102 Tasting Notes

drank Sweet Almond Green by DAVIDsTEA
102 tasting notes

I know I’m a harsh rater, but honestly this is a good example of why I didn’t think I liked green tea for a long time, until I finally found a couple that I enjoyed. This would not make me drink more green tea.

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Chai/ Assam is not my favorite type/blend of tea, but cinnamon black teas are, so I wasn’t sure how I would think this tasted. I have to say I wasn’t encouraged by the aroma as it was brewing, which I didn’t love, but I was quite pleased by the taste actually. This probably won’t challenge for my favorite cinnamon tea, but it was enjoyable and I will enjoy the rest of the packet that I have.

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Very enjoyable. Full flavor. A bit creamy, in the best way. Good texture on the mouth.

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I very much enjoy this. A bit thin for my typical tastes, especially during the workday when I prefer a stronger flavor. But tonight it’s hitting all the right notes. Lightly peachy, not a lot of green flavor, but it’s there in the background.

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drank Green Tea Natural by Dilmah
102 tasting notes

Disappointing. I generally enjoy Dilmah, but found this to lack flavor and be a bit musty. That said, it wasn’t off-putting, and I finished the cup, which is more than I can say for some other less flavorful teas. So, meh is about my best descriptor.

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I got this as a sample to try and… it’s just not my thing. A light, herby green tea by taste. The brewing instructions speak to the magic – a change in color – but…. I just prefer my tea to taste stronger.

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A fairly straightforward and simple breakfast tea – which is fine with me: it does its job early in the morning to wake me up and ease me into the day.

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drank Ceylon Tea by Ahmad Tea
102 tasting notes

A perfect choice today while I played my board game: Ceylon (about the beginning of the tea plantations there).


There’s a board game about tea?! :o

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sports fan; geek; cook; INTJ; bureaucrat; In omnia paratus!; native Buffalonian, adopted Washingtonian (@kats_tale)

Most Enjoys:
A strong black tea, preferably from Sri Lanka or India. I tend to steep it a little over to get just a touch of bitterness, which I enjoy.

My Ratings:
100-90: One of my favorites, a tea that stopped me from doing whatever I was doing, to just enjoy its flavor.
89-80: I would buy again, I enjoy, but one that I can have while rushing around or reading or internet browsing – my standard breakfast teas probably fall in this range. I very much enjoy them.
79-70: An good tea. It’s pleasing in some way and I may buy it again but I wouldn’t go out of my way to make sure I have it in stock.
69-60: A tea I enjoyed, but nothing really stood out to me.
59-50: Better than average, but nothing that delighted or pleased me. It was fine.
49-1: Varying degrees of I didn’t enjoy this tea. The lower the rating goes, the more there was at least one element that I actively did not like.


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