No idea what to expect… but here goes South Korean tea day.

This one was first because I was thirsty and green tea needs less time to heat water and bathe the leaf : )

Yellow tint to the liquid and low aroma. The leaf is really small, but whateve.

The first brew is really smooth. Comparing this to my usual Japanese green will point out that this is wet seaweed opposed to how Japanese teas will be dry seaweed with grass notes. This has that slightly buttered vegetable feel to it that I somewhat like, but usually associate with oolongs. Rather light and easy to drink.

The second brew brought out a bit more color as if the leaf opened, normally something you don’t need to worry about with a green tea. The seaweed taste is backgrounded and now the tea has more of an upfront asparagus taste; no longer a grassy light taste but a hot vegetable.

The leaf has expanded a bit more showing off its choppyness in my 100ml kyusu I use for Japanese greens. Looks a bit more tasty this way. The liquid brews out bit darker and takes on a slight mouth pucker with the darker vegetal notes now as the lightness of the tea is gone. A little mouth dryness from the liquid.

The next few steeps were dying out, but when a green tea dies out it tends to leave a sweetness on the tip of the tongue so I drank a bit more of the next few steeps to see if anything changes… creates a dry mouth : p

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