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I took the one teabag of this out of the Here’s Hoping teabox while I had it. I didn’t know what to expect with this one! After steeping for a few minutes at boiling, the flavor is nice. The barley reminds me of a lighter flavored genmaicha and the corn added a nice sweetness to it. I didn’t get any bitterness that the description mentions… it’s very light flavored. I probably didn’t steep it long enough. I’m happy to have tried this one!

ETA: Second steep for a much longer brew time tastes like Honey Smacks cereal, less like sweet corn.

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Okay so I admit I thought this was going to be chocolatey. Looked up how to brew it on the website and read the description. I wish my little sample pack had come with brewing instructions/more information. However, it was wrapped very nicely and came with a lovely quote. :)

So this is my first grain tea and I was really surprised at how dark it brewed! I didn’t think grains would produce that deep of a color, but then I thought about beer. It’s a deep chocolate color but not opaque. Smells sweet and of course malty. The description mentions coffee flavor which makes me a bit wary.

Tasting it… eh. I don’t like it. It’s not bad, the taste is just not my thing. However, I brought it over to the fiancé who loves coffee and he said it smelled like and gave it the stamp of approval, saying it has a “light coffee flavor”. Bonus for him is that it’s caffeine free which is the reason he stopped drinking coffee in the first place. So, no rating from me but he likes it!

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OMG! What the HECK is this!? Why…it’s a surprise from Azz – thanks girl!

The honey whacked me in the face…but I liked it! LOL
After the initial Honey aroma I could also smell malt, coffee, chickory, and kidney beans! Seriously…those are the first things that came to mind, folks. It might not sound good but it is!

Interesting. Malty, Mead, Coffee-Bean, Kidney Bean, Barley, Chickory…combo of flavors. It’s thick in it’s texture. It almost smells and tastes like a Boullion of sorts, too! It’s very different but pretty good. VERY interesting!


I know right! This stuff is GOOD!!!!

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mmmmm Malty!

Malt teas are weird. I have them in a little tin and drag it out for others to smell on occasion. Some people think it smells amazing ovaltine malt yummyness, others think the malt tea smell is totally gross.

This malt is light, like a sweet corny honey taste, with strong smells of malty. The malt tea gets sweeter end of sip. It’s pretty interesting!

I’ve had these samples for awhile, but taking awhile to drink them – I need to be in the right mood for something completely different. Overall, very interesting and if you want something neat, give these malt teas a try.
I have evil ideas to maybe splice these with some chocolatey tea for extra maltyness!

I had my tea hating husband take a sip and he thought it tasted weird and like jerky. I dunno.

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I am so excited about trying malt teas! I got the sampler pack because I had no idea what to try. I wish I could show you the cute packages that arrived today- I put the image links below if you want to check them out. Cute, reusable balsa wood boxes tied with string. The sachets inside are tied together with the string and have little typed labels. I forgave them for being somewhat late with my order because I was so thrilled with my treats.

Anyway, enough with the cuteness. I tried the Roasted Corn w/Roasted Barley because the description of sweetness balanced by bitterness sounded like a good start. I really liked the toasted, mellow character of this reddish brown liquor. The sweetness is subtle on the tongue, and fun to detect. I really didn’t notice any bitterness.

Is it the grain flavor that makes me think I could drink this with anything you’d drink beer with? Is it the toastiness that makes me want to drink it in the morning while others are drinking coffee? I wonder what it would be like with milk. It’s a very satisfying tea with a lingering flavor and aroma. It’s hearty!

By the way, I love blending roasted grains with teas. I don’t know what it is about oolong but I liked formosa oolong with soba (roasted buckwheat) and also like it with this. I’m looking forward to trying it with other teas.

I must add that this beverage is enjoyable hot, room temperature and cool. I’m not sure I’d like it iced, but it’s still in the 90s here- I may check that out!

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I personally love this!
This is not a chocolate tea.
However if you have ever brewed beer – home brew – you will absolutely appreciate the flavors of this tea!
Also if you like sweet teas – this is for you.
Coffee drinkers – or those trying to convert to tea – this, you will love.
Such a savory drink for fall and winter!


Honey and Malt and chocolate … what’s not to love there?


Full review will be on – on the 17th! :) You can read it early though haha!

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My last sample from Malt Tea! Of course I’m going to be placing an order there very soon (how did I miss seeing the chocolate one the first time?!), but I wanted to make my way through the samples before picking what I was going to order.

This smells pretty much identical to the Crystal Malt 60—sweet, honey-like, with a hint of malty goodness. The taste, though, is surprisingly different! It’s still got that honey sweetness and a soft richness, but it’s much… thicker. Not in consistency, but in flavor, it just feels fuller and bolder. There’s a really interesting creamy aspect, both in taste and texture, and also a bit of a tang. In fact, it brings to mind buttermilk! This is definitely a savory tea, even with the maltiness bringing to mind candy. It’s way more complex than the 60 Malt and I LOVE it (though not as much as the 120). Definitely picking up some of this!


