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I was really looking forward to trying this but was disappointed. Whilst it is drinkable, there is no depth to the flavour. It’s rather flat. It also leaves an odd aftertaste. I have tried various brew times but this didn’t help develop the flavour.

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I really like this tea. It’s a strong, robust tasting tea with no bitterness. The description on the website suggests that this is a lower caffeine tea … I don’t know if that’s true or not, but, if it is, this would be a great tea for those who want a bold breakfast type tea but need to decrease their caffeine.

A really good black tea. Here’s my full-length review:

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Woohoo! The traveling tea box arrived from Australia today! I am almost out of my Harney and Sons Vanilla Black so I gave this one a try as one of our tea time selections today.

The leaf particles are small, broken pieces, not large fairly whole leaves like H&S. The dry leaves smell great. According to the packaging, both the tea and the vanilla beans come from New Guinea. Cool!

Because the particles were small, I told my daughter to stick with a three minute steep lest it became bitter. It worked well, as there was no bitterness but plenty of vanilla flavor. The black tea base was decent, I think almost but not quite as good as H&S. This has real vanilla beans ground up in the tea, and it certainly smells exactly like my kitchen smells when I make a batch of extract. Lovely!

What fun to try things I have never heard of, and would never see around here. Thank goodness we have the Internet now so we can order!


That tea box had a long journey!

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I mailed off some tea to the lovely lady who sent this to me months ago! So I thought it would only be right to enjoy a cup with my gluten free chocolate chip cookies. It certainly is a bold tea and I am dragging today so this is a very good thing! I like the malty flavor I get with each sip too…so good. I do have to add a little milk and sweetener to my cup, but it did nothing to hide the flavor. :)

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Backlogging from earlier today.
It’s been a crazy few months but KNOCK ON WOOD I hope I am getting back into the swing of things.

I have my Blissful Journey Blog going again and thinking about buying a domain for it (and FWD). I’m back scheduling posts at Sororitea Sisters – my two sistas have been extremely patient – thanks so much – you are great – and I NEED to get back crafting and blogging at my Blissful Place Crafting Blog, too! Lots on tap!!!!

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backlogging a cup from today and two from yesterday…

Geoffrey Norman

I’ve got about a brick of Daintree at home. It’s a great icing tea.

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OMG! Thanks to The Purrfect Cup for sending me a bit of this! I couldn’t find it anywhere on the site so I googled it and added it! I’ve never had any of this company’s teas before and I’m bouncing off the walls and can’t wait to try it!

Dry – this smells like I walked right into The Whole Foods Cooperative! The Whole Foods I go to regionally is not the national chain. I think what happened was prior to Whole Foods being a chain – the one I go to – didn’t follow-suit…instead they are members owned and a little different from the chain product-wise but still…it’s all I have…so I’m grateful to go when I can!


Post infusion the aroma changes completely. It now smells slightly bready.

The taste is rich, bold, strong, and malty! This is certainly a “come as you are” type tea. Which also seems to follow the theme with my regional Cooperative!

WOW! I think this is great! Thanks again, girl! I sure appreciate this!


Glad you liked it!

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