807 Tasting Notes

drank Cream by Adagio Teas
807 tasting notes

Not sure why this one gets so many low reviews.
I am admittedly – too much probably – not a fan of Adagio however this one is rather nice!
It smells JUST like cream soda, I even smell the fizziness!
The taste is a nice mellow cream flavor, a hint of maple, cocoa notes even, but mostly just a creamy goodness.
I taste the black base, I mean its just a Ceylon but its good.
I could see this being excellent in blends as well – which I created a couple using this tea and am eagerly awaiting them to come!
I can see this being a staple for sure just to have a nice light morning creamy tea.
Good one Adagio, I may have to reconsider my previous feelings about you.
I will just stay away from the white fruit teas – had bad luck with those.


I can’t say I’ve ever truly swooned over any tea from Adagio…but their website is excellent and the ‘tea news’ emails are awesome


I think Fujian Rain is as close to swooning as I have got with Adagio.
Also this one did not resteep that well.
Its okay but not great for a resteep.


did you know that their ‘tea master’ wrote a book? I ordered it on the cheap off of amazon and it was a very short read. Great pictures…but honestly one of the weakest books that I have read on the subject and was very biased and limited in its scope.


I think it is far too easy these days with self publishing for anyone with a computer to write a book !

Rob Rauschenberg

I am not a fan of Adagio other than the Thai Chai but I blend this Cream tea in with any other flavor tea and it always comes out pretty good.


Yeah it really would give that nice creamy backdrop to almost any tea I think.


I like it, too. This is one of the few Adagio teas I have previously ordered in any substantial quantity.


(love the name Marcel :) )

Rob Rauschenberg

(thanks Kashyap) :-)


seen a nude descending a staircase lately ;)

Josie Jade

Yay! Glad you liked it!


: ) I am glad you reviewed it and that I got some! It is quite nice!

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Full review on March 3rd on http://sororiteasisters.com/ here are the snippits:

I have not had many Talbott’s Teas – honestly I don’t know if I have had any. This was a great introduction to the brand as I do enjoy this tea.

Caramel Sundae Escape from Talbott’s Tea is a mellow, caramel tea that has absolutely no astringency or bitterness. It is sweet but not overly so. The chocolate notes are slight, if you are really wanting chocolate decadence this may not be the exact tea for you but the chocolate notes are present. This is by far more a caramel tea, and after all it is named Caramel Sundae Escape. However it is part of the Chocolate Lover’s collection so some may be a little disappointed it is not more chocolatey!

Regardless, this is a really delicious cup! I was surprised at just how many bits were in the blend, plenty of caramel chunks for sure!


i can’t wait for my swap/box from TEB – pretty sure she put in a few talbott teas for me to try. woot woot!


Ohhh nice!!!! :)


i mean..she hasn’t mailed it yet lol because i told her not to worry about it until “whenever” but it’s out there..waiting to come to me…“someday” hahaha When i get home i’m also going to put together my care package for you guys. I will likely send it to one of you since i know you shift things around between the 3 of you fairly often. But i have teas for all three sisters :)


Wow SIl how really totally sweet of you!


You guys are good to the noobies and others. :) I just need to get organized once i’m home with all my swaps and tea cupboard and the like.


lol let me know if you figure out the trick to making that happen! ;)
I work on it daily.
Bought another tea cup at an antique store yesterday! WHY? when I have at least half of my collection hidden away. Now I had to sneak this into my cabinet lol it never stops between the tea, the accessories, well you know … :)

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drank Blueberry Matcha by Matcha Outlet
807 tasting notes

I just made a blueberry matcha with:
Blueberry Matcha
Soy Milk
Non Dairy Vanilla Creamer
Whole blueberries – which reminded me of boba like in a boba tea!
Just poured into my Libre Tea glass – which I use often at home now for matcha blended in a hurry. I often don’t have time to make my matcha traditionally as I would like, as I am logged into work so this is how I do my matcha blends – cold matcha.
The Libre glass works well for this!
Anyway … this was so very very good!
When I shook the glass I feel like some of the natural blueberry juices were released making this a creamy, dreamy, blueberry vanilla delight!
I am almost out of the blueberry matcha too. This is sad because I always have blueberries in the fridge.
Oh well back on the TO ORDER list!

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drank Marie-Antoinette by Nina's Paris
807 tasting notes

Full review on http://sororiteasisters.com/ on the 2nd of March but here are the snippits:

Marie-Antoinette from Nina’s Paris has a wonderful aroma. I just love sitting here smelling it fill the air around me with the scents of roses and fresh apples. Its almost too good to drink! The apple aroma is that of mulled cider, or the smell that fills the air every year at the Apple Festivals that are commonly held in my area. It just makes me feel warm and sunny on this cold snowy winter’s day.

The more I sip it the more it grows on me. I think any person who loves apple flavor should try this tea. Its so subtle, does not try to flood your taste buds over with flavor but yet it is so true to what apple tastes like when you bite into one. I can even taste apple skin in this tea.


That’s my last sample to try! Maybe tomorrow!

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My easy morning cup today.
A really wonderful tea with so many flavors.
Almond, cherry, vanilla, cinnamon, see previous notes.
So good!

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Full review will post on http://sororiteasisters.com/ on the 1st of March but here are my snippits:

The first word that comes to mind while I sniff the dry leaf is sweet honey sugar succulent dripping with lust omgoodness! Okay that was more than one word, but seriously, I do love oolong, but some oolong are far superior to others and this is like the king of dessert-y oolong!

