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A chilly 22 degrees here in Millerton, NY. This morning pot was just what we needed to get the day started. With it’s toasty flavors and sweet aroma, this warmed us right up, getting us ready for a day of retail!

Without further ado, another excerpt from Malachi’s book, “How to Make a Decent Cup of Tea”.

“Forty years elapsed between the first proud declaration and the second sorrowful inquiry, a shameful interval indeed which saw the decline of the most basic of institutions. I refer to the Decent Cup of Tea.

We can survive functional literacy or shattered windows of vulnerability, but not the demise of a Decent Cup of Tea. So, while we may, let us review the proper way.

Firstly, of course, you must keep your tea in a proper tea-caddy, preferably on one of those little wooden boxes that are lined with tea-chest paper. (Tea is sometimes sold in these boxes: whenever I’m in Dublin I go to the world-famous Bewley’s to savor the tea, the ambiance, the Harry Clarke stained glass windows, the conversation at the tables – and to pickup a box or two of their wonderful tea.)

Of course we’re talking “loose” tea here. No teabags OK?

Incidentally you may be interested to know that the word ‘caddy’ comes from the Malay word, ‘kati’, meanigf a small unit of weight, that tea was sold by in that part of the world."

Stay tuned for the next excerpt about a Decent Cup of Tea!

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Love the excerpts! I tried to get this tea on my last Harney order, but it was forgotten in the box. I got a refund (no worries!) but I have to try and get it in my next round of ordering. I, too, sometimes just want a Decent Cup of Tea! (particularly when cold or exhausted)!

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This picture doesn’t do it justice. The emerald green of the powder whisked together with boiling spring water produces a frothy green bowl of thick tea. The flavor of the Tencha is there, but much stronger and with a bit of a bite. Try it with a piece of chocolate on your tongue!

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What was your matcha/water ratio?

Harney & Sons The Store

I’m heavy handed, I like it thicker rather than thinner. I did 2 generous bamboo scoop fulls and about 3 ounces of water. I eyeball it. Next time I’ll measure and see what it actually is. -Sarah

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Tencha, the tea leaves that eventually become the wonderful brew that is Matcha…

This tea is much lighter than the senchas that we have. It is smooth, and vegetal and creamy, but with very little body and astringency. It is quite lovely for the afternoon, when you just need a gentle wake up.

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I’ve never had Tencha before but for as flavorful as matcha is, it surprises me that Tencha is lighter than sencha.

Harney & Sons The Store

Somehow it seems to have the flavor of matcha, just very thinned out and mild. It’s quite interesting. -Sarah

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Yunnan black teas come from a remote area of China on the border of Laos and Burma where the very first tea plants are thought to have originated. Yunnan black teas have a very earthy quality that is complemented with a maple sweetness.
The large black leaves with touches of gold evoke a smokey aroma. The flavor brings forth a sweetness that strikes a perfect balance with the earthy notes.

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Singell is grown outside the Kuresong Village. It is an incredible second flush that has dark fruity flavors-a perfect pairing with the afternoon.

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Golden Monkey is a magnificent Chinese black tea. Its aromas are lightly sweet, with hints of apricots, nuts, and a mild rose background note. Its body is light and its flavors are a blend of cooked stone fruit, specifically baked apricots, and semisweet chocolate. Its finish is nutty, with flavors of raw pecans.
Golden Monkey is a relatively new Chinese export that has recently grown quite popular in the United States and Europe, where its apricot aromas and chocolate flavors are highly appreciated.

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This is a delightful medium light bodied tea. Its leaves are long and slender with many ending in golden tips. Its aromas are fragrant with notes of chocolate or cocoa, with a light scent of ripe apricots. The flavor of Keemun Mao Feng Treasure is light and sweet, with hints of chocolate and stone fruit flavors of baked apricots.
Keemun Mao Feng is possibly China’s most famous black tea and has been a long time Western favorite. Like the Keemun Hao Ya A, the Keemun Mao Feng is most notable for the distinctive chocolate flavors, a quality that is reminiscent of unsweetened cocoa, without the bitterness. The harvest period for this tea is both early and short, which makes this a rare and delightful tea.

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This black tea blend is named for East Frisia, an area of Germany’s North Sea Coast where tea is extremely popular, specifically black tea. This tea blends Assam, Darjeeling and Ceylon. It is also complemented well with a bit of cream and sugar and is a wonderful way to kick off this snowy day!

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Strong, simple and smooth. Everything you need on a cold and sunny winter morning.

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The tasting room and retail staff of Harney & Sons love sharing their thoughts about tea. Join us at the shop sometime for a cup, or post a comment!


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