Tom Y's)(( admin said

Prioritize Steepster's next steps [POLL]

I’m looking to put in some dev work over the next few weeks & months. I was told to read through a the rather old thread “Which new features do you want the most?”.

There’s quite a lot of requests! In order to prioritize the development roadmap I’ve compiled a list. Please vote on which feature every1 would prefer most.

I’ll begin development on them in the order of most votes and working my way down.

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So many good choices, I don’t know how to narrow it down. Does it maybe make sense to allow 2 or 3 selections?

Also, we already have the option to use ml or oz in tasting notes. I think what Martin was asking for is for Steepster to “remember” what he had selected last so he doesn’t have to toggle it every time.

And as a note to everyone else, we technically already can add new flavors/ingredients to the database, it’s just that only moderators have access to it. So we could create a thread for these types of suggestions as a workaround. Just a thought.

Ah, exactly! Thank you for pointing that out.

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Tom Y's)(( admin said

Please do the best you can. I’d rather not whittle down any further. Believe it or not this was already shortened!

A lot of features may have overlapping dependencies, code wise. It’ll be more efficient on my end to architect the roadmap if sequential features may have overlapping functionally once I’m in the weeds.

Oh no, I wasn’t suggesting to reduce the number of options, I just meant to allow us to select multiple things potentially.

Tom Y's)(( admin said

Ahh, ok I’ve made it multiple choice. My worry is some options will come in as a tie.
I’ll let it go for now though and see what happens.

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Shae said

Thank you for putting this together!

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Inkling said

Thank you for this! Encouraging to know there may be improvements in the works.

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YES thank you for putting things in motion AND asking our opinion! And I also want to say the decrease in spam over the last couple of years has been noticed and appreciated. :D

Seconding all of this!

gmathis said

Thirding it!

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Thank you! Looking forward to seeing the changes.

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Kaylee said

Thank you for doing this and asking for our input!

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My first fix priority would be getting my e-mail alerts on comment replies/forum replies back? It has been years. They just stopped one day – no changes on my part that I can remember…

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Leafhopper said

As others have said, thanks for putting this together.

I agree that getting my email alerts back would be a priority. The “Notify me” option is basically useless now.

I also hope this site will continue to work in IE11.

Tom Y's)(( admin said

Have you not been receiving this thread’s notifications on new replies? Or is this a different email notification not functioning?

I don’t receive any e-mail notifications on any threads or tasting notes (or anything else that would get e-mail notifications).

Shae said

Same here. I don’t think I’ve received any emails from Steepster at all in at least a couple years.

Tom Y's)(( admin said

To be super clear here, you are not receiving “New reply to …” email? This is going to your cursive gmail acct. Can you check your spam folder?

I’ll have to go digging deeper if not in spam as I’ve been unable to replicate. I have been receiving them.

Tom Y's)(( admin said

Test reply

Tom Y's)(( admin said

Shae, in your case you were not subscribed to this topic (at the bottom checkbox that says “Notify me when this topic is updated”). I manually added you – testing reply email…

Yes, I just checked spam too, nothing there – no e-mails from Steepster AT ALL, for at least a couple years, like Shae said.

Shae said

Hi Tom, thanks for testing. I didn’t receive anything, either in my inbox or spam folder. I used to receive emails for comments/messages/followers, as well as discussion updates, and none of these have been coming through for a while.

Tom Y's)(( admin said

ok, throwing a few things at the wall here. added a missing spf record. did that work?

I’m still not seeing any Steepster e-mails (not in spam either).

I just got a “test” e-mail two minutes ago – 3:14 eastern

Tom Y's)(( admin said

Another fix implemented. Working?

yes, I received an e-mail for the above message too

Shae said

I just got emails for each of the three comments above mine. Yay!

Tom Y's)(( admin said

Awesome, that was a tricky one.

Thank you, you’re a pro!

The new problem is clicking on the link in an e-mail notificatio and it tells me to log in when I’m already logged in. Clicking on ‘log-in’ brings me to the dashboard, since I’m already logged in.

ashmanra said

I used to email notifications, then it stopped, then it worked briefly, then it stopped again. Plus, my notifications on my dashboard shows that I have two new messages but there are none there. That has happened in the past and been cleared up before, so it isn’t really a new thing.

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Tom Y's)(( admin said

Hi all, results are in.

Answer Choices Response

Search function for the cupboard – 59.26%

Sort reviews option, chronological, rating, etc. – 55.56%

seeing your tasting notes first, then everyone else’s chronologically – 48.15%

adding new ingredients to database for search purposes – 29.63%

private messages in order of last response, not creation – 22.22%

an entry in creating a new tea for the harvest year - 18.52%

posting the ingredients in the order they were ordered when creating a new tea, not alphabetical – 14.81%

allowing decimals in tasting notes – 11.11%

option to use mL or oz – 7.41%

mute or block users to hide their tasting notes/reviews - 3.70%

bonus addition: claims of email notifications not working? I have been receiving email updates of replies of this thread. Or did you all mean another notification feature is broken? FIXED.

Kittenna said

I just voted, late, and my three selections were the top two here, plus soliciting feedback and re-polling later.

I’m so glad that after 11 months from the poll all those new features are available and working great.
Just joking, didn’t expect anything, didn’t get anything…

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