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2023 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Tea Sales Thread

Is it just me, or are vendors being slow to post their sales this year? I’m hoping for at least a few good ones, though the last thing I need is more tea!

I’ll keep adding to this list, and feel free to include any deals you find in the comments.

Bitterleaf Teas
5% off orders under $50, 10% off orders from $50 to $150, 15% off orders from $125 to $350, and 18% off orders over $350. (The typo is theirs, not sure if they’ll give you 15% off on a $125 order.) Free shipping on orders over $60. Free tea with orders over $100 and the chance to win more free tea with every order.

Breakaway Matcha
25% off everything until Nov. 28 with the code GF2023.

Cameron Tea Taiwan
15% off all teas except Bai Hao until Nov. 30 with the code BlackFriday2023. Free gift certificates and tea over certain order totals. https://www.camerontea.com/blogs/news/2023-black-friday-sale

CC Fine Tea
20% off sitewide until Nov. 27. No code needed.

Crimson Lotus
15% off sitewide, no code needed. Ends on Cyber Monday. More deals at https://crimsonlotustea.com/blogs/news/2023-black-friday-cyber-monday-sale-15-off-everything

Dazzle Deer
20% off sitewide with the code DAZZLEFRIDAY until Nov. 27.

Essence of Tea
20% extra in tea or teaware until Dec. 2.

Floating Leaves
20% off for 24 hours on Nov. 24, no code needed.

20% off sitewide and buy one get one free on tea samplers until Nov. 30. Choose a free sample with every order.

jLteaco (formerly Fong Mong)
Get 20% off most teas with the code “Happy Holiday Season 2023.” Also, get free tea that’s not in the catalogue (details on this are scarce). Ends Nov. 27.

25% off all teas, 30% off on samplers and bundles, 40% off clearance teas, and 40% off orders over $180. Ends Nov. 30.

Until Dec. 6, get $10 off orders over $100 with the code #BF10%, $60 off orders over $300 with the code #BF20%, and $180 off $600 with the code #BF30%. All teas are additionally discounted.

Mei Leaf
Up to 50% off on some items and free shipping over US$120. No code needed. Ends Nov. 28.

Mountain Stream Teas
15% off almost everything with the code holidaytea until Nov. 27. Win free tea if your order ends with 1.

Nepal Tea Collective
Up to 70% off on tea samplers, bundles, accessories, and reserve teas.

Nio Teas
Up to 69% off on select tea bundles and at least 15% off on all products from Nov. 21 to 30, no code needed. Get an additional 10% off with the code LEAFHOPPER10OFF. (I get a small commission when you use this code.)

One River Tea
From Nov. 24 to 26, 30% off yellow tea, red tea, and yancha; 25% off green tea, white tea, puer, and teaware; and 15% off Dancong and samplers. No code needed.
Update: Every order over $100 will get entered into a raffle to win either 1.) Shouzhuahu mini-pot 2.) 100 gram tea spirit puer cake or 3.) our not yet released 2022 Bailu Shoumei Cake. Additionally, every order over $100 will also get either 25 grams of 2017 aged Anhua Dark Tea or a tea pet in honor of the Year of the Dragon. The first ten orders at this level will get both.

Rishi Tea
25% off sitewide. No code needed. Don’t know when it ends.

Taiwan Tea Crafts
$12 off orders over $100 with the code 12YEARS12, $22 off orders over $150 with the code 12YEARS22, $44 off orders over $300 with the code 12YEARS44, $88 off orders over $550 with the code 12YEARS88, and $144 off orders over $750 with the code 12YEARS144 until Dec. 4. 20% off spring teas and earlier offerings.

Up to 40% off on many items. Draws until Nov. 29.

The Sweetest Dew
25% off almost all teas.

14% off with the code BFF1123 until Nov. 26. Free sample of tea with orders over US$150 or 150 euros after discount.

Thunderbolt Tea
Buy one get one free and 20% off sitewide. No code needed. Ends Nov. 25.

Totem Tea
20% off with the code THANK23. Don’t know when it ends.

Viet Sun Tea
15% off sitewide from Nov. 24 to 27. No code needed.

Wang Family Tea
15% off all tea and 10% off all teaware from Nov. 24 to Dec. 5. Buy three boxes of tea and get the fourth one free with the code BF2023.

Flat 10% off until Nov. 27. No code needed.

Free shipping for orders over $29 with the code 2023bf until Nov. 27.

Wuyi Origin
15% off with the code 2023bf until Nov. 28.

Yunnan Sourcing
15% off all loose leaf teas until Nov. 26 with the code LOOSE15.

Zerama Tea
$5 off $50 or $20 off $100. Free shipping in the U.S.

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52Teas said

I am generally slow posting my black Friday/small business Saturday/Cyber Monday sales, mostly because I am busily working on the 12 Teas of Christmas – which are going out this week. So, I don’t usually take a lot of time to think about what I’ll be posting on sale for that sales weekend.

One sale that can pretty much be depended upon is Black Tea Friday. I’ll update here when I’ve worked out more details.

Leafhopper said

No worries, I was just noticing a trend (or maybe being impatient). I’m not surprised that this is a busy time of year for many vendors.

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Teasenz said

Teasenz.com (Global Store): BLACK FRIDAY YIXING TEAPOT SALE!
- See all Yixing teapot deals: https://www.teasenz.com/sale
- White Jade Peony Yixing Teapot 250ml
- Purple Clay Teapot + 2 cups 190ml
- Fox Shuiping Yixing Teapot 160ml
- Duanni Stone Dipper Teapot 120ml
- Rabbit Zhu Ni Clay Teapot + Cup 160ml
- Peony Purple Clay Teapot 160ml
- Lotus Jiang Po Ni Clay Teapot 150ml
- Black Dragon Yixing Teapot 180ml

- Up to 30% OFF Glass Mugs, Pitchers, Teapots and Trays.
- All deals: https://teasenz.eu/collections/sale

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52Teas said

Here’s a sneak peak at our Super Sales Weekend email: https://mailchi.mp/0a14439b9ad7/super-sales-weekend

Thanks for your patience with this information!

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Whispering Pines has an early access 15% off sitewide sale until Monday, 11/27 at 11:59pm EST.

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Note that Teavivre’s Lucky Draw is two chances a day/every 24 hours until 11/29!

Leafhopper said

Thanks! I thought I could enter only once. I wonder how many days I’ve missed.

It started on 11/21 so I don’t think you could have missed many chances!

Nevermind, I was wrong. It looks like the Lucky Draw is only for FOUR total spins.

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Teasenz said

Added two more Black Friday & Cyber Monday offers!

25% OFF: Electric tea roaster & aroma diffuser:

20% OFF: Ceramic Candle Holder + Tea Roasting Pan:

See all deals: https://www.teasenz.com/sale

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MoxTea said


MoxTea’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday SALE includes savings of up to 20% with Bonus MoxTea

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looseTman said


Leafhopper said

I don’t see anything on their site.

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LuckyMe said

Verdant Tea is continuing their Black Friday sale. Coupon code FRESHTEA for 20% new tea arrivals.

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