I need to have some of the chocolate one tonight!


I didn’t get the chocolate in my sampler, so I’ll pick up some bags when I place an order! Usually I don’t like teabags but theirs are so convenient for quick cold brews plus they don’t really need to expand a ton like tea leaves.

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Malt tea? Crazy!

Well, I’ve had malt tea before, unsuccessfully. About 6 or 7 years back I noticed some grain teas at my local Korean Supermarket. I came home with a malted barley and black bean tea. Of course, the entire thing was in korean so I had no idea how to prepare it. I tried a few times and it either tasted like nothing, or if I left it in the fridge it went bad. Reflecting upon this, it probably wasn’t milled or whatever.

So I saw Azzrian on “share your orders” order a $1.50 sampler pack – a deal? I checked out malt and damn, it is a $1.50 + $1 shipping (promocode is on the sampler page) so I decided to check them out. Even without the sampler pack, you can get a pound for like $5! CRAZY!

Shipping took longer than expected, but came in a nice box tied with thin twine. Inside was lots of tea bags tied with twine and labeled. Very cute!

DRY: Smells of chocolate, malt and sweet. Bringing up childhood memories of a chocolate treat that I can’t remember. Ovaltine? I think Ovaltine!!!

STEEPED: I wanted to check out the bits, so I opened the tea bag and used a steeper. Brews up a dark brown tea (weird!). Smells really strong earthy grainy.

TASTE: Mysteriously sweet and totally malt flavored smooth. Not chocolately but a light coffee taste. Honey like aftertaste and freaky malty burps.

WHO SHOULD TRY THIS TEA: For $2.50 (including shipping) for 10 tea bags of various malt tea, why not? For this particular malt, I think coffee drinkers, sweet black tea types would like this for a caffeine free treat.

COMMENTS: totally ovaltine like to me, but no chocolate taste. I’m impressed how sweet this stuff is!
I wish the tea came with instructions. I had to look on their website for preparation (200f, 3 to 5 minutes) not sure how much water to use, but went with 1.5 cups or so.

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec

Fascinating! Definitely need to try some of these eventually.

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This is so wonderful especially with our rainy fall like weather. Okay its not really fall like but I am making myself believe it is anyway. It is cooler today with a nice rain. I love barley, I love corn, – this “tea” is the best of both.
Sweet and savory, filling.
A beautiful golden hue fills my cup and at 5.00 a POUND … wow what a deal!
I will be ordering a pound of this so PM me if you want a sample of it – I have a pound of their genmaicha sitting here too if anyone wants a sample of that let me know.
This is so so good!


Interesting tea. I’ve had barley tea before, and quite enjoyed it. Don’t know that I’ve tried a roasted corn barley tea though… interesting.


More than happy to send you some! :)


Well when I get it that is lol


Sounds great!


I would probably love a corn tea as I enjoy corn in all it’s forms. Sounds soothing and yummy. I wonder if you can cook with this tea since its really just grains. Maybe ground into a coarse flour?


@Azzrian, I’d love to try it. And, I’ll send you a gift in exchange. :) I don’t always get to send them out as quickly as I should, sometimes things (like a daughter’s wedding!) keep me going at a snails pace when it comes to swapping teas, but, I do eventually get the teas out to those that I swap with!


Its okay LiberTEAS we all get caught up with real life at times :)
I will put you on my list of those who I will send samples to once I get my order placed and it arrives :)


Would love to try this as well Azzrian, but if there’s anything I have that you’d like to try by all means let me know!


Thanks Sil – Lord knows I don’t need anything else lol just PM me your address please and once I have it I will get some your way! :)


Would love to try some as well. Also is the genmaicha barley ish at all, too?

Daniel Scott

Hmm, U.S.-only shipping?


Humm I have no idea but I can always grab some for you and send it to you. I mean when I place my order with them I will have a pound of each kind I buy! That is more than enough to stock most who would want some for a while lol.
I have a pound of the genmaicha here in shirk wrap and I told my husband this may have to go into our emergency kit for tornados, end days, etc lol
Its soooo much tea!!! And shrink wrapped so it would stay fresh!


Azz – feel like sending a bit extra to Sil that I could nab from her later? Very intrigued. I just want a taste :) (Sil, this ok with you? :D)


If it is Sil just remind me please when you send me your address.
:) I would be more than happy to accommodate! :)


Of course thats fine. Saves on shipping AND gives us an excuse to get together. Pretty sure these guys were us only when I looked into it before


Rachel sorry I missed your question – Genmaicha as a rule as sort of that barley like taste – its rich and creamy and very much like a meal to me lol but there is no barley in it.

