6g in 100mL teapot

Maybe the fanclub will come at me with pitchforks and torches, but here are my last thoughts on this tea. For a vendor to say “This tier of tea rarely sees the light of day in the open market,” but does not tell you why, instantly begs the question…why? Why not tell us what’s special about this?

The vendor says “Not a blend we would recommend for beginners” nearly compels the drinker to either force themselves to say they like it, or risk being called an amateur if they don’t. Ego aside, I did not enjoy this tea because the good aspects were too fleeting and overall it made me feel uncomfortable, restless, and agitated.

The aroma of the dried leaves was honey and dried ripe apricots. Wet leaves gave a burst of watermelon aromas I wasn’t expecting.

First sip sent a wave of goosebumps opening throughout my chest and then down to my legs, very pleasant. It did not return again. After the 3rd cup, I experienced a really nice cooling sensation rising in my throat, but also did not return again after that moment. As the session progressed I got progressively restless and agitated, with difficulty focusing. Its definitely potent material.

It never really had much flavor. The flavor was clean, clear, nothing off, no burnt, no smoke, no storage. Straw, unripe melon, a tinge of sourness, a hint of tart white grapes. These flavors lingered and lasted and lasted and just never went away. Then the aftertaste turned astringent, then to mushrooms, then to a sensation of mouth coating with no flavor, then it became raw vegetable/melon again, then back to mushrooms, etc. It wasn’t an aftertaste I enjoyed.

Everything was very subtle, and fleeting when it occurred. Its quality material that is well processed, and perhaps this will age into something wonderful. But for the price and my experiences with it, I can’t justify the cost, and there are older teas with more activity available at the same/lower price.

Maybe someone else will appreciate this more than me. Wasn’t what I look for in a tea.

Flavors: Astringent, Green Melons, Straw, Tart, White Grapes

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I like all teas but mostly drink sheng and Taiwan oolong.

My tea notes are just thoughts that come to mind as I drink, so I jot them down. There’s no format to them, just what I want to remember from the experience.

Oh, and why isn’t there a “bacon” flavor option on steepster?


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