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People in other houses always have what I feel to be weird tea selections, and then seem confused by them.

I asked my aunt what non-caffeinated tea she had, and she dug out this and some lemon zinger, shrugging at me. “I guess this is it,” she said.

It’s… your… house? Don’t you have your tea cupboard of three teas memorized?

It’s possible she just keeps it on hand for guests. This is how I am about coffee (I keep some Folgers and a cheap-ass coffee pot on hand), so I get it. Maybe she’s not a tea person.

Anyway, this was a really nice tea. It tasted a lot like Sleepytime Tea. Chamomile was the leader of the party, with some nice flowers, too.

It might have helped me fall asleep, except the house had no air conditioning and my dog was allowed to share a bed with me. He kept huffing around, wiggling, and shuffling. Oh, and he hogged the bottom of the bed. Somehow. He’s 30 pounds. Between his relentless, shifty bed-hoggery and sweat oozing from my skin, I got maybe four hours of sleep.


I’m willing to forgive.

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I’m a graphic designer, illustrator, crafter, geek, and recent tea convert. I love teas that are sweet, zippy (caffeinated), and hopeful. In concrete terms, that’s usually black or maté tea, with some chocolate/vanilla/berry/nut in there somewhere. If it gives me the dessert experience without the calories, my heart soars.

I’m not a big fan of mint, grass (“yogi farts”), sours, or bitterness.

I’m into the idea of trading to try new things. If you think our flavor profiles coordinate, let me know, and we can swap boxes!


Pennsylvania, USA



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