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Wondering how to get your family to stop drinking soft drinks? Give them a tastier alternative! TAZO Wild Sweet Orange Tea is a potent weapon.

As addicted as Emily (aka The Crazy Tea Chick) and I are to Tazo Wild Sweet Orange Tea, we’ve no doubt written about it before on the tea blog. Truth be told, we aren’t the only ones with this sweet addiction, the rest of our family is as hooked on it as we are.

The only problem is, it has become increasingly difficult to find this particular tea in stores. I used to buy it regularly at Kroger and Target, as well as in individual Starbucks stores. However, now it’s kind of like finding Waldo’s great uncle, the Invisible Man.

Enter Amazon! Amazon is the best kind of store, the kind that never closes and almost never runs out of anything. What’s more, they bring the goodies right to your door. Have I told you lately how much love I have for Amazon. If not, I’m telling you now. The love has actually grown even deeper because they are now my number one source for this incredible tea.

If you’re trying to switch from soft drinks and diet soft drinks to healthier drinks such as tea… or if you’re trying to get a loved one to make the healthy switch… your secret weapon is going to be fun, delicious, and addictive flavors of tea – especially with young people. If you want them to put down the cans of soft drinks which do NOTHING for them health-wise and pick up drinks that actually make them healthier, you’d better be prepared to give them drinks they’ll keep coming back for.

On ice or off ice, Tazo Wild Sweet Orange and Tazo Passion Tea are delicious and fun enough to make even the biggest soda drinker see the error of his/her ways. Take it from a gal with a STRONG Diet Dr. Pepper fixation! It’s teas like these two that have helped me make one of the healthiest transitions I’ve ever made.

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