Hello sipdown, hello sipdown!
to be sung to the tune of The Beatles Hello Goodbye hehe

A decent tea! I used to hate it before, but I think it’s because I used way too little tea for the amount of water I used. Nice cinnamon apple flavour, but I’d probably not restock.

I’m going to talk about my day now because DUDE TODAY.
So I was in a hurry this morning because classes and busses and thinking I had 2 hours before I had to go but in reality I only had 1 so it started off horribly. OH and I slept at 4 because I was tossing and turning for a good 3-4 hours trying to get to sleep ugh.
Finance happened and we learned about stocks and bonds and WOW THAT WAS A BUTT I had no idea what I just learned and it’s definitely going to take time but I’ll just read my textbook through and through and try to absorb as much information as I can. But the good news, I got a 90% on my midterm! That was the raw score so now he just has to go through the test and throw out questions so I’m expecting a 94%. He’s thinking of throwing out 2 questions, but I pass with an A either way so I’m happy about that!
Next class got cancelled, anthro at 5-7 and we learned how to find the race of a skeleton. Pretty exciting stuff :)
Then my friend and I decided to go out for dinner and they took freakin forEVER to get me my food and the manager came up to us and was all “You know what? Your food is on the house” and I was like WOW OKAY THANKS BABE.
And now I’m home ready to pass out and sleep but I know that can’t happen because I have a midterm tomorrow and I need to study as much as I can ugh

yes. this is life update time I’m sorry
I SEE PEOPLE GOT MY PACKAGES AND I’M VERY HAPPY. Seriously. I was drowning in tea the past like 4 weeks because I had the TTB and like a ton of swaps to pack and pick out teas for everyone, so special shoutout to all the people I’ve swapped with pretty recently!
VariaTEA, Sil, NayLynn, MissB, shmiracles, and QueenOfTarts!
Also, not a swap but just.. packages and things. The long awaited package from awoogah finally came! I sent her tea, she sent me DAVIDs Silk Dragon Jasmine sachets (cuz she knows I need sachets with me everywhere I go ahha) and A BUTTLOAD OF CANADIAN CHOCOLATES THAT I CAN’T GET IN AMERICA. I think she wanted to send me like Kinder Eggs but yeah no. Don’t send that to me because those are illegal. But I’ve got other fancy schmancy chocolates that are SO FREAKIN GOOD.
So tea and canadian souveniers, yes please :)

and now I have to study for my midterm aaaand YES


Boiling 8 min or more 3 g 12 OZ / 354 ML

Love your stories. And congrats on the awesome mark and free food!

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Love your stories. And congrats on the awesome mark and free food!

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Tea lover.
Food and Beverage lover (food, wine, beer, TEA)
DCP Alumni (WDW Fall 2013 and DLR Fall 2014)
Future management intern, WDW Fall 2016
(jump62359 is my everything okay)

Teas in my cupboard are in my personal collection.
I’m always looking forward to reducing my stash so let me know if you wanna swap :)
Likes/dislikes here:

Tea rating guide:
100-95: Best thing to ever touch my mouth and I want more. Restocking is a must
94-80: Love this tea. Restock if I can
79-70: Decent tea. Neither love nor hate.
69-60: I won’t be upset when it runs out. I’ll drink it but won’t restock.
59-30: I’ve done whatever I can to like this tea and I’ll finish the cup.
29-10: I’ve done whatever I can to like this tea. It may or may not have gone down the sink…
9-below: Let’s not even hide it. This definitely went down the drain.

I love tea.
I drink it.
I log it.
I have a good time.
Lather, rinse, repeat.

I first discovered my love for tea with jasmine teas because that’s all my mother would buy, so for the longest time, I thought that all teas were jasmine! And then in 4th grade, I watched the tea episode of Good Eats and that’s when the education started! I’d like to blame Alton Brown for starting this obsession because now I only like loose leaf tea.
It wasn’t until my second year of college that I actually expanded my tea taste buds. Special shout out to Cara McGee, Tea Queen for her Adagio Fandom blends. Because of Cara, I actually started drinking blacks, herbals and whites and pretty much everything else in between. I still have a special love for my jasmine though :)
I (try to) drink tea daily. Usually just straight up, no sugar or milk. This little obsession started young and just… kept going, I guess.

also I apologize in advance for lazy tasting notes and horrible grammar in everything I write. I was an avid fandom blogger on tumblr and tumblr talk can get in the way of everything kthxbai


Disneyland. Literally.



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