Not excactly my cup of pu!

This is a personal preference – because it seems I am not that much into wet stored or more humid stored Pu’s – The wet atmosphere isn’t as strong as some others especially from Hongkong tend to be but it is definitely a constant aspect. After 7 steeping I wasn’t in the mood anymore to wait any longer for a change in taste to come. So maybe there

is a change within the steepings after the 10th or so but for me the basement bit moldy structure was not exactly my cup of tea. I am sure there are many lovers for exactly this kind of a profile but for others it is good to know what they get. Definitely not a bad aged Sheng but just for the ones who really like the wet-ish storage! Next time I should read the information a bit more carefully because I totally missed the “wet” part :D

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I am a tea taster and tea-blog author from Vienna. Since my early Childhood days I was always drawn to East Asian culture especially China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. It wasn’t a thing I discovered because of my parents or my environment – it was a thing that started on its own and spread its antennas into nearly every direction what Asian culture could deliver.

I felt in love with their history, movies, Tv-Shows, food, Anime, Videogames, tea culture – nearly everything. 2009 was the first time I visited Japan – it was a feeling of finally being home. Since that time I developed such a passion for tea because tea combines so many aspects I love. Taking photos, writing, Asian culture, the connection to mother nature and its history, the love for craftsmanship (Teaware etc).

Within 2013 I started my teablog called ZeroZen(https://zeroteazen.wordpress.com/) – the first couple of years I only posted content in my mother language German. But within 2016 I discovered Instagram for myself and found the perfect medium for my artistic output which is now completely and exclusive in English ^___~





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