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My second to last sample from Malt! This is a lighter version of the 120 Malt, which I totally adored. Apparently these ones are given a bit of a lighter treatment, and as such have a less potent malty flavor. This is definitely true—it brews up lighter in color, and looks more like honey than molasses. Tastes like it, too, there’s a really strong honey taste here! Also notes of hay and corn, it reminds me a bit of a pu-erh.

There’s still quite a bit of malty goodness, it’s not as rich and savory as the 120 but still very present. If the 120 was a dark chocolate malted ball, this is a milk chocolate one—sweeter, lighter, with less depth of flavor but not in a bad way. The 120 was kind of a kick in the tastebuds, this is a bit… easier to drink? If that makes sense. With the 120 I found myself intrigued with every sip, while the 60 goes down smooth and easy. I do enjoy the molasses-y, complex notes of the stronger malt but this one is also so delicious!

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Another one from my sampler pack! I let this cold brew probably for longer than I should, but it was so light in color after 12 hours that I just let it sit for about 6 more. Well, no harm done! It’s not too strong, but it’s also not as light as it was. It’s still pretty pale, but doesn’t lack flavor!

However, this is a lighter genmaicha than what I am used to. The green tea taste is stronger and grassy-sweet, with softer backing notes from the roasted rice. Given the strength of the other teas I’ve tried from Malt, I was kind of surprised! It’s not bad, in fact I like having a less toasty genmaicha option since the ones in my cupboard are either very toasty or mixed with matcha and not really an “everyday” drink.

While I am enjoying how refreshing this is, I wonder what a genmaicha-style blend with Malt’s roasted corn or crystal malt would be… I could imagine that being SO good! Toasty corn mixed with green tea, mmmm.

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Before I get into how this tea tasted, I added this as a new entry even though there’s a generic Crystal Malt one—they come in 3 different levels, so I thought it’d be easier to have an entry for each one. This is 120, apparently the maltiest of all.

Like the barley/corn I cold brewed this for about an hour. It brewed to a lighter color than the barley/corn teabag, but I could tell by the smell that it was done already. I’ve mentioned this, but I LOVE that these brew up into strong iced tea so quickly AND they resteep! It’s so convenient.

This is unlike any tea I’ve ever tasted. Well, it’s a tisane I suppose, but you know what I mean! It is so savory, like roasted corn and wheat. The smell reminds me of fresh baked croissants! It’s also very nutty and rich. However, while it’s really savory it’s also surprisingly sweet. The malt taste is really strong, like a malted milk ball without the chocolate, and there are caramel/honey notes as well. It’s so intriguing, I just can’t stop sipping it!


This sounds amazing. (Gotta check out their site…or avoid it completely :)


they dont’t ship to canada as near as I can figure out.


You could probably email them to ask about Canadian shipping, the guy who runs the site is really helpful!

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Steepster is such a dangerous but wonderful place. I was perusing newly added teas the other day and saw a Crystal Malt tea that I just HAD to find out more about. So I hopped onto their website and saw there was a cheap sampler pack. Now, I know company experience isn’t really part of a tea’s rating, but I’d like to mention that I got amazing customer service! There were some issues with my order and they were fixed speedily. Also, my samples cam in this adorable little tin! This is the first of 5 teas that I have to try, but I already know I’ll be ordering again soon.

I decided to cold brew a teabag of this, and something very strange happened. It brewed to a dark amber in ONE HOUR. I know, right! The fastest I’ve ever had a tea “finish” cold brewing was 4 hours, and that’s usually for bagged tea (which infuses faster because it’s all cut up) or I’ll throw a whole bunch of leaves in there. This, though, is whole grains, so I’m amazed it only took that long. And it was strong too! I got a second brew out of it, but I have a feeling you could probably cold brew a bag of this all day long and get 4 cups easy. Which, of course, makes it a whole lot more appealing!

If you’ve ever had barley tea, the taste here is obviously similar. It’s rich and has an almost savory quality, but the corn adds a surprising hint of sweetness at the end of the sip. I am reminded of genmaicha, but with a stronger background taste instead of a green tea. The malty flavor is quite strong, almost molasses-y. So delicious and refreshing!


Oh lord I need to go check this site NOW!


Got me a sampler pack and a POUND of genmaicha for only 7 bucks and some change! WOW!!!!


Their prices are SO good! It’s kind of unbelievable, but what I have tried so far has been really tasty.

Autumn Hearth

Very interesting, something to try in the future, okay for those prices maybe the near future, malted grains seem very fallish.


That’s funny, I associate it with summer because I drink so much genmaicha and bottled barley tea! I can see it being very wintery hot though.

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