This stuff is fantastic! I’d have to agree that the decaf version is missing a bit of the sparkle of the original, which just has a little extra something, but it’s just as sweet and deliciously spicy, and not too fiery to be approachable. It has so much cinnamon that there’s constantly a fine dust on the tin (that also happens to taste AMAZING >.>) It’s naturally very sweet, too much sugar actually takes away from it. I’ve drunk the regular version unsweetened and it was delicious, but the decaf is good with just a tiny spoon of sugar.

I also would have to disagree that it tastes like big red or red hots, I never liked those, and I love this stuff. It’s VERY cinnamon, and it is sweet, but it’s not cinnamon candy flavored at all to me. It has other things going on with the deeper clove and tea flavors, which are a bit better in the original version.

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I’m new to tea as a hobby, so my taste isn’t too refined, but my favorite teas are spicy, especially with lots of cinnamon, ginger or cloves. I also like fragrant floral herbal or white teas, and I’m interested in trying weirder florals like lavender. I also like flavored teas, Art of Tea’s Coconut Creme tea is a recent find that I really enjoyed.

Perfume is another hobby of mine, which is actually what led me to tea. They’re not actually all that different, surprisingly enough.

My rating system:

0: You couldn’t pay me.
25: Not my cup of tea
50: Meh, I’d drink it if a friend made me some, but I wouldn’t buy it.
75: Good! I’d buy this from time to time.
100: I would hunt this tea to the ends of the earth!


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