The first in a three series release. The difference between this one and the regular Gyokuro Konacha is in how the tea is grown and picked, and where it is from. Think hand picked. Tana or traditional Honshu shading.

I wish I had saved this tea for last. I would have really liked more experience before drinking it. It’s definitely worth drinking. I can’t say whether it is that much better to justify the price difference.

The difference between this and the regular Gyokuro Konacha is the way the tea is picked, where it comes from and being more expensive. Higher levels tend to be hand picked.

I think I wish I had waited until the end to drink this. I don’t have much to say.

It has the usual lighter and darker speck appearance (straw and green). The rinse is full of flavour (see below). There may be more flavour in the clear liquid than regular gyokuro konacha. I just don’t know.

A little different from Sencha Konacha, also very similar. More greenness in both the liquid and the rinse. Gyokuro flavour.

This is a by product from the sifting process of all that Sencha. Tea specks from premium grades are used.

I recommend this product for cold brewing. Simply take 20 grams of the tea and add to 1L (roughly) of water. Leave for 24 hours in your fridge

There are two ways to finish this. Strain out the whole tea and put the liquid in a container. Add a 450 mL of water to rinse off the tea. Now you can either drink the liquid you rinsed off, or put back into the jar. It is like the unfiltered apple cider of tea This will be green and cloudy versus the clear filtered liquid.

One note, you can’t use this in fine tea bags.

Because the tea has sat, the sediment has settled to the bottom. Try to pour off the first liquid without disturbing the sediment.

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