I’m starting today with the newly redesigned Autumn Foxtrot, waiting on spring teas to arrive…exciting! :)

Also, HAPPY EARTH DAY! Did you know that Whispering Pines Tea Company plants a tree for every ounce of tea we sell? Well, today we are doubling that amount for the sake of our Earth!

Today only, every ounce of tea sold will plant TWO trees!

Read more about our project here: http://whisperingpinestea.com/a-tree-for-a-tea

I spent a lot of time redesigning this tea…as the memory that inspired it is one of my favorites. Read the story below :)

It was a misty evening in the autumn of 2007, just after a light fall rain. Flocks of cedar waxwings flew by the entrance to my favorite forest in Glen Arbor, Michigan. As I entered the forest, a warm breeze blew from the depths of the woods, allowing me to catch the indescribable aroma of moist earth layered with fallen berries and leaves, trampled down upon by the resident deer, bobcat and foxes. As I walked on the trail, catching glimpses of the setting sun through the pine, cedar, oak, and ash tree canopy, I spotted some movement behind one of the fallen, decomposing trees. I crouched down and snuck up behind the tree. When I slowly poked my head out, I stood ten feet from the most beautiful red fox I had ever seen. The fox playfully trotted away and hid behind another tree. We played hide and seek like this for a good five or ten minutes before the fox spotted some dinner and took off.

Autumn Foxtrot begins with the warm and sweet aroma of wet moss, cedar leaves, and old campfire wood. At first taste you can note a thick honey sweetness with lingering blackberry notes, remniscent of the moss-covered logs beneath wild berry bushes on the forest floor. An aftertaste of cooling cedar leaves lingers on with the damp forest notes of aged pu’er, perfectly embodying the humid forest after an autumn rain. In the second infusion you will find deeper wood and berry notes with warm lingering clove and smooth, fresh mineral notes comparable to cool mountain spring water. Infusion number three is filled with pure sweet cedar woven into an unbelievably smooth body, with stronger clove and berry notes playing in the background. This beautiful blend is an etereal manifestation of humid, deep autumn forests and the wildlife that resides beneath the canopy.

Note that the loose puerh in this blend was harvested in 2007, the same year as the memory that inspired it!

Flavors: Autumn Leaf Pile, Berries, Cedar, Cloves, Honey, Mineral, Peat Moss

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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