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Gingerbread is one of my favorite flavors/scents. I even have a smencil that’s gingerbread scented, so Culinary Teas Gingerbread Cream Tea was no dissappointment. Add in some sugar and milk and it’s smooth creamy flavor is delightful. The only thing I would complain about is that it doesn’t have that sharpness that ginger has, and some people may like that better in the end. Brewed two teaspoons per 16 oz. water, steeped for three minutes.

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Visually this tea is mostly black twisty leaves with a few golden threads mixed in. The smell when dry is smokey, and when wet slightly vegetal. I brewed this for three minutes and found the unsweetened flavor okay with just a hint of maltiness. I like my Assam’s to slap me in the face with malt and this did not. A perfectly decent breakfast tea when sugar and milk are added.

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I was so glad I got this tea. My order kept crashing when I bought it and Frank was so helpful in making sure it got through.

I was able to get three steeps out of this. Generally I prepare a pot so I used two teaspoons to approximately 16 oz. of water. I haven’t gotten to using a thermometer yet, so what I do on a first steep of green or white is just allow my water to boil, open the water kettle and let it cool down for seven minutes, then pour the water and steep for 1:30 minutes. The first steep was a wonderful blend of lemon, lime, and meringue. The green tea was a really nice base for this. No sugar needed. I noticed as it cooled down the flavors sweetened a little more, this would make a fabulous iced tea. The second brew was (water boil, open kettle for five minutes) steeped for 2:15, still wonderful but not as creamy. The third brew (water boil) steeped for 3 minutes, still had some citrus notes with the green tea. I probably could have gone for a fourth steep, but didn’t.

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