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I’m sitting here writing a Biology report on the adverse effects of excess caffeine intake so I figured I’d stick to a less caffeinated tea because some of these symptoms and conditions make me want to shudder and run away from caffeine for the rest of my life (but we all know that’s impossible ha)

Asked my mum to buy me some basic green tea from the grocery store (because all my friends are constantly raving about it’s health benefits and whatnot, so as much as I normally dislike greens I’ve decided to attempt to down a cup occasionally) and this is what she brought back.

It’s not too bad actually, I kind of like the fruit flavour combination of the pomegranate with the green and I find that this tastes quite nice with a little honey. So all in all, definitely not going to be as much of a chore as I thought it would be to drink this. It didn’t come in loose leaf so I’m drinking bagged tea which I haven’t done in a while wow.

It was just my sisters birthday a few days ago, and I bought her Ed Sheeran tickets because literally nobody is more obsessed with that man than her. She cried because she was so surprised while I grinned because she was so happy.

Also, it’s a long weekend here in the land of polar bears and igloos. So a big happy birthday to Queen Victoria! Hoping to see some fab fireworks tomorrow haha

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except for the fact that I’m the one friend who actually is trying to STOP drinking green tea because it’s a blood thinner and drinking too much is making me bruise a butt ton


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drank Coffee Cake by DAVIDsTEA
9 tasting notes

Firstly, a very happy mothers day to all the mamas out there! And if you’re not a mother, then why are you reading this- go call up your mom or give her a hug!

Okay so surprisingly, I’m alive! I know I kind of died off this website for a while, but in my defense things have been super hectic okay. I’ll elaborate later ;)

But this tea. So granted, it doesn’t give off much of a coffee flavour (except for like a brief after taste) … but is it bad that I still really like it anyways? Its the first tea i’ve tasted with cake flavouring so it does feel a bit oily in the mouth, but I definitely get a lot of vanilla out of it as well. I gave my sister to try a few sips and she said it tasted a lot like french vanilla lattees, which i’d say is pretty accurate. I had this with a bit of sugar which was probably a mistake because it’s very sweet on its own. Judging from the other reviews on steepster, this is a very unpopular opinion but I really do like this one! Going to have to pick up some for myself. Thanks jump62359 (as always xox) for the sample!


I got into one of my top choices for university!! I’m going to be studying Health Sciences and i’m so insanely stoked you have no idea. The letter came in the mail and I like broke down into tears because I didn’t think it was going to come. So in 3 months, I’ll most likely be moving out to London (Ontario ……. but at least I can still say I live in London and laugh about it haha) I also just got a part time job for the summer working at a photo studio, which is so cool because I get to learn more about something I love, and TAKING PICTURES OF BABIES AND DOGS AND THINGS OKAY. And then to top all of this off, I stepped out of my comfort zone and bought a prom ticket (after my mum decided it was out of the question for me to not go oops) and stepped even further out of my comfort zone and bought a brightly coloured prom dress (tell me what you think!): https://24.media.tumblr.com/6e79fdf0cedbc444a87df1aa07ec6fde/tumblr_n5f25k00EM1row9nio1_500.jpg

Just wow. So many things happening so quickly.


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Awww, congrats on EVERYTHING! Your enthusiasm is contagious!
And moms are always right, of course you should go to the prom. The dress is drop dead gorgeous, have fun!!


But the university, that’s like the one or will you be waiting on more? I told you you were going to get in!!
And congrats on the job! I better hear stories later :)
Also you have to send me photos of prom okay. AND BOOOYYYSSSS??? YOU BETTER TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS.


