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I’ve tried dozens of chai’s in my time since it’s my favorite type of tea blend but this has to be the worst chai I have ever had. Vanilla was super artificial tasting and very bitter (yes I brewed at correct temp and time). First tea I have ever owned that I have tossed in the trash with no hesitation at the loss of 4 oz of unbrewed tea leaves. I didn’t even want to sample it out to anyone it was that bad.

UPDATE: (4/28/13)
After reading my review of this tea on Steepster the owner of New Mexico Tea Company personally emailed me with apologies. He then followed up with a gift card in the amount of the tea I bought so that I could order something else more to my liking! This is customer service at its best and why I love to support small business owners!

New Mexico Tea Company

I am sorry you did not enjoy the Vanilla Chai. I personally prefer our Masala Chai (We blend that one ourselves), but still carry the Vanilla Chai because it seems to be popular with some people.

I tried to find your order, but was unable to with just the info in your profile. Feel free to contact us for store credit for the value of the tea. David@nmteaco.com

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Drinking this right now. Smell-wise this smells like jolly ranchers to me and I was super excited to taste it. Just to preface this review I have to say I do not enjoy green tea for the most part. Anyway, I figured I would try this one out as its not a straight green tea. I actually enjoy it; brewed it smells mostly like jasmine but not overly so. Taste wise its pretty tart without any sweetener in it so I added about a teaspoon of honey. It tastes like fruit mostly to me, strawberry mostly with a hint of peach. You do taste jasmine a bit at the back of your palette when swallowing but again not overpoweringly so. I think I would buy this again, but I won’t be drinking it every day.

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I was actually surprised that I liked this tea as Im not a big fan of Rooibos. It smells and tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream or Andes mints. As this has no caffeine and tastes like dessert I think the best time to drink this would be as a late night treat. Enjoy, I sure did :)

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Sooo disappointed! One of my favorite comfort drinks growing up was mexican cocoa and I was hoping this would be reminiscent of that. I think Teavana missed the mark with this tea big time. The smell is ok, it smells like chocolate covered raisins so a bit cloying but the taste is totally different. I tried this tea first by itself with no sweetener of any kind and frankly it tasted like dirty water with a dash of powdered hot chocolate mixed in. I think the biggest turn off was how oily this tea is; it seriously had a film of oil at the top! I did try this tea a second time doing half Azteca Fire and half Java Vana Mate and it was better but still not something I would ever crave. Will not be buying again.

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This is my go to Assam for studying as it packs a caffeine punch. The smell is smooth and the taste is creamy with a silky feel in the mouth. I don’t like to add anything to my teas but this is the one tea I can drink with milk and german rock sugar if the mood takes me.

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Smells really sweet, smells like dried pear with a trace of flowers. Loved the smell but the flavor was less then appealing. When the tea is very hot it was ok (eh), but as it cools the taste becomes more bitter and artificial. I wouldn’t buy again.

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Frankly this tea left me disappointed. I was expecting a richer coconut flavor yet it was very subtle. I bought this for the distinct purpose of drinking this as a dessert tea and I don’t think it can live up to that. Saying that, I can tell that the black tea that is used here is very nice and smooth. As I drink a lot of plain black teas I think I will be fine drinking this on its own or I will blend with a sweeter tea. Don’t think I will purchase again as I can find sweeter dessert teas at Adagio or Davids.

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Really like this tea! I grew up in Albuquerque and there is a restaurant there called Christy Mae’s that serves a iced spiced tea that has an occult following; this reminds me of that. I have only tried it hot but I have a feeling it will taste even better iced. As this tea is pretty potent I wouldn’t recommend it to people that don’t already like strong spices. If you are not a big fan of cinnamon, spiced cider, or chai then this is not for you.

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I’m originally from Albuquerque, went to college in northern Ohio at BGSU. I grew up with tea, but bagged tea. Right before college I spent a few months overseas in Europe and drank loose tea on a daily basis so when I came back to the states I had to learn where to buy good quality tea and Ive been on that journey ever since.


Dallas, Tx

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