[Cracks knuckles]
Boy oh boy I’ve got a long biology study session ahead of me so it’s time to get down to work. Call me an old lady but Earl Grey teas have always held a special place in my heart (and my stomach!) I don’t know what it is about Earl Greys but it’s a must-have for all my long nights spent awake (or falling asleep) in my textbooks.

I had received a sample of this tea a while back from jump62359 (Kyra is kind of the big sister best friend I never had who also happens to enjoy tea as much as I do and I love her to pieces so definitely prepare to hear a lot about her in my tea logs okay? okay) and funnily enough without me even mentioning it, I received a tin as a part of a gift from my parents soon after! Which is totally fine with me, because although this isn’t my absolute favourite Earl Grey tea, i will admit that the bergamont flavouring in this one is superb. It manages to not be too overpowering, but it’s totally still noticeable and overall creates a very smooth taste in my opinion!

I normally drink my black teas with milk and sugar, and though I did try this tea plain, I didn’t quite enjoy the taste. I had to experiment with the amounts of sugar because my normal 1.5 tsp wasn’t cutting it for some reason. But i’ve now got it down to a precise concoction of perfection and i’m all settled down with my TARDIS mug complete with the little lid to keep my tea warm (gotta love having a younger sister with an impeccable knack for gift buying) as well as with my textbooks and notes ugh

DNA replication here I come!
5’ and 3’, Okazaki fragments, RNA primers … whaa a a ??

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Why hello there, the name’s Flora!

I watch a lot of TV, read a lot of books, and cry about my feelings for all of the above. I live way up North in the land of maple syrup and igloos- but don’t worry, we still get internet access up here ;)

I have no idea what I’m doing.

Anything with caffeine is normally my cup of tea, though I love trying out new blends and surprising myself with my changing tastes!

When I was younger, I started off drinking sips of my mum’s Orange Pekoe when she would look the other way. Then it progressed to a very milky full cup of this same tea on special occasions as it was all we ever had in the house. Soon that one cup became multiple cups, and before you knew it I was discovering loose leaf and excitedly watching the teas expand and uncurl within the little kitchen strainer ball. Today? Well, it’s not a full day without a cuppa (or two or three!)



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