6 Tasting Notes

drank Monkey Fart by 52teas
6 tasting notes

A little goes a long way. I like the first half of the cup, but by the time i sip myself to the bottom, I’m done for a couple of days. It’s the same as the monkey cage at the zoo. I’m all giggly and smiley and feel all good inside for the first couple of hours of watching monkey tomfoolery. As the day turns to dusk, the primitive hijinks almost becomes a bit monotonous and tends to drag…oh, who am i kidding…I could watch monkeys for weeks!! The banana is a bit overwhelming for my taste.


hahahahaha! cracked me up!

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drank RadioactiviTEA by Man Teas
6 tasting notes

Rough all the way down, but just what I need when i want to defy the morning! Dirty and malty…one hand’s holding my mug, the other hand’s flicking off the chippy office. I don’t want to face Monday, but RadioactiviTEA helps.

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I really, really like this blend. I’ll steep this mellow melon up If i want to ease into the morning without a rough, wake my behind up, type of blend. Puts a smile on my face and hints of Spring weather in my mind.

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I was looking for a bold morning brew to wake up my senses. This didn’t disappoint. It tastes like someone left a few morsals of dirt in my mouth after drop kicking me in the face…which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It doesn’t make me smile, but few things do in the a.m. Hey, it’s cheaper than Red Bull!

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Simple. Sophisticated. Soft. I don’t care what anybody says, there is nothing better than resorting to a calm kiss of mint between your more flavorful blends…or just because. Ok, there may be a few things better.

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drank Vanilla Chai by Bigelow
6 tasting notes

Straight up in the mid-afternoon, this aromatic blend puts a small smile on my face after one whiff, but leaves the tastebuds wanting more. The Vanilla Chai does not forsake its name in rich fragrance and creamy texture. I expected the post-steep sips to follow suit, but was not completely disappointed by a comforting, sweet splash of subdued vanilla in black tea.

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