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Certainly not the best tea out there, but for something fairly commonly stocked in supermarkets it’s reasonable if you like a strong tea. This is the kind of thing I buy so I can throw a couple of bags into my backpack so I’m not at the mercy of whatever tasteless bags they have in the school cafe when I need a caffeine hit.

Where it really shines for me is as an iced tea, where the strength gives it a pleasant briskness that I find quite refreshing on a hot day.

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I really enjoy this tea as a breakfast tea with a bit of sugar. I also take it to class with me in a thermal mug and the vanilla and cream elements really help make it feel like there’s more to the tea to keep me going when the class seems to be dragging on and on without a break. (Many of my classes are 3 hours long and fall over lunch.) It would also be a very relaxing evening cup on a cold night – sweet and rich.

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I wanted to like this, but the tea and rose flavors don’t blend particularly well and I end up tasting something bitter and almost soapy. It smells lovely, it just doesn’t follow it up on taste. I’ll probably put the rest of my sample to use making some kind of face mask or toner with the cooled tea.

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