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drank Jade Oolong by Adagio Teas
136 tasting notes

Ordered this because I saw a lot of people refer to it as their “favorite oolong”. Reading the description, it mentions that it is a green oolong (being a newbie, not sure the differences). Also the descriptions mentions fragrance again, and am not sure I’ll be a fan (after testing several jasmines).

This to me is bitter, or maybe this is what people mean by astringent (it’s different than when I say a black is bitter). I don’t like this because of that … totally assaulting my (sensitive) senses here. My immediate impression is bleh bleh bleh (going to go dump).

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This smells wonderful (if you like jasmine, which I do). The taste is overwhelmingly jasmine, which I do not like. I’m just not sure that perfumes (flowers) have a place in tea, although many obviously disagree. I love to wear perfumes, but just don’t think I’m going to like tasting them. It’s kind of like wearing a scent and licking my wrist … wouldn’t do it. It would be awful, I’m sure.

This tea gets high praises on Steepster. Setting personal preferences aside, this is probably a very good jasmine white tea. I do taste the tea in this…it has a grassy taste (hmmm, I wouldn’t go out and eat grass either). And it is definitely screaming “heeeeeey, there’s jasmine in here”. I can see people really liking this, if that’s where their tea preferences are, but it’s just not for me.

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I’ve had this a while and put off testing it .. not sure why. In the mood for chocolate tonight (and have none in the house, which usually isn’t a problem…candy isn’t one of my many sins, lol).

Ingredients: Oolong tea, coconut chips, roasted mate, carob pieces, flavoring (chocolate, coconut, roasted chestnut, cream), licorice root, rose petals

The scent of the dry blend is of chocolate, but more of a dark cocoa kind of way. The brewed aroma is very similar, picking up on the hazelnut (which worries me… not a fan). First sip, I am tasting this hazelnut quite prominently (uh oh). It is being tempered by the other flavors, noticably the coconut which is adding sweetness I think. Aftertaste is where I’m picking up on a slight coffee hint that others have mentioned, but it’s not bitter at all so tolerable to me. Haven’t tasted mate on it’s own, so not sure if that would be giving it that undertone (of coffee?), but don’t see anything else on list that could be doing it. Hmmmm, maybe it’s the hazelnut …

There are things I like and don’t like about this blend. Overall, I can drink it. The coconut and chocolate are becoming apparent, but the hazelnut has too much of a role here (for my personal tastes). IF you love hazelnut chocolate, give this tea a try … in that respect, it’s very good.

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drank Valentines by Adagio Teas
136 tasting notes

Not having much luck with Adagio’s flavored black teas, my expectations aren’t high with this tea. But how could I resist chocolate covered strawberries?

The dry leaf smells like chocolate to me, with some faint sense of strawberry. Brewed, the strawberry aroma is enhanced.

First sip is very disappointing… there is that bitterness that is all too common in Adagio’s flavored black teas. Behind it are the strawberry and chocolate flavors, but very faintly. Could be that my tastebuds just can’t get past the bitterness to appreciate. Oh well, live and learn, eh? : )

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This is the base tea that Adagio uses in their Casablanca Twist Tea, so I wanted to try it without the peppermint. Casablanca Twist is a favorite of mine from Adagio, but I do usually prefer spearmint to peppermint (this tea caused me to rethink that, or at least give peppermint more credit). It is confusing though, because Adagio classifies this tea (Darjeeling Sungma Summer) as a black tea, but Casablanca Twist as a green… but it’s not a green, is it? : )

Anyway, I added a tsp. or so of honey to this, since that’s how I drink Casablanca, and honestly many other teas too. First sip, I am happy. There is no bitterness at all to this tea (a worry of mine with blacks). There is a sweetness to it, but is that the honey or the tea? Probably both, since I didn’t add much. Trying hard to pick up the muscatel and spice flavors this is supposed to have, but alas I can’t … that’s not to say they aren’t there however. Very mild and pleasant black tea. I think I’m making progress in my journey : )

Will be curious to see how this turns out mixed with spearmint leaves (you should see how much of those I’ve accumulated, because I do like to drink spearmint plain …well steeped long, with honey).

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drank Cocomint Green by Adagio Teas
136 tasting notes

The description of this tea sounds great … peppermint bark chocolate! The dry leaf also smells great. It reminds me of a York Peppermint patty.

This brews up to be a very light colored tea, and has retained a weaker version of the scent of the dry. Upon first sip though, my first impression is of overall weakness of flavors. When they say “whisps” of chocolate, they aren’t kidding. The dominate flavor is of green tea with peppermint, but there is that “somethin somethin” in the background that reminds one of chocolate. I followed directions, but feel that this could benefit from adding more tea than recommended. Overall I like the flavors. It’s light, so if one was expecting stronger flavors (like me), there would be disappointment. Going to retry later with more tea.

