I haven’t logged in for a while, but I received my order of Lupicia in the mail, so I thought I would write about that. I ordered a bag of this, Carol, and Rose Royal just to be redundant, but I also ordered the New Year’s Happy Bag ($30), because I like Lupicia teas and this seemed like a nice opportunity to try more. I hadn’t realized that it would be so nice.

First to my tasting note. I had a cup of the Oolong last night, because it was what I was looking forward to the most. I planned to steep it for three minutes, but ended up getting distracted and oversteeped it. I also ended up drinking a majority of it cold, but luckily this tea tastes pretty good at any temperature.

I added a bit too much stevia, but it brought out the peach flavor, and luckily this tea isn’t too bitter oversteeped. I think I like it better when it’s cold.

Now I can talk about the box. The Happy Bag actually was a box, which makes sense. It came with 9 different teas in the 1.7 oz bags, and the variety was nice. I don’t know if the selection is random, but I received another bag of Momo Oolong Super Grade, which was nice. The other teas in the box were Cookie (a flavored black tea), Sakurambo (flavored black tea), Strawberry and Vanilla (flavored green tea), Muscat (flavored black tea), Tikuanyin (Oolong), Afternoon Tea (blended black tea), Matcha Black Soybean Rice Tea (genmaicha), and Darjeeling The Second Flush (blended black tea). Of these, the only one I think I have tried is the Muscat and the Momo.

I look forward to trying all of the teas, and if anything, I will have plenty of tea to put together a box with samples. I do need to buy tins for these.

I don’t know if Lupicia still has any bags (boxes) left since I purchased this the day they became available, but if there are any left, it’s a good deal. If I bought the teas in this box individually, I would have paid over twice the amount for it.

If you ordered a Happy Bag, what did you get in your box?

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It’s almost time for elevensies, and I haven’t even had second breakfast. You don’t mind if I leave this blank, do you?

Just kidding.

So, there isn’t much to say honestly. I suppose I could say I enjoy tea – something quite obvious given my account. I could say that I’m not Peregrin Took as well, also obvious.

Anyway, I got tired of the babble, so I deleted it. I might even replace it at some point. I do need to go get my tea, though. I think I’ve left it steeping for too long. Oops.

My profile picture broke. I’m so upset. I had to get a new one.



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