Zhi Tea in Austin, Texas
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I popped in to this shop early on Saturday morning to see what they had to offer. It’s in an older more run down part of town, but things seem to be changing fast in this area. (Old homes razed and new homes popping up – like what is happening everywhere in Austin.) This shop is a cinder block building with cement floors. Not much to look at on the outside, but it’s small and cozy feeling on the inside. They have some nice tea ware and a few books. I browsed their tea selections, lots of tisanes and flavored teas/blends. There was a smattering of puerh, some oolongs, greens, and some other pure teas, but not anything that really caught my eye. (I did sample the Royal Courtesan oolong out of curiosity and it was quite earthy and delicious!) There were 2 young ladies working and they were very nice. Not super knowledgable, but very accommodating and friendly. I almost left because there was nothing there I was interested in (and really, I have too many teas at home already!), but decided to stay and do a gonfu session with some tie guan yin. $8 for a gonfu set up and a thermos of hot water – it was actually very nice. They have a small selection of food which I thought was a plus, although I wasn’t hungry so I didn’t try anything. Aside from the entry door slamming whenever someone came or went, it was a relaxing space. They also have an outdoor area, but it’s just a side yard, no landscaping, no patio or deck. It’s got a picnic table and a tree swing. It would be really cool if they fixed up this outdoor space! There is a giant pecan tree out there – the biggest one I’ve ever seen – so I ended my visit by spending a little time with that tree swinging in the tree swing. If you’re into tisanes and flavored teas they have you covered, and they have a decent selection of most other kinds of tea too. Stop in and enjoy a browse and a session with something new or find something yummy to take home. I could see this place being a super cozy hangout for locals, especially walk in customers. I hope they continue to do a good business here!



Former hard core coffee drinker/home roaster (15+ years) turned tea devotee. Began exploring tea in March 2016 and haven’t looked back. Thanks to Tommy for getting me started on my tea journey. You’re the best!

Working my way through lots of samples and will be trying to do a few reviews each month as I go through them. I’m new to this whole tasting and review thing so bear with me as I get some experience under my belt. I will revisit and adjust my reviews on second and third tastings if I feel it’s needed. I welcome any feedback and look forward to meeting some new tea people!


Austin, Texas USA

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