ETA: As it cools, the chocolate flavor comes out more.

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drank Thai Chai by Adagio Teas
136 tasting notes

This is a black tea blend from Adagio that works for me. In other samplings of their flavored black teas, they always tend to turn bitter. Not this one. I already tested this before joining Steepster and have already purchased a larger quantity. It’s that good (if you like chai teas in general).

Black tea, cinnamon bark, ginger root, dried coconut, lemon grass, cardamom pods and natural coconut flavor.

On first sip, you really notice all the spices, with none really dominating over the other. If I had my way, there would be less ginger, but that’s neither here nor there in evaluating this tea. What sets it apart from a “normal” chai is the lemongrass and coconut. They play a major role in the overall flavor of the tea, and in my opinion make it special. The flavors are strong and yummy, and with the addition of honey, it’s nice and sweet. Would recommend a test to the chai tea lovers out there.

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Autumn Hearth

Me thinks you may like Teavana’s Cha Yen Thai (if you haven’t tried it already). Very coconut and anise and just wonderful iced (the only spiced tea I do like iced, it kept me satisfied this summer until I decided it was proper chai spice weather).


Thanks for the suggestion! The rooibos as first ingredient does worry me a bit. Added to wishlist (on site) for now :)

Autumn Hearth

Hmm never noticed that, on the ingredient list or in the taste. I suppose the Zingiber is definitely out of the question then ;) and sorry I didn’t see the notice that you replied before I sent you a message.


Oh, I now see I have mail : ) Ginger and I aren’t friends… tolerable if not booming. I’ve read Zingiber reviews that say ginger does boom, so it isn’t on my wishlist. IF I ever actually visit the closest Teavana in person (Cols), I may try to taste it though (the coconut part compels me, lol).

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drank Vanilla Tea by Upton Tea Imports
136 tasting notes

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Having just tested Adagio’s Coconut (black tea), this is as good of a time as any to test this one. The aroma in the bag is more green leaves, less coconut, but it’s there. Brewing this up, the leaves really expand and are very pretty.

Sniffing the brewed tea, where did the coconut go? I smell melted butter. There’s no coconut taste either… ok, maybe a teensy tiny little bit in the aftertaste. The tea itself (if not expecting coconut, ha) is pleasant enough. At least it’s not bitter! Not tasting buttery (like it smells). This might be one that can grow on me, so it goes into my “try again later” pile (which is growing rapidly). If you’re expecting a strong coconut flavor, you will be disappointed. If you want a pleasant, light green tea, this may fit the bill.

ETA: I got busy with something else, and this tea cooled down completely in the cup. Now the coconut is showing up more, which is causing me to up the rating a bit. Will want to try this cold again.

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Originally started testing teas, to replace a lifelong Coke (Coca-Cola) habit. Now I’m just amazed at all the choices. Still in beginner stage of tea education. Until I get really good at iced/cold tea, the Coke habit remains, but is down to a minimum.

My cupboard here on Steepster was ridiculous, containing each and every sample size that I have been accumulating. It now only contains non-sample size teas. Loose leaf outweighs the bagged teas, but it doesn’t look that way by the list (over 100 samples).

I started my tea journey testing flavored teas. My favorites are chai and mint flavored teas, along with Earl Grey. Also like chocolate, caramel, coconut, almond, vanilla, cinnamon, clove and some others. Most flavors are better with a nice black tea base. The mint ones seem best paired with greens. I’m branching out now to unflavored teas and it is way more overwhelming then the flavored category. Phew.

My (grown) son has decided that he wants to try to find tea that he likes too, so I’ll be passing along the ones I don’t care for to him (with instructions to then pass them on to his sister…evil plot? yes!). So I’ve removed my shopping list from Steepster and moved it to a spreadsheet (swaps are out for now). My shopping list had grown to 197! By going through each one, I was able to split that in half (since many were added in beginning, before I knew what I like/don’t like).

While not swapping, if there’s something in my cupboard that you’d like a sample of, please feel free to ask : )

Ratings (for now):
90s: Must have in personal rotation. Crave it.
80s: Makes me a happy tea drinker. Very good. Unsure of long term relationship.
70s: Like this. Will drink what I have (sample/tin/box), but unsure of whether I’d buy again.
60s: Probably a good tea for what it is. Just not to my personal liking.
50s and below: Do not like…at all. Either poor quality, yuck flavor or … (see tealog).

Old (and still current) obsessions: books, music and fragrances. Hopefully my tea collection stays much more “normal” then those. (too late)


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