1942 Tasting Notes

drank Pink Flamingo by DAVIDsTEA
1942 tasting notes

Sipdown no. 6 of September 2019 (no. 97 of 2019 total, no. 585 grand total).

As a cold tea it was a little more tart than I was hoping. I did enjoy the last couple of spoons hot. See original note for hot experience description.

I have to say that a lot of these David’s fruit blends seem similar to me. I think that’s because I drink them infrequently and not back to back, so I’m just remembering generalities from past tastings while I’m drinking.

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drank Magic Dragon by DAVIDsTEA
1942 tasting notes

Sipdown no. 5 of September 2019 (no. 96 of 2019 total, no. 584 grand total).

I made the rest of this into a cold brew. I wish I could tell you how it was, but I can’t. The kids drank it all before I even got a taste!

I guess that means it was good.

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Sipdown no. 4 of September 2019 (no. 95 of 2019 total, no. 583 grand total). A sample.

Wow, this was one of the very first loose leaf tea samples I acquired about 10 years ago! I am not sure how I never got around to drinking it all before, particularly since the tin is so small. My only explanation is that I likely hoarded it because I thought it was good.

Believe it or not, it was still good. I took it to work a couple of days last week, brewed Western, and that was enough to polish it off. It was toastier than my initial description seems to indicate, but nutty was still an apt adjective.

Feels nice to clear the decks, even though I’m nostalgic about this one.

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drank Precious Eyebrow by Shanti Tea
1942 tasting notes

Sipdown no. 3 of September 2019 (no. 94 of 2019 total, no. 582 grand total).

I am in love with this tea’s name. It makes me smile.

It was a perfectly solid take-it-to work green tea. It reminded me of gunpowder green in flavor, only a lighter version.

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drank Caribbean Crush by DAVIDsTEA
1942 tasting notes

Sipdown no. 2 of September 2019 (no. 93 of 2019 total, no. 581 grand total).

Made the last of this as a cold brew. Because I didn’t have enough to make a full pitcher, I eyeballed the water measurements for a half pitcher.

It’s unclear to me whether my impression of this as weak, not sweet Kool Aid was because I got the measurement wrong or not, but it wasn’t a great cold brew. No. 2 initially said he liked it, but later tried to put sugar in it, and when that resulted in something disgusting gave up.

I’m bumping the rating on this one down. It’s not bad, just not anything special compared to the myriad other fruit blends I’ve had.

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Sipdown no. 1 of September 2019 (no. 92 of 2019 total, no. 580 grand total).

I seem to have a fair number of fruit blends and herbals at the lower end of my rating scale still in the cupboard, so I’m taking steps to clear some of those. I made this one into a cold brew for the last bit.

It’s nice cold. Both kids quite liked it. No. 1 said it tasted “like Indian food” — I am not getting that, though I think the juxtaposition of the mint with the tartness of the gooseberries may explain it.

Every time I drink a non-tea tea, I think pretty critically about whether I should boost or drop the rating. This one seems to have the rating right. I wanted to rate it higher because I love the idea of gooseberries (and I don’t think I’ve had another with that as an ingredient) but the overall flavor, while pleasing, isn’t enough to invite a boost.

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drank Prince Vladimir by Kusmi Tea
1942 tasting notes

Sipdown no. 5 of August 2019 (no. 91 of 2019 total, no. 579 grand total).

Given my poor sipdown showing last month, I’m trying to squeeze in a few on this very last day of August to get myself back to a respectable level. I’ve already bettered my July total with this one, but that isn’t saying a ton. I just don’t have it in me to sipdown 5 more teas in one day, so I’m calling this month a miss as well.

I remember liking this a lot more when I drank it way back when, but maybe it just hasn’t aged well. It was good cold — No. 1 really loved this one and drank it by the pitcher full. If I was looking for a Constant Comment-like tea but with a French twist, I’d buy it again.

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Sipdown no. 4 of August 2019 (no. 90 of 2019 total, no. 578 grand total).