The caramel is perfection, the elderberry brightens the cup and makes it just a tiny bit “zippy” the honey note gives the tea its depth of character adding to the caramel aspect its like something sinful. There is even a spicy note within this tea. Then there is a wondrous floral note that just gracefully lingers all over the tongue, roof of mouth, back of mouth, its dancing around everywhere with sugar berries, caramelized honey, earthy elderberry, and the nuttiness of almond that also adds a slightly, but never bitter astringency, yet this tea remains so smooth all at the same time.


that sounds amazing!! How many steeps did you get?


I’m still sipping on my second now and its still very flavorful. I am guessing I will get at least two more, maybe more.


Second steep smells sweeter, but it taste riper, like someone else said in their tasting notes, like banana peel sort of but not bitter or sour. Very fresh, still floral, …. just mmmmmm Tastes the way a bouquet of flowers Smells, but sweeter.


And earthy and honey tones. I could just go on and on. I wish I could order a ton more seriously. I may be able to before it is sold out but this should go fast!

Emily M

I think I need to stop reading your reviews. I’m drooling over here!


LOL – now it is tasting like toasted bread!!! Maybe I am just tea drunk. I dunno but I am loving it!

Emily M

Haha. Well, tea drunk or not, this sounds amazing.


Awe thanks :)


banana?! wow.


This was the first one I had today from my verdant package today too! Its so good! I’m doing super short infusions and you seem to be doing longer ones.


Yes that is correct – I was not doing gong fu but I want to soon.

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drank Banana Matcha by Matcha Outlet
807 tasting notes

Really needed a pick me up as I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night. I wanted to sleep in longer but woke up after four hours ready to go, because I had a killer idea for a screen play which I started writing, but then it hit me after I had been up for a couple of hours, but then it was too late to go back to bed, and do you like my run on sentence? Its the matcha’s fault. ANYWAY … yeah this is good stuff! Not my favorite from Red Leaf but geesh with so many to choose from they cant ALL be favorites.
I really want the new Apple Pie and Berry Pie matchas but geesh when does it END? LOL never that is when … the crux of the tea addiction.

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drank Sweet Potato Pie by Handmade Tea
807 tasting notes

I am going to let this sit a bit longer to meld but so far I enjoyed two steeps of this tea.
It has a nice flavor of marshmallow and in the second steep I got a nice spiciness but I do feel it has room to develop yet.
I am not sure how far in advance Caleb blends his teas before they are shipped but I have a feeling this has yet to come to its full potential.
I will say this however. It is one of the best Sweet Potato Pie blends I have had to date.
TONS of marshmallows, TONS of sweet potato bits, and a good oolong base.
I am so happy I signed up for this subscription!
The only down side which is really not a downside is that the tin is SO air tight I could barely get the lid off. :)


This sounds like it is to die for!


It really was great and honestly I had it during a busier part of my day – and more stressful part but I sucked down two cups (steeped same leaf twice) in light speed. I really DID enjoy it but holding review for when I have more time with it. And more melding can’t hurt.


I haven’t tried this one yet (came over the weekend) but now I’m itching to open that tin!

Caleb Brown

Reading this review makes me so happy :)

Thank you!!


Your welcome Caleb! Its almost like you knew me when you blended this one! :)

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drank Jardin Bleu by Dammann Freres
807 tasting notes

This is such a lovely tea. Thank you Ysaurella for this one!
I just got a steal on another Dammann Freres tea today on Fab but this was another option. I love this one and almost got it but the curious creature in me decided to go for one I have not had before.
Ysaurella sent me a generous sample of this one.
Its fruity but light, not overpowering with artificial flavors. Quite smooth, and a wonderful strawberry flavor with a tangy zest. Second steep is also delicious!


I’m happy you liked it – however I think this is one of the blends you can easily get in the USA, because it is really one their top 10 best sales and classic blends.

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drank Organic Gyokuro by Aiya
807 tasting notes

Full review will post on Sororitea Sisters on the 27th but here are my snippits:

I feel very centered and balanced when I sip this tea, and it makes me feel like I am doing something really wonderful for my body, and mind. Gyokuro is known for its balance of sweet and bitter, even when steeped properly there is a slight astringency in the sip. Yet, it is sweet as well, which brings this perfect harmony to the cup. Its the perfect balance indeed.

There is just something special about Japanese Green Tea, something that only high quality companies that have high standards can bring us as tea lovers. Aiya brings us some of the best examples of excellent Japanese Green Tea.

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Most of my reviews will be “snippits” of full reviews that can be found at http://sororiteasisters.com/
Posted every evening at 6 EST.
I usually try to post the exact date that the full reviews will post however sometimes post dates need changed so it may not always be correct. Generally the dates are correct however.

About Me:

Most of my reviews, although not all, will be quite favorable of the tea. This is not because all tea is excellent, but more so because I generally will not waste my time on an inferior tea. If I do not care for a tea I won’t continue to drink it let alone spend time reviewing it. If you see a review by me you basically know it is a quality tea. Granted it may not suit your specific taste buds, we all like different things, but as for a tea on the whole it is a good one, from a good company.

I am a spiritual advisor by profession.
I have two “young adult” children.
Four cats and three dogs.

Some of my hobbies include gardening, essential oil therapy, natural perfumery with essential oils, and cooking.

I look for complexity overall in any tea, dimensions to the flavors.

I believe tea should evoke a feeling, thought, emotion, or attitude.

I enjoy most all oolongs, blacks, whites, and greens.

I always love to try a good yellow tea.

I favor unadulterated teas but I do have my longings for a good flavored tea now and then so I don’t rule them out by any means!

I enjoy green rooibos don not like red rooibos.

Find me on facebook and twitter – Azzrian Visions





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