5 Tasting Notes

Despite being spring 2017 material (acquired by the vendor about 8 months after picking), it tastes like it has a bit of humid storage on it, which matches with the darker leaf colour.

It has a fairly thick, creamy texture with accompanying sweetness. There is no bitterness and only some light astringency. Menthol/camphor aftertaste is immediately present. Later, longer steeps are even sweeter and plummy.

There’s some huangpian present and it’s quite stemmy, but also includes some buds along with fairly small leaves.

I think it is a good introduction pu’er. The price is quite high, so might be more suitable as a gift.

Flavors: Astringent, Camphor, Creamy, Menthol, Stonefruit, Wet Wood

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Some good complexity of taste for such a young raw. Initial few steeps had a bit of a smokiness to it that disappeared later. Overall it was quite sweet with not much bitterness and relatively little astringency. Later, longer steeps were beautifully full-bodied and sweet with strong returning sweetness and pleasant menthol aftertaste.

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drank 2017 Four AM by white2tea
5 tasting notes

I was pleased to be greeted with a very thick body and sweet floral taste, but with some unexpected complexity. I thought it might have had a couple of years of age on it, but it’s all spring 2017 material. Once the leaves had opened up, the bitterness was quite strong, like when you don’t quite swallow a pill properly and it gets suck in your throat. The astringency wasn’t too strong and built slowly.

Continuing to flash-steep, the bitterness was there ready to jump on me if I over-brewed even slightly. Even so, it was still quite strong, but I found it to be quite enjoyable. The hint of complexity persisted and trying to put my finger on the nature of it during the session was a lot of fun. The body of the tea remained quite thick and the sweetness level remained fairly constant – present but not strong.

Extended steeps brought out slightly more sweetness but not as much as I expected. After the session I was left with a ‘spiciness’ on the tongue and a light menthol sensation going far down the throat. I didn’t feel much energy during, but I felt energised after the session for some time.

Whether this tea would be good to introduce to a new young raw pu’er drinker, I think that depends a lot on their tolerance for bitterness. If high, this would be a great option. I think more experienced drinkers (especially those who enjoy young raw) will appreciate it a lot. Well worth trying!

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Another 2018 Sheng Olympiad session today with a sample of the Bitterleaf Teas 2017 Huangpian brick.
It has a fairly thick texture, very light but sweet & floral taste without the face-punching bitterness of a typical young raw. Decent chaqi off it too. Impressive for the price at 10c/g.sw

Flavors: Floral, Sweet

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200X ‘A’ from the 2018 Sheng Olympiad. An Yiwu raw puer stored in Hong Kong for over 10 years. I don’t have much experience with HK (i.e. humid)-stored pu’er but I enjoyed this one a lot.

Very thick body, a little sweet, reminded of honey a bit, but also dark wood (especially at the beginning). It reminded me of my rosewood tea table. No bitterness and very little astringency. Energy was calming. Lasted a long time and faded out slowly, with the final weaker brews reminding me of the fading brews of a ripe. Taste lingered a long time, but also left a cola-like fizzy sensation in the mouth too.

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