofteainfusers.com/libre-glass-tea-infuser-review/

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I bought a tin of this a while ago without evening sampling it first. I took a gamble and assumed I would like this tea based on the fact that its a rooibos blend. Plus it has sprinkles. Realistically how bad can a tea that has sprinkles in it be? Needless to say I ended up really liking this tea. However more recently I decided one day to try it as a tea latte.
Mind. Blown.
Hands down it tastes amazing as a latte. I’ve been drinking it like this ever since and have never looked back since.
I was a bit skeptical at first adding dairy to rooibos because I don’t think I’ve added dairy to herbal teas before? Nevertheless it tastes delicious and will be the only way I’ll drink it from now on.

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This one was a really interesting tea. It reminds me of the classic earl grey but with a spicy twist. A really spicy twist I may add. My first impression was that it smelled like ground black peppers – however there was definitely no ground black peppers in sight. Once brewed the spicy aroma went away and I didn’t notice it in the taste either. It tasted very much like earl grey and was bergamot yet bold. I also reviewed this tea in more detail, labeled as ‘Louis XIV’, but I guess they have since changed the name to Fleur Vert Melange http://worldofteainfusers.com/high-noon-tea-co-review/

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I enjoyed this tea and found that it both smells and tastes yummy. It has a sweet and floral-y aroma to it. The tea composition is also lovely with its white tea leaves and different flower petals. Since the tea has a bit of hibiscus in it, I was worried the tea would taste bitter. Thankfully once brewed it did not, but it didn’t taste as sweet as I thought it would. It smells more sweet than it tastes, but nevertheless it was a refreshing tea. I could taste a slight floral aftertaste as well. You can see a more in-depth review with pictures here http://worldofteainfusers.com/high-noon-tea-co-review/

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I wanted to like this tea but I wasn’t blown away by it. It sounded like it had a lot of good potential with it having chocolate/toffee/mocha type flavors. It’s base is pu’erh and I’ll admit I’ve only had pu’erh a handful of times. So this may be the reason why I was not a big fan of it. It tasted a bit earthy and musky yet was slightly sweet as well. It had a smooth aftertaste but I couldn’t really taste any of the chocolate/toffee flavors. I reviewed this tea in more detail which you can check out here http://worldofteainfusers.com/high-noon-tea-co-review/

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This is my favourite tea from High Noon Tea Co. I really enjoy the rooibos and peach combination. Its a light and very comforting tea that is slightly sweet and has a nice hint of peach. You can smell the peach right when you open the bag to the time you’re finished brewing. It’s very subtle and doesn’t have that artificial peach smell. The tea itself is light and caffeine free, which I find myself enjoying as a nice evening tea. I wrote a more detailed review that you can check out here http://worldofteainfusers.com/high-noon-tea-co-review/

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Every time I have this tea it reminds me of the time I got suckered into buying it.

Maybe suckered isn’t the right word, but I had one sample in the store and I was sold. A moment later you then see me at the register paying _

To be fair I am a sucker for a lot of teas that have mint in them. This was a tea I liked instantly: I could taste mint, I could taste chocolate, and it was SWEET. Oh man was it ever sweet. Do they put extra sugar in teas at Teavana? Because since then I’ve had several cups of this at home and it never tastes quite as sweet as the time I’ve had it at the store.

Either way I still enjoy this tea and having it around this time of year sure puts me in a jolly festive mood.

You can read the full review on my tea blog at http://worldofteainfusers.com/teavana-white-chocolate-peppermint-tea-review/

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drank Apricot Oolong by Sterling Tea
46 tasting notes

I found Apricot Oolong to be a pleasant tea but it didn’t knock my socks off. I did however LOVE the smell! Straight out of the bag it had a strong, sweet peachy smell. It really reminded me of the candy fuzzy peaches.

The taste still had some peach flavor but not as much. It had more of a grassy, vegetal taste with a hint of peach afterwards. It also had a smooth taste yet was a little buttery on the lips. Overall still a pleasant tea and I would have it again.

You can read the full review at http://worldofteainfusers.com/sterling-tea-review/

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I thought Strawberry Hibiscus was a pretty enjoyable tea but I did find it to be pretty bitter tasting. I needed to add in a little sugar to help with the bitterness. The bitter taste is pretty common among rosehip and hibiscus based teas. It did have a fruity punch to it which I enjoyed. I couldn’t taste much of the orange and wish there was more of it.

It’s called Strawberry Hibiscus but there’s no mention of strawberry or strawberry flavoring in the ingredients. I get that its suppose to mimic the strawberry taste though.

What I really really liked, was the color of the liquor. It was gorgeous! It was a really deep red color. It reminded me of the color of raspberry liqueur or red wine. Watching the color slowly change was nice as well.

You can read more about this tea at http://worldofteainfusers.com/sterling-tea-review/

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