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I am a bit confused as my package of this tea says it is green tea, and the website says it is green tea. But it is listed here as oolong. The jasmine is pretty strong but I’m pretty sure it’s a green tea.

I love jasmine tea. It has such a pleasing aroma, and I find myself sleepy every time I drink it. As for how I like this one. As always, I enjoy it more as it’s cooling. I followed their recommendation of 195 degree water for 2 minutes. The jasmine is pretty strong, and I like it that way, but this actually comes close to being too strong for me. I didn’t think that was possible! Perhaps it wouldn’t if I steeped it for a shorter time. I don’t really taste the green tea at all.
For the second steep I steeped it for only a minute and half, and I like this much better. The jasmine isn’t so overpowering. There is still an underlying aftertaste that isn’t quite to my liking; I can’t pinpoint it but it ’s there. I am actually surprised by how much flavor is retained in the second steep though. That part is very nice!
The third steep is also quite pleasant, the jasmine getting more muted but still at the forefront.

This tea is pretty pricy, ($5 for a sample!) so I don’t think I will buy it regularly. The pearls are fun to watch unfurl as it steeps, but I think that’s the only advantage of a jasmine pearl over a regular jasmine tea. That’s what I think so far anyway. =) Overall I enjoyed it but it doesn’t quite knock my socks off.
195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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I like Silk Road Tea’s Source Mountain oolong better, but this is still very tasty. I don’t have much experience picking out notes in tea but even I can tell this one is complex. It leaves an aftertaste that I would describe as toasty/fruity, and actually kind of starchy; it reminded me of the taste of uncooked pasta. I couldn’t get enough. I found the roasty starchy flavor more in the second steep and more of the fruitiness in the third steep. This tea is fun to sip slowly and just enjoy. 1 tsp per 12 oz of water at 195 degrees for two minutes at first infusion and at three minutes for the subsequent ones.

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It’s just really really good! Very smooth. The first steep was more floral than the subsequent ones. I like floral. =) I found myself draining it quickly and craving the next cup. 195 degrees for 3 minutes, 1 tsp per 8 oz.

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I actually enjoy the light tartness of this tea. I find it refreshing and drink it when I’m thirsty, not when I’m craving strong oolong flavor. I won’t buy it again, but I’m enjoying it while I have it.

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I was surprised with this tea! My only experience with plain green tea was an extremely vegetal flavor, and this tea is very different from that. I detected a definite nuttiness in the flavor, with the vegetal notes nicely complimenting without overpowering. I wouldn’t say I’m the best at picking out aromas but when I opened the bag I instantly smelled smoke; I liked it! I like this a lot and will most probably keep it stocked. I brewed a heaping teaspoon for 12 oz of water at 175 degrees for 2 minutes.

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A delicious oolong! I thought Silk Road Teas described it perfectly when they said sweet without astringency. I’m detecting nutty sweetness; I find the aroma particularly pleasing.

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This is my first BaiMuDan and I must say I’m enjoying it. At first I had a hard time picking out the flavors but as it cooled the thing I tasted most was honey! I prepared at 175 degrees for 2 minutes, about a heaping TB worth for 12 oz of water. It was hard to tell as the leaves are large. Nummy.

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drank Jasmine Oolong by Teavana
289 tasting notes

I really enjoy this tea! I am a huge fan of jasmine though so if you aren’t you definitely will not like this tea. 1 tsp of tea for 8 oz of water at 195 degrees for 3 minutes is what I usually do. The second steep is still drinkable but most of the jasmine flavor is gone.

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This is my first genmaicha and I’m in love! The aroma is nutty and very buttery. I steeped 1 TB for 12 oz of water at 175 degrees for 2 minutes. I find it very savory and very easy to drink. It would go easily with food and I could drink it all day. It leaves a distinct popcorn taste in my mouth. I will absolutely be buying more of this!

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I love tea. I first tasted loose leaf when my grandpa brought some back from Russia and I remember just savoring it. Not sure what kind it was; all I remember is that it was loose leaf and it was good. =)

I really enjoy oolong, jasmine tea, and white tea. I especially love those black teas with chocolate notes! Also, chai is a constant favorite. I enjoy green tea, but need to be in the mood for it to actually want it.

As far as tisanes go, I enjoy chamomile and occasionally a mint. I am interested to try rooibus and honey bush. I do prefer teas without artificial flavoring but I’m willing to try most things.

I know next to nothing about puerh, but I like what I have tried so far.

I am consistently amazed at the flavors contained in one leaf. I am on a quest to discover all of them! Slowly, though. Good tea is expensive. :P

Other things I enjoy: Books. My family. Truth. Campfires. Animal Rescue. Gardening. Sushi. Mountain biking. Documentaries. Trees. Music. Culture. Sour cream raisin pie. Not necessarily in that order. :P


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