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I tried this one at a friend’s house this morning. I like the smell very much, but I found the tea itself quite bland. I actually wound up putting milk and sugar in, because otherwise it would just taste like nicely-scented water. So… nice smell, bland taste. Probably won’t be buying any of this for myself.

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I tried this tonight with the “spiced butter” on the DavidsTea newsletter — two parts brown sugar, one part butter, and some cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Also a little milk. Oh, baby, this might be the tastiest drink I’ve put into my mouth in a long, long time. Perfect for a cold winter night. It tastes like what Harry Potter might drink at Honeydukes. Oh, baby. Oh, baby.

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drank Lemon Cream Pie by DAVIDsTEA
5 tasting notes

I was super-excited yesterday to discover that my local DavidsTea had more Lemon Cream Pie in stock. It’s a tea from their fall collection, and I’d heard that they’d run out nearly a month ago. Apparently they got a new shipment relatively recently, and I leapt at the chance to get another 50 grams.

This tea is lemon and vanilla and rooibos: what could be bad? It smells and tastes like dessert, and unlike most of my other dessert-y teas, this one’s caffeine-free, so I can have it at night. (Admittedly, I’m having it today at 1:30 in the afternoon, but that’s completely besides the point.) This one’s stood the test of time, and I’ll be sad when the store runs out.

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This tea is an experiment for me. I’m not a big fan of coconut (I’m indifferent, really), but a HUGE fan of vanilla. Before steeping, the tea smells strongly of coconut, so I’ve been hesitant to buy it until not. But the woman at the store assured me that the coconut mellows after it’s been steeped, and that this tea is delicious is some hot milk and brown sugar.

Steeped, you can still smell the coconut, but the vanilla’s there too. It’s a sweet smell, which makes me happy. Not crazy about it plain, but a heaping spoonful of brown sugar and some milk make it quite pleasant. (Then again, brown sugar and milk will make most black teas quite pleasant.) I’d buy this again.

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This is my go-to tea for when I want hot chocolate, but not the 200-300 calories that come with it. Teas aren’t usually thick and rich, but this one really, really is. A little sweetener, a little milk, and it’s almost as good as a real hot chocolate, with just a little bit of kick of the chilies. My only regret is that it’s a limited edition tea. I may need to pick up a significant quantity before it runs out.

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