We are offering super-premium artisanal fair trade teas from Taiwan. Taiwan is one of the few places that keep intact the ancient traditions of hand-made Oolong teas, and we work with 3rd and 4th generation farmers growing organic teas – hand-picked and traditionally processed. These teas are competition-grade, which means deep body, complex aromas, and subtle finish, much like fine un-blended wine or single-malt scotch.

Mantra Tea was established by a local Taiwanese tea professional with a dream of sharing specialtea teas from the beautiful island - Formosa. The idea was inspired by unanimous praise for Formosa teas from the founder’s friends abroad. And on trips to visit experienced tea farmers, she realized hundreds of year’s traditional tea processing skills could be lost, because the younger generation prefers to work in cities rather than help with the family tea farms. As a Formosa tea lover, the founder hoped to preserve the traditional skills by sharing Formosa teas with the world. That is how Mantra Tea was born. 

Mantra Tea is dedicated to Fair Trade in Taiwanese tea, to providing fresh "single malt" teas directly from award-winning heritage tea farmers certified by Taiwan Agriculture Council – no blending with cheaper veriatels - and to partnering with local suppliers of Eco-Friendly sustainable packaging. Please visit our web store for more details about Our Commitment. Furthermore, by promoting Formosa tea, Mantra Tea wishes to inspire young generations to come back to the Formosa tea industry and continue to produce these surprisingly elegant teas.

“Mantra” means a sound or group of words capable of creating transformation. We sincerely invite you to enjoy our tea as your daily mantra and hope your whole experience with Mantra Tea contributes to a peaceful mind. Mantra Tea commits to delivering precious delicious and fresh Formosa tea and tea philosophy to every friend!


New Taipei City, Taiwan


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