This became my take it to work tea for the last couple of weeks using the “shake it in the thermos” method.

It was a very matcha matcha. Nothing that stands out as particularly different from others, but everything I would expect. Which is a good thing.

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Sipdown no. 3 of August 2019 (no. 89 of 2019 total, no. 577 grand total). A sample.

I haven’t done a proper tasting in a while. Too hot, too stressed, too busy on the weekends.

I had rinsed this one weeks ago and never got to it — I let the leaves dry out and started over today with a rinse, then a 15 minute wait.

Then: gaiwan, boiling 5/5/7/7/10/10/20/30/40/60

The description says this sample is a 2007 vintage.

I was a bit disappointed, but I don’t think it is the tea’s fault. I have a feeling my water may have been stale — I just used what had been sitting in the kettle.

The tea had a very dark, clear amber liquor which persisted through 10 steeps. It did not give off the usual strong buttery aroma of white chocolate. Instead, though that was present it was somewhat faint.

Instead I got something spicy. I identified it as cinnamon, but then I wondered whether that was because I’d had some Prince Vladimir before. I felt vindicated when I read that others also got cinnamon. I also identified a sort of mustiness which I attributed to my mistreatment of the tea and the possibility of not great water, like maybe I had boiled some algae, but then I read that others got that as well.

I also found espresso and toffee notes. But I missed the white chocolate, buttery, coco-ness I have found in other shengs.

Flavors: Butter, Cinnamon, Cocoa, Espresso, Musty, Toffee, White Chocolate

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Sipdown no. 2 of August 2019 (no. 88 of 2019 total, no. 576 grand total).

To the original note on this, I’ll add that it was quite nice cold. So much so that No. 1 pretty much drank up every pitcher I made before I could have more than a glass or two.

And with that, the cupboard is down to 18 pages. Yahoo!


Yay, progress!

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I got obsessed with tea in 2010 for a while, then other things intruded, then I cycled back to it. I seem to be continuing that in for a while, out for a while cycle. I have a short attention span, but no shortage of tea.

I’m a mom, writer, gamer, lawyer, reader, runner, traveler, and enjoyer of life, literature, art, music, thought and kindness, in no particular order. I write fantasy and science fiction under the name J. J. Roth.

Personal biases: I drink tea without additives. If a tea needs milk or sugar to improve its flavor, its unlikely I’ll rate it high. The exception is chai, which I drink with milk/sugar or substitute. Rooibos and honeybush were my gateway drugs, but as my tastes developed they became less appealing — I still enjoy nicely done blends. I do not mix well with tulsi or yerba mate, and savory teas are more often a miss than a hit with me. I used to hate hibiscus, but I’ve turned that corner. Licorice, not so much.

Since I find others’ rating legends helpful, I added my own. But I don’t really find myself hating most things I try.

I try to rate teas in relation to others of the same type, for example, Earl Greys against other Earl Greys. But if a tea rates very high with me, it’s a stand out against all other teas I’ve tried.

95-100 A once in a lifetime experience; the best there is

90-94 Excellent; first rate; top notch; really terrific; will definitely buy more

80-89 Very good; will likely buy more

70-79 Good; would enjoy again, might buy again

60-69 Okay; wouldn’t pass up if offered, but likely won’t buy again

Below 60 Meh, so-so, iffy, or ick. The lower the number, the closer to ick.

I don’t swap. It’s nothing personal, it’s just that I have way more tea than any one person needs and am not lacking for new things to try. Also, I have way too much going on already in daily life and the additional commitment to get packages to people adds to my already high stress level. (Maybe it shouldn’t, but it does.)

That said, I enjoy reading folks’ notes, talking about what I drink, and getting to “know” people virtually here on Steepster so I can get ideas of other things I might want to try if I can ever again justify buying more tea. I also like keeping track of what I drink and what I thought about it.

My current process for tea note generation is described in my note on this tea: https://steepster.com/teas/mariage-freres/6990-the-des-impressionnistes


Bay Area, California



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