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I’ve found it difficult to get into the hot tea mood in the warmer weather. I tried my hand and cold steeps over the summer, my husband loving the new variety of cold tea options, but I find myself often going back to my old standby of fresh brewed grocery tea with fresh mint & just enough sugar.. Yum!

I’ve also found myself fighting some acid reflux, I get it honest – dad has had stomach problems for years :( – I had to cut back on my caffeine intake to see if that makes a difference. It comes and goes, but too much mint tea and I’m in trouble it seems. I haven’t quite figured out if caffeine is a real culprit for me yet.

We are now having a few cooler days, and especially evenings, where I can find myself with a hot cup again. Today it was rainy this morning and having just received my Butiki order over the weekend, I had to try something in that box! One of my last go-to hot teas was chocolate covered strawberry so I thought I would see how this compared. I steeped it in my Timolino… Yes, I finally got one for me and hubby ( he loves, loves his!) I’ll have to leave a note on that too….. Mom and I were going shopping today to see if we could find her something to wear to my brother’s wedding in December. I added my normal bit of raw sugar and because I steeped it in the timolino I had no chance to try it until it cooled a bit after we had been in town awhile.

I wasn’t sure by the smell of it what I would think of it. It smells a little bit artificial strawberry to me, maybe with some sweet vanilla in the background, but Yum! The strawberry definitely takes center stage in this one, but the chocolate sweetness is close behind (no bitterness at all), with some richness of espresso and vanilla to round it out. I can’t say that I get cake from this, as the name suggests, but it is desserty none-the-less. I have to say Stacy did it again… So wish she would keep at this tea thing…! I’m a bit afraid I will be making another order before she closes up shop and hubby is going to say, “What?? More tea?!?”

Flavors: Chocolate, Espresso, Strawberry, Vanilla

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37 yr old wife and mother who left her day job to take care of our son. Now running a property management business with my hubby.

I grew up on Lipton -hot w/milk & sugar, Lipton iced w/fresh spearmint and sugar, and Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime … Don’t criticize.

I came across Good Earth Original Sweet and Spicy out of chance and it spurred my interested in trying new teas because it was a flavor I had never had before in a tea. I’m now new to the world of loose leaf teas and looking forward to learning what I like as I journey through some new flavors. Hubby has always enjoyed the occasional cup when we’ve been out and about at restaurants.. now we will find out what good teas are really all about! On with the adventures!

Still relatively new to loose leaf, but I’m learning… Coconut, cinnamon, chai, chocolate, mint, & pineapple are just a few of the flavors I enjoy. I have found that I can do green teas so long as there are other flavors as well and it isn’t the primary flavor. I have only found 1 rooibos blend that was too woodsy for me, most of the time the base is hidden or blends well enough w/flavored versions for my liking. I’m beginning to enjoy fruit teas more and more. I occasionally like a straight black tea.

Hubby likes milder flavors, any base, berry flavors, sweet aromas, sometimes tart, and or floral, and chocolate to my surprise! Almost the opposite of me.. go figure!

My 8 year old just took interest and loves root beer.. so far Butterbeer is a hit, but we haven’t tried any root beer or cola teas yet.. soon thanks to the Marvelous MissB for sending some samples. He enjoyed Winter Nog (Della Terra) recently, but turned away something else I gave him.. darn if I can’t remember now what it was!



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