Look what I rediscovered!

Lemon-y fresh. Although for some reason the freshness is somewhat absent today. It’s just lemon oolong today. No pizzazz!

What the H happened to my pizzazz? Give it back!

I changed the steeping parameters around a bit. 25% more leaf, 25% shorter steep. And I think therein lies the problem. I’ll try the new steeping time again and then add some more leaf for the second steep.

What I’ve actually got coming through is the oolong first and foremost. A sweet oolong, rather grassy and very green tasting. Not as green as the Dong Ding which didn’t even taste oolong-y but something along those lines. i can’t get it any closer than that.

The lemon is more sort of hovering above everything, being there and giving freshness and flavour, but somehow keeping a little to itself. It’s a bit like there’s a middle layer of sharpness missing here.

Of course this is written towards the bottom of the cup and the tea has cooled off rather a lot by now. It may have been there when it was newly brewed, but I wasn’t really paying attention to it then, being busy with the archeological dig that was my lack of filing system. (Would you know! There were letter trays underneath all that paper!)

So did the leaf modification help with the second steep?

The answer here is yes.

This is the real good thing. The tea isn’t so tea-y and the lemon is much more sparkly fresh. And a sweet-y-sour-y sharpness on the tongue, all juicy and lemon-y fresh.

It makes me want to eat strawberries. Om nom nom nom!


Ooo… this one sounds interesting!

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Ooo… this one sounds interesting!

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