THANK YOU SO MUCH, I definitely haven’t been this happy/enthusiastic in a while so it’s a nice change ;) And I was kind of worried about the prom dress colour, but it’s growing on me ahaha

KYRA IM YELLING YOURE SO SWEET, I LOVE YOU. So I didn’t initially think Western was going to be the one because it was my second choice since I had my heart set on a different university. But I think I’ve kind of changed my mind? Because my first choice school is like super duper duper competitive and it would be harder to keep up a good GPA for grad school and things. Also the program is a lot more restricted there and I definitely want to be able to take some cool courses, so its looking like Western is where I want to go!! I WILL ALWAYS DEFINITELY KEEP YOU UPDATED WITH PICTURES AND BOYS HAHA

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When i’m half asleep and in a rush to classes, early grey teas are my savior.
I couldn’t seem to find my Tazo earl grey, which although i’m not normally a fan of Tazo tea, I do quite enjoy. So this one will have to do.

I need a new travel mug for my tea like I need air. I’m currently using a little cheap plastic one which is really gross and I’ve been meaning to go into DAVIDs soon because I’ve been thinking about getting this mug because I really want a clear one (for no reason other than they’re super pretty oops) but i’m still not 100% sure:

I feel like a glass mug would be nicer because there wouldn’t be any retention of flavours of previous teas and it would be easier to clean. I’d have to be super careful with temperature though, and not to drop it haha!

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 15 sec

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drank Indian Spiced Chai by Twinings
9 tasting notes

My friend and I spent our spare morning period at her house making crepes, and man oh man they were delicious.

My friend works at Starbucks so she’s more of a coffee person and this was the only kind of tea kicking around her house so I decided to give it a shot.

It’s definitely a milder chai tea. I think i’m pretty used to big kicks of spice in my chai so I didn’t taste anything TOO too fabulous about this one. Very basic and generic but that’s kind of what I was expecting anyways. Had a nice aroma and definitely a very decent cuppa for first thing in the morning. Drank this with quite a bit of milk and some brown rock sugar #swaggie

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This is basically a backlog from 3 hours ago because I brewed up a cup of this whilst working on an English analysis paper and I got so into it that I finished my tea (and my paper!) and completely forgot to log it oops.

Hmm, I don’t think i’m too into this one.

The dry leaves themselves smelled quite rich in the packaging (which, might I add is completely and incredibly adorable tea sampler packaging from the fabulous jump62359 as demonstrated here: http://tmblr.co/ZbP73w1EVjTPC) (oh hello more brackets after a bracket. Can you do that? I don’t think so but HEY. Just wanted to throw it out there that many of these logs are just going to be me going through samples at the moment because i’m trying to find some new teas i’m into!) and I was actually excited for what I though was going to be a perfectly balanced tea. Sadly, I was a little disappointed as I felt like the marzipan-esque flavour really overpowered everything else in the tea for me. (I almost feel as if this is an accurate representation of Jack’s character anyways because haha the man is definitely unique and quite dominant and forward in everything he does) I did manage to get a taste of some almond, though no chocolate sadly :( I might try brewing it again with less time, I don’t know. It definitely wasn’t horrible but I just don’t think it would be something I personally would buy for myself mainly because I didn’t enjoy the strong aftertaste.

Sidenote: I’m going to a Bombay Bicycle Club concert on Saturday night! And I’m so completely excited. One of my friends bought me a ticket as an early birthday present and can I just say that shes fabulous? Also school is kind of calming down now which is nice. AND PACKAGES! I got Kyra’s package of teas (!!!!!!!!!!!) in the mail, and I was worried because she hadn’t received mine BUT SHE JUST GOT IT YESTERDAY AND THAT MAKES ME VERY HAPPY. I totally have a butt ton of more stuff to send your way Kyra so just be prepared xox

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That’s too many brackets!!!! I can’t handle the insanity!!! /0\
Ahahahahah. I’m laughing so hard. Also that looks like an awesome swap.


Shh I actually haven’t tried this tea yet haha. But he smells lovely, I just never have the mood for all the almond? Ahh well, I’ll have the craving soon enough :)
AND I SEE THE THING IN THE FLKYRA TAG. I still need to reblog it and it needs to be done at the right time so people can actually see it :))
And I’m thinking up of stuff for a wee birthday present for you but what? What can I get you that is tough for you to get? I DON’T EVEN KNOW.


I think I definitely have a bracket addiction haha (oops) (see there I go again!)

And yeah Kyra, he smells so good! Definitely going to keep an eye out for your review on it ;)

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drank Lychee by Harney & Sons
9 tasting notes

Sipdown because I iced a big jug to leave in the fridge for later weeee. I’m also trying to get rid of a lot of my teas so I can splurge on the new ones I like all at once ;)

When I first got this tea, I actually thought it was going to be a white tea or something herbal-y but surprise surprise it was actually a black fruit blend! Which is pretty cool and I must say that it’s definitely done very well.

Now I will admit I’ve never tried an actual lychee fruit mainly because I’ve never had the opportunity, and I have no idea how you would eat one of those spiky things anyways! But I have tried multiple lychee juices which were pretty good, and that’s kind of what indicated to me that i would enjoy this tea better if it was iced because I didn’t quite like the after taste of it when brewed hot. But it was very smooth and very floral almost – it’s like I was tasting roses!

Anyways, midterms were yesterday so I’m finally done [insert big sigh of relief here] and the weather is finally getting nice out so i’m sitting in my backyard watching Game of Thrones, making GIFs and drinking tea so I’d say life is pretty great right now ;)

I need to stop making my logs so long
I need to find some time to sit down and add all my teas into my cupboard. Totally digging Steepster so far!


You have no idea how much/many (?) lychee(s?/ lychee fruits) I ate when I visited the Philippines.
Grammar ugh. My brain is fried okay. I’ve been doing freakin finance problems for a week straight so I’m allowed to be a mess


I’ve heard lychees (?) are delicious so I’m kind of jealous haha. BUT HOW DID THE FINANCE MIDTERM GO THOUGH ?!


Like 49/50 questions took me a good 40 minutes and everything was pretty straight forward. That last question though. I’ve never seen a problem like that and it took me like 30 minutes to narrow it down from 4 possible answers to 3 and I was getting so annoyed aaand yeah I made an educated guess :)
Hoping for an A, but expecting nothing less than a B :)

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[Cracks knuckles]
Boy oh boy I’ve got a long biology study session ahead of me so it’s time to get down to work. Call me an old lady but Earl Grey teas have always held a special place in my heart (and my stomach!) I don’t know what it is about Earl Greys but it’s a must-have for all my long nights spent awake (or falling asleep) in my textbooks.

I had received a sample of this tea a while back from jump62359 (Kyra is kind of the big sister best friend I never had who also happens to enjoy tea as much as I do and I love her to pieces so definitely prepare to hear a lot about her in my tea logs okay? okay) and funnily enough without me even mentioning it, I received a tin as a part of a gift from my parents soon after! Which is totally fine with me, because although this isn’t my absolute favourite Earl Grey tea, i will admit that the bergamont flavouring in this one is superb. It manages to not be too overpowering, but it’s totally still noticeable and overall creates a very smooth taste in my opinion!

I normally drink my black teas with milk and sugar, and though I did try this tea plain, I didn’t quite enjoy the taste. I had to experiment with the amounts of sugar because my normal 1.5 tsp wasn’t cutting it for some reason. But i’ve now got it down to a precise concoction of perfection and i’m all settled down with my TARDIS mug complete with the little lid to keep my tea warm (gotta love having a younger sister with an impeccable knack for gift buying) as well as with my textbooks and notes ugh

DNA replication here I come!
5’ and 3’, Okazaki fragments, RNA primers … whaa a a ??

4 min, 30 sec

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drank London Tea by New English Teas
9 tasting notes

So one of my best friends actually bought me this London tea from London itself which is way cool. And can I just say that the best thing about it is the packaging? It’s a tiny double decker bus! And it came in a box that says “I ♥ London” awww.

This is kind of one of those teas that just screams breakfast and it’s my go-to tea for sipping while eating baked goods and while marathoning Sherlock (which I tend to do more than I’d like to admit) My sister and I found this glorious Cinnamon Toast Crunch muffin mix at the grocery store (and I know, I know, boxed mixes aren’t all that great) BUT WE WERE REALLY EXCITED AND SO WE SPENT THE AFTERNOON BAKING.

This is the perfect tea to cut all the sugar from our baking extravaganza as it is quite strong. Basically your standard brisk black tea, but I enjoy it with some milk. Also packed with a lot of caffeine oops. But hey, what can ya do? I’m currently sitting at the kitchen table stuffing my face with my sister as she enjoys a glass of chocolate milk and I enjoy this tea- my ideal lazy day off.

3 min, 0 sec

I wanted to buy it and like the rest of the teas they had (because the half the store is legit all things tea and it’s called The Tea Caddy) but every time I walked into the shop, I made sure I had friends with me so they’d put back whatever I picked up. They got me out of buying a $65 tea cup. Bless them :’)


HAHA what are friends for eh?
Is it bad that I was more excited about the packaging than the tea? Probably. BUT ITS SO DARN CUTE :’)

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Woo first tasting note! I had given up caffeine for Lent (and let me tell you it was the longest 40 days ever) so now that Easter is over, I’m back at my lovely caffeinated teas. I actually had a cup of this yesterday but was so busy with family that I didn’t get a chance to log it! I guess this would be called a sipdown since it’s the last of a sample given to me by the lovely jump62359! She literally always talks about this tea and how she grew up on it and I was so excited to try it so thank you Kyra :‘) And can i just say: WOW. Normally I’m not a fan of green teas. Like at all. It’s very rare that I find green teas that I actually enjoy but this one was amazing!

Okay first can we talk about how cute this tea looks? It came in a little silk triangle teabag but the tea leaves are all rolled up into balls (hence the ‘pearls’ I would assume haha) and after brewing they expand and just AHH. Also the smell is so lovely, I could literally wear this tea as a perfume that’s how great it smells. I had to look up brewing instructions online because I’ve heard about the delicacy of these leaves and how it’s quite easy for a nice cuppa to turn bitter really fast. I boiled the water and left it to cool down a little bit (didn’t want to burn the leaves or anything!) and then left the bag to steep for about 3 and a half minutes, which left me with a beautiful light colour. This time, I actually added a teaspoon of sugar into my mug (I know, I know, normally not what you do with green teas but I have a sweet tooth … sue me) and it tasted fabulous. Just wow two thumbs up. Definitely putting this on my “to buy” list!

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 30 sec

Dude Flo. Your notes are perf ♥♥
Ahh I should have known to sent you more jasmine teas! I have about six different kinds and I love them all so much. BUT GO TO DAVIDS and get a frequent steeper card AND GET SOME BUTTERFLY JASMINE. Yeah, it’s on the pricier end, but that is by far the best jasmine tea I’ve ever had


I totally always think of you whenever I see jasmine teas now as you’ll find out soon enough when you receive my package [evil chuckle] BUT YEAH I have a frequent steeper card at DAVIDs because I be steepin’ 24/7 man. Totally going to get some :D


Freakin DAVIDs making you go in store to pick up a card, dang. IT’S SEVEN HOURS AWAY WHAT THE HECK ((but I’ll totally be home for the weekend bc of my sister’s graduation and maybe, just maybe, I can convince my parents to a trip into the city hehe))

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Why hello there, the name’s Flora!

I watch a lot of TV, read a lot of books, and cry about my feelings for all of the above. I live way up North in the land of maple syrup and igloos- but don’t worry, we still get internet access up here ;)

I have no idea what I’m doing.

Anything with caffeine is normally my cup of tea, though I love trying out new blends and surprising myself with my changing tastes!

When I was younger, I started off drinking sips of my mum’s Orange Pekoe when she would look the other way. Then it progressed to a very milky full cup of this same tea on special occasions as it was all we ever had in the house. Soon that one cup became multiple cups, and before you knew it I was discovering loose leaf and excitedly watching the teas expand and uncurl within the little kitchen strainer ball. Today? Well, it’s not a full day without a cuppa (or two or three!)



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