I just got this one over the weekend and am so happy to receive more Persimmon Tree Tea!!!! I have had great tasting experiences with the ones I have tried up to this point!

This isn’t overly scented. I can pick up on the berry notes but it’s hard to tell that it’s currant that plays the part based on aroma. I can smell the sweetness of the rooibos. I can smell a creaminess to it, too!

This ‘brews’ quite dark…almost like a Rooibos Black Tea blend. Perhaps the darkness is because of the currants, no sure.

When the mix of loose ingredients hit water or should I say the water hit the ingredients I can smell the currants more. It’s a nice aroma.

The flavor is really wonderful…here’s why…

The Rooibos is noticable but there are enough other flavors happening, too, that it’s not ALL ABOUT the Rooibos! The Hibiscus is barely there and I totally love that. THIS is what other companies should take note on! Hibiscus should be on the assist or even a subtle enhancer and not over done! At least in my book – I know others out there like it…just not usually my thing but this is NICELY DONE!!! The white chocolate is lovely. Again, somewhat subtle, but nicely done! It surely contributes to the overall creamy-factor! I can taste the hints of sweet, creamy, white chocolate, berry, and find it to be extremely pleasing and smooth! Velvety!

I like this much more than I thought I would! YAY! Another winner from TPTTC!


This sounds awesome. I’ll have to try it!

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This sounds awesome. I’ll have to